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Highlights Index August 2012: Jack Fertig died, Becoming vegan is a political protest and boycott,

Jack Fertig 1955- 2012: A fellow volunteer with the San Francisco Astrological Society, passed away August 5, 2012.

He was an influence in many areas: gay rights, astrology, gays in Islam, just to name a few. I just had one year being on the Steering Committee with him and I found him to be nurturing, inclusive, informative, funny, irreverent, and he will be missed.

To read more about Jack check his page.


08-03-2012 Becoming vegan is a political protest and boycott

This note is in response to a friend on FaceBook, stating that humans are omnivorous and I should strike a balance in my diet.

Deborah Smith Parker was the speaker for the San Francisco Astrological Society on 08-30-2012. In this interview she speaks of her book "Humanus Astrologicus" which "provides clever on target detailed verses describing the astrological sign each reader's Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are located in. "
is her website
is the website for the San Francisco Astrological Society, we're on Twitter and Facebook too.


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