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2011-December: Neck Pouch, 12-07-11: While reading "Damn you auto correct" video, BTR w/Cheryl Patton Web page for 1WW-12-13-11, Memorial, 12-23-11 Mystery Gift, 2011 Holiday Greetings video, 02-15-2000: Peacock Cane and things made with the scraps.

12-01-11: Neck Pouch Index

I've been making small pouches that hang from the neck.

I held my small cell phone, ID and credit card, some folding cash in  the neck pouch I used while traveling.

When I came home I am using favorite scraps of fabric and trim to make more neck pouches.

This web section will chronicle my journey in hand sewing these pouches going from rough beginnings to things that hopefully will be more refined.


12-07-11: While reading  Damn You Auto Correct website I laugh so hard I weep. I saw that they had videos of other people reading the website and laughing so I wanted to add my few moments of crippling laughter. This has nothing to do with Polymer Clay. It has everything to do with my being amused.

December 13, 2011: Web page for 1WW-12-13-11: Chart with aspects and where the chat lot will go after the show.

"Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo (where it will be for 9 months instead of 8 weeks) all trine (good luck and ease) are the planets that will help people make their philosophies manifest, practical, prudent.1 Woman's Wisdom - Nora Jean Stone - Mars in Virgo for 9 Months!

"Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, which as we know will be exact 7 times in 4 years. Troubled times are upon us without a doubt.

"She'll be looking into Saturn in late Libra forming a trine to Chiron in Pisces, that will get stronger as Saturn moves in to Scorpio. It promotes some healing, or at least some insight on how to learn from our unhealing wounds."

12-13-11: Memorial: We need to express our loss and grief through our art. Sometimes when there is a death in the family of a ClayMate I've needed to express myself in a ramble. This web section will be set aside for the links and photos for this sad topic.
12-23-11 Mystery Gift: Someone sent me this gift and there was no card in the box, no way to know who sent this absolutely perfect leopard spot jewelry box. So I'm posting this on my website to let them know it arrived and I love it too much. 12-24-11: Update, It was from Luny my girlfriend from FL.


2011 Holiday Greetings to my ClayMates and StarGazers.

02-15-2000: Peacock Cane and things made with the scraps.

12/24/11:The peacock cane web section was started over 10 years ago. I was experimenting with cane building and marveling at the mica shift.

I didn't build web pages for all the photos I took and over the years I've been building this section bit by bit. Now it is finished.

The enlarged pictures are up with captions. It's interesting to go back in time and see what I found so fascinating. I realize it still fascinates me to this day. So ... it's a "better late than never section."  


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