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Highlights Index December 2010: Christmas 2010 Hallelujah Flash Mob, NoraJean Astrology Services, Astrology Blog has Crashed, Winter Holiday Tutorials, Renewed City-Lists Domain, A wee Pre-Christmas Ramble: new blog post. ,, The Digital Nativity, My Holiday Plans, 12-24-2010: End of the year

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Christmas 2010 Hallelujah Flash Mob: When 100 people plan and practice for God only knows how long, only to surprise strangers in a public space with a thrilling rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus ... well it just makes my heart warm.  The Holiday season has officially started for me.

2010-12-06: 18 hats

Experimenting with eyelash, fuzzy, and other yarns mixed together.

12-12-10: NoraJean Astrology Services new web section because the old Astrology Blog has Crashed. In short I'm dumping the b2evolution multi tab blog interface and rebuilding the astrology section with good old fashioned web pages.
Winter Holiday Tutorials: A page with links to tutes for Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa. Just as we dig out our old Holiday lights and decorations I will drag out the Winter Holiday Tutorial page.

Merry Hanukhristokwanzamass Everyone Random ramblings. NoraJean Design Blog:  nattering about the artistic process has been merged with the because I forgot why I thought it was a good idea to have a separate blog for design and another one for random rambling. This blog is still in WordPress format for the time being.

Astrology Services test of the b2evolution is ended. The astrologer services will be rebuilt as web pages as of 12/12/10.

12-14-10: Renewed City-Lists Domain new blog post:  A perfect Mercury Retrograde sort of happening. I was renewing the domain registration for City-Lists and I thought I was getting one year "credit" when I was actually being charged twice. I got in touch with PayPal and Ipower to say, "Whoa nellie, hold on there. Give me back my money!" But it's such a Mercury Retrograde sort of thing to happen. I could have waited until Mercury went direct on 12/29/10, but nooo I had to "get it done ahead of time". Drat that transiting Moon in Aries. Leap before ya look. Watch out y'all.

This is the snowflake making website where I went to make the Jesus Snowflake. It is one of the best snowflake making websites out there.  

Need a Snow Day?

12-09-2010: Happy Birthday, Jesus! A wee Pre-Christmas Ramble: new blog post.


12-22-2010: Selena Fox discusses Mistletoe during the 2010 Winter Solstice


This is a brief introduction to fordforlano art jewelry. Please visit their website for more images and info.

12-24-2010 Christmas eve

New Blog Post: Pretty low key, actually. We’re Muslim and do not take part in the secular celebration of Christmas. I attend a night or two of Chanukah with Hilda so she won’t be alone.... to read more click on

My Holiday Plans

For something amusing click on

 The Digital Nativity it's a YouTube video my oldest son posted on FaceBook. I had to share because we are geeks.

12-24-2010: End of the year Just a little ramble while I do end of the year archiving. If you're curious as to what I'm fixing to do for 2011 read the ramble.

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