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Highlights Index March - 2013:

New YouTube Videos:
03-03-2013: Brown Waves
Multi-Layered Bullseyes cut into 4ths, stacked to make a wave pattern, or it work as fish scales.
03-02-2013: Animal Chop Pen 2 videos Chopping Animal Cane and Covering Pens in two different ways.
Abalone Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013 Luny requested a "short order tute" on Abalone. On this page there are links to my abalone efforts since 2000. Also there is a pdf file attached with pictures of real abalone for our studies, and links to three tutorials of polymer clay abalone efforts by different artists. This is the beginning of the prep for a new polymer clay abalone run. More will be added to this page anon.
March 31, 2013 - Easter

It's no secret that I'm not Christian but that does not stop me from celebrating Easter in my own way.

These links are from 1999 - 2003, since Easter is about Resurrection.

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