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Highlights Index 2010-10 & 11: I started to crochet and October and November got blurred together. 11-01-2010- 10 Hats, Giants win the World Series, Family: 11-07-2010: My five grand children, 11-21-10: Coming up for air, new blog post,  - Protest to Polyform for discontinuing Cobalt Blue and Zinc Yellow - they reversed their decision because of mass outcry, 11-22-10: Merged blogs, 11-23-10: Did I crochet 60 hats? , 11-24-10 Thanksgiving Eve post to CITY-o-Clay,  11-24-10: 8 hats, 2010-11-27-12 hats , 11-27-10 New Blog Post: A Dozen New Hats After Thanksgiving,

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

11-27-10 New Blog Post: A Dozen New Hats After Thanksgiving.

A dozen hats after Thanksgiving. Needlework nattering, a bit of family stuff and plans to cook a turkey for Christmas.

2010-11-27-12 hats Experimenting with brims that are adjustable, mixing different yarn types together, and other design. Slide show 04-07-11 Removed slide show and finally added captions.

11-24-10: 8 hats from Late October to mid November. All these have gone out the door. I've been experimenting with different types of yarn: cotton, wool, acrylic. As well as experimenting with different style designs. I'm always stunned when someone loves a design I feel unsure of. Big Whew Time. LOL
11-24-10 Thanksgiving Eve post to CITY-o-Clay.


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, for those who are observing it 

My family is scattered or working tomorrow. We decided we're calling out for 
Chinese food delivery today and having left overs tomorrow and being thankful 
for that. It was a relief to everyone that we're keeping things simple this 

I'm cat sitting for my neighbor as she goes out of town for a handful of days. 
Her two Siamese cats, Anthony and Cleopatra, love me because I play with them 
and groom them as well as make sure that they have fresh food and water. My 
neighbor said she never saw Cleo take to someone as she has done with me. The 
cats and I are happy to visit every day. 

Hilda's family is scattered tomorrow so I will stop by and socialize with her. 
Her family is getting together on Sunday and she's ok with that. She and I will 
talk "news of the day" in the evening until she's had her fill and tells me it 
is time for me to go home. 

For those who are cooking and preparing for visitors - pop in and let us know 
what you're making when you're in between preparing dishes. 

For those who are not cooking or visiting or receiving visitors: 

The group is here and I welcome you to post if you desire company. 

It is ok to be low key if  you wish to be .

It is ok to simplify the observance of Thanksgiving because it is the thought of 
being appreciative that is more important than the food. 

Russell Brand wrote on FaceBook the other day, "Gratitude unlocks the fullness 
of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into 
acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a 
feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of 
our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. X" There's 
a profound philosophical side to that comic/actor.

For those who are meeting up with family you have not seen in a while, who might 
not hold the same views you do on hot button issues, my suggestion is to shelve 
those topics for a day when people do not have sharp knives in their hands. Keep 
the topics of conversation loving and you'll weather the family gathering with 
grace and peace of mind. 

For those in other countries who do not observe Thanksgiving please post to the 
group and let us know what is on your work table. This is an international group 
after all and not everyone is wrestling a turkey or traveling to and fro. 

So safe and sane Thanksgiving for those who partake. Let's hear from our 
ClayMates outside of the USA more during this time than we usually do. 



11-23-10: Did I crochet 60 hats? Making effort to blog more regularly. After taking a count of the hats on my table and thinking of the hats that went out the door, I reckon I've crocheted 60 hats since September. "Are your wrists bothering you, yet?" My sister asks me. "Not that much." I replied.

11-22-10: Merged blogs

I’ve been putting this off because I was held back by THE FEAR! But no more... so is now merged with There may be duplicate posts, announcements and stuff, but if you’re scrolling back in time you’re liable to find all sorts of stuff that isn’t relevant....
11-22-10: This is a political win, my son points out. See how your collective voice of protest changed the policy of a large corporation. Know that you can exercise your collective voice in the rest of your life. You are not powerless when you work as a group. I am proud of the polymer clay community. We did a big thing and victory is sweet.
Our voices have been heard about zinc yellow and cobalt blue, 2/3rds of the primary colors and Polyform has responded!
\(*o*)/ WOOT!!!
Here is the response that just came in an hour ago. 
Polyform Products @ FaceBook
Polyform has reviewed all of your heartfelt comments in reference to Premo Cobalt Blue and Premo Zinc Yellow. In response to your needs we are going to find a way to keep these colors available for you. We will work with distributors and will post the information as soon as we finalize the 

To answer some of your other concerns: 
Frost has been renamed White Translucent in order to clarify it’s color to new 
users. The color has not changed. 

Copper has changed, there will be a color recipe to create the older version of 
this color. The new Copper color is closer to the color of a new copper penny. 

The fluorescent colors have been discontinued. Two new colors, Wasabi and Candy Pink, are quite bright and sure to make a “color pop” in your creations.

The recipes for discontinued colors, with the exception of the fluorescent 
colors, will be available. Many of the recipes use new colors so releasing the 
formulas now will not help you. We’ll release the formulas on January 3rd when 
the new colors are going to be available to ship. 

We are really excited about our new line of Premo Accents, Premo and Sculpey 
III, as we’re sure you will be. Designers who have already used these colors are 
singing their praises. They’re on trend, as well as colors designers have 

Your comments were heard, your loyalty appreciated. 


11-21-10: Protest the color changes by PolyForm. They discontinued Premo Zinc Yellow and Cobalt Blue, 2/3rds of the traditional primary colors! What were they thinking? Serious artists who use Premo polymer clay have been cut off at the knees. My tutorials here have been made obsolete with this color change.

Here is a post I sent to CITY-o-Clay:



That's the link to Linda's blog post. I posted it to my FaceBook page. I also 
complained on the PolyForm FaceBook page and this is their link

If you have a FaceBook account and use Premo, and you are dismayed that the 
traditional colors of zinc yellow and cobalt blue are discontinued please voice 
your complaint on PolyForm's FB page announcing new colors. 

There are only 114 comments there... we are over 2,000 here. This is what I 
wrote as my complaint...

Dumb down the product line and lose the serious artists. We need traditional 
primary colors: zinc yellow and cobalt blue. Since 1999 I have been teaching 
polymer clay art online and I ONLY use Premo. I used Premo because I could 
depend on getting traditional primary colors. I have over a gig of tutorials and 
everything on my website is made from a dozen colors:
Cadmium Red
Zinc Yellow
Cobalt Blue
Burnt Umber

All the other colors seen on my website are mixed with these dozen colors. 

Now all my tutorials that use zinc yellow and cobalt blue are made useless. 
Thanks the big one Polyform. All my tutorials are available to the public for 
free. Since 1999 I've been giving Polyform and Premo free advertising. I'm going 
to put a notice on my home page saying that Polyform has decided to dumb down 
the colors available and have abandoned the serious artist. 

You will lose customers because this information is spreading like wild fire.
The only reason why I used Premo exclusively is because I come to polymer clay from the traditional art world. I was thrilled that Premo had traditional colors. This made the mixing of secondary colors and pastels controllable, repeatable, and were the basis of my color card tutorials. 

Now all the tutorials on my site that have zinc yellow and cobalt blue are made obsolete. My color card tutorial is made obsolete because PolyForm felt that doing away with traditional colors is a good business move? 

The squeeky wheel gets the oil and if enough polymer clay artists put pressure on PolyForm, threatening to take their business elsewhere, we can get a bad business move reversed. 
I approve of this protest because the discontinuation of these two colors has hurt the free tutorials I've been offering on my website since 1999. 


Their postal address is:
Polyform Products Company
1901 Estes Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5415

They can also be reached via email at

11-21-10: Coming up for air, new blog post.

I've been so consumed with crocheting hats that I've neglected my blogs. This is a "checking my pulse" blog post, letting y'all know I'm healthy, happy and very productive making hats.

11-21-10: When 100 people plan and practice for God only knows how long, only to surprise strangers in a public space with a thrilling rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus ... well it just makes my heart warm.  The Holiday season has officially started for me.

Family: 11-07-2010: My five grand children. The most current photos I have. It's so amazing being a grandma. I can see so many relatives in these young human's faces.
September 2010: Miles, 13 years and Simon, 11 years old.
Rhiannon this is the most current photo I have. She was born 2003 and the last I saw of her was in 2005. Her mother spirited her away and even though Rhiannon comes to San Francisco with her mother to visit other folks they do not visit me.

Sad, since all we want to do is to love her. But I guess we're too poor to pay attention to.

She has my father's red hair. She is so much like her relatives on the Brummett side of the family. It's a shame she doesn't get to know them for they would just love her to bits. 
Nathan, first grade photo, 2010.
Dylan, pre school photo, 2010

I am not usually a big baseball fan but who could resist following the World Series when the whole town was following it? I found a website where I could watch game 5  streaming live because I do not have CableTV. Thank goodness for technology. I do like this team, a rag tag motley crew, they done good.

11-01-2010- 10 Hats, slide show best seen in IE. Edie sent me a huge box of yarn and these are some of the hats I made for her to choose from.

I plan to create a separate web section showing the yarns used in close up and the hat off of my head.

10-25-2010: No link for this hat or the other hats I've been making this last month. Been on a knitting and crochet roll and haven't taken the time to take photos or add them to the site.

This is just a little note to let you all know I'm alive, well, and head first in a basket of yarn. I'll come up for air when my hands give out.

Jolly from Uganda is the only person who knew how to wear this hat.

There is an old saying - do not wear a hat that has more character than you do and she has enough character to pull this off.


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