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Highlights Index May 2012: 05-13-2012: Review of Sculptures of Mothers with babies or children, What's up with the "too light" photos?, Brown Rose Experiment and Ant, 05/23/2012: Website Spring Cleaning and Ecommerce, Animal Review, Monthly Highlight Clean Up post Web Host move.
05-24-2012: When I moved this website to a new webhost both of my blogs were not backed up. I couldn't access my "Control Panel" and all email to the webhost bounced back as undeliverable. I have been going through the Monthly Highlights unlinking all of the old blog posts, as well as links to Epson Photo Albums, PhotoPoint, GeoCities, and website of ClayMates that are no longer at that link address. As of today I've cleaned up the Monthly Highlight pages going back to 2005. This is all part of the massive Spring Cleaning after the move to the new web host.
05-23-2012: The "orphaned" Giraffe web section has been herded into the Animal Review and is feeling much better now.

10-17-2009 - Giraffe: the ongoing exploration of Giraffe.

08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF

10-17-2009 - Giraffe

05/23/2012: Website Spring Cleaning and Ecommerce

New Blog2 post:

"This started out as an email reply to my friend “The OZ”, Rich, no last name because I don’t have permission yet. All he asked was “How you doing?”. Loaded question that and my reply got longer and longer. I figured I should use it as a blog post so y’all will know where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. For my website visitors this will be another update on “what’s up with those too light photos” Ramble I posted recently...." 

05-16-2012: Since I'm doing web work I thought gather some tutorials that go together. From March 2007 - Brown Rose Experiment and Ant shows that Real Men Do Wear Beads.

Four experiments with brown roses. Blended tiny bead experiment. Basket Weave pendant and covered tins.

What's up with the "too light" photos?

05-15-2012 Ramble: What's going on with the photos that are too light on this website?

05-13-2012: Review of Sculptures of Mothers with babies or children - 6 examples of polymer clay sculptures of mothers with babies or children. Some of  these web sections lead to the tutorials on how to make these sort of sculpted figures yourself.

05-24-2012: Added to this review Baby Face - Index:


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