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Highlights Index  January 2011

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

01-11-11: 12 hats from 2010 Christmas Eve., Astrology post 01-13-11 Earth Much? ,01-14-11 Blog Post -  We Shall Rebuild, 01-15-11 Blog Post - Fixed The PicturesReview 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards, 01-15-11-12 Hats, Ramble- “You know you’re a red neck if

01-15-11-12 Hats

Experimenting with Eyelash yarn mixed with other yarns for structure. Novelty yarn as well as variegated cottons. One thin white cotton crochet string effort.

On the 10th Anniversary of my father’s death: “You know you’re a red neck if

Daddy was born on 9/11 and died April 2001. We were relieved he passed before his birthday.

01-15-11: The discussion of The Color Cards came up in CITY-o-Clay today and it is worth while to remind ClayMates to mix colors and keep track of the ratios, in small amounts. Avoid the "Huge Hunk" of one color event, like my huge hunk of Melted Cheddar Cheese mix that took years to use up, even giving chunks of it away when I was on tour in 2001.

Review 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards

New clayers: A question came up regarding the storage of color mixes. I started to answer the post to Ernesto and then realized it turned into a review of color cards in general. So I'm making it into a page I can refer to the next time we discuss color cards.

01-15-11 Blog Post - Fixed The Pictures Final blog post of the night. Nattering about loving my latest hat, fixing the pictures salvaged from the Design blog, and the mental health benefits of letting go.
01-14-11 Blog Post -  We Shall Rebuild Rather than waste time trying to raise the dead it seemed easier and fitting for this new year, the beginning of the second decade of the second millennium to just rebuild and start from scratch again. It is titled "Blog2-rebuild".
01-14-11: What a day!

Evening: After doing a search I found that WordPress blogs are being hacked wholesale. Been going on since before the holidays last year. I didn't see the notification from WordPress to batten down the hatches. Now that I'm looking for it I see it was there December 29th. As if anyone is checking their Blog Dashboard around New Years Eve. I did update my new WordPress blog to the latest edition but jeese. Hackers got to get a life and leave old grandmas alone.

Suppertime: The same problem happened to my Design blog. I did have a back up copy of that blog so I imported it to Blog2 and deleted the design blog. "Is someone stalking and hacking your blogs?" Tosh asked. I don't know but rather than keep something on my website that is malfunctioning I removed it.

Noon: Something is wonky with my blog. I deactivated the link until I can figure it out. "Problem with blogs" The Designs Blog is functioning. I'm keeping a chronicle of the problem with my primary blog there. Belt and suspender time at the old ranchero.

01-13-11 Earth Much? As the Moon moves into Taurus it is joining a mob of Capricorn planets: Sun, Mars, Pluto and the North Node have been hunkering down in Capricorn and look who is coming? Mercury is leaving Sagittarius, getting tired of tasting its own feet, and coming to join the Capricorn gang. All this earth energy does what exactly? Click the link to read more....

01-11-11: 12 hats from 2010 Christmas Eve.

Took these pictures on Christmas Eve and you know the holidays just hijack one's time and energy. So here are the pictures and a bunch of these hats are at my mother's in preparation for her 80th birthday. 04-06-11: removed slideshow.


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