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Kat's Demo Index  February 2005

02-20-05 Log 1, Thanks to Vicki in NH

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Vickie.

Kat Indpls IN: beads from hidden magic scrap shavings

Donna_in_NV: Vicki, are you doing the logs this week?

MountainMaMaDuke: GORGEOUS !

Vicki in NH: go back in roll call

Vicki in NH: yes Donna

Donna_in_NV: ~~Silver Springs

Kat Indpls IN: Kat Indianapolis Indiana

msraven54: Sandy St. Louis

Tammy: <~~~~Idaho

Esther_UK: <--Coventry

Vicki in NH: Vicki in Nh

finchsj: San Antonio

Clara...mommaclara: Clara, WV

Buffy: diane iowa

Deedee: <<<< kansas

connie_flying: Connie - Reno NV

MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline Marlow NH

krafty_karen_mc: I wanted to say Gorgeous, but I didnt know how to spell it!!

MountainMaMaDuke: LOL

Suzy: eeps was on the phone. Suzy in newly rained paradise So Calif

Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth near San Francisco

Suzy: we have waterfalls everywhere now

Donna_in_NV: also flooding, landslides, tornadoes last night, etc

Suzy: that too

Suzy: lol

nefret111: kay in santa fe

krafty_karen_mc: YKaren…AlbertaY

meplus5kids joined the room

Kat Indpls IN: does everyone have cam on

Vicki in NH: Hi Jean

msraven54: oh my gosh, we are just windblown here

Buffy: yep

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Jean

msraven54: yes

krafty_karen_mc: yup

Tammy: Hi Jean

meplus5kids: Hi all

Donna_in_NV: beautiful box - good use of quilt canes

finchsj: yes

meplus5kids: No kids today

Deedee: wow tornados u sound like u in kansas with me

msraven54: Hi Jean

Deedee: very nice box

MountainMaMaDuke: No problem Jean

msraven54: St Louis

nefret111: lol, meplus

Suzy: heheh Jean

Deedee: lol

Tammy: wasnt a problem Jean really

Suzy: at least he didn't say any really bad words

Kat Indpls IN: okay to recap last week we learned the basic jelly roll, bullseye and skinner blend any one need any help with any of those

meplus5kids: Thanks all

Clara...mommaclara: No it wasn't bad, just being a little boy.

msraven54: No

krafty_karen_mc: kids will be kids...

Kat Indpls IN: okay easy breezy checkerboard first

Kat Indpls IN: condition the colors you want (2 of them) i had to leech my black PREMO always to soft on the black

anniek556 joined the room

Deedee: leech?

jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room

anniek556: hi everybody

Suzy: hihi

Kat Indpls IN: good was hoping someone would ask

msraven54: hi judy and annie

Suzy: lol Kat

jude: Howdy!

Donna_in_NV: Hi all

Kat Indpls IN: leech means to take out the excess plasticiziers

Deedee: how u do that?

Kat Indpls IN: two pieces of paper roll out your clay and put clay between

Donna_in_NV: paper towel works?

Kat Indpls IN: see that stain on the paper thats extra plasticisers

Kat Indpls IN: i don't like the fuzzies i get with paper towl

Tammy: what kind of paper?

Kat Indpls IN: also brown paper bags work great

Deedee: typing paper work

Donna_in_NV: thanks - so plain typing paper

Kat Indpls IN: this is typing paper

Suzy: I use my printers paper

Kat Indpls IN: printer paper i got reams of it

msraven54: me 2

Kat Indpls IN: roll both conditioned sheets out to the thickest setting

Vicki in NH: Kat do you run it through the pm with the paper

Kat Indpls IN: no

helen050959 joined the room

Suzy: you usually leech when the clay is super soft

Kat Indpls IN: just rub it into the paper lightly thats all you need to do

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Helen

Suzy: you want it to be a bit stiffer

Vicki in NH: thanks

helen050959: hi everyone

Suzy: so you leech it

msraven54: hi helen

Buffy: hi helen

helen050959: what is Kat demoing today?

Missy~VA (miss_meme_30) joined the room

poonkie2 joined the room

Suzy: she is doing checkboard cane right now

helen050959: hi MIssy

poonkie2: Hi everyone!

helen050959: ok

Tammy: Hi missy

Suzy: howdy missy

Donna_in_NV: right now easy-breezy checkerboard cane

Missy~VA: Hiya everyone!

Tammy: HI poonkie

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Missy, and Poonkie

Rickie Beth: vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

msraven54: Hi Missy and Poonkie

Kat Indpls IN: now i cheat i have a piece of graph paper under my work surface so i can measure my pieces

krafty_karen_mc: Hi Missy

krafty_karen_mc waves at everyone in the room

Missy~VA: will be in and out...tryin to

meplus5kids: Hi Missy, Poonkie and whomever else I missed

helen050959: she said the 'c' word!

msraven54: yuck

Suzy: evil Missy

Suzy: you need to shot now

Tammy: for shame on her where is the soap

Missy~VA: donna...did ya see my cane that i made? i cant member if you were in here last night

Rickie Beth: I feel aslep at the keybo0ard fopr a minute//oops!!!!

Rickie Beth: BIG OOPS!!!

Missy~VA: ty suzy

Missy~VA: lol rb

Rickie Beth: LOL

poonkie2: LOL

msraven54: How is foot Rickie?

Suzy: go take a nap R B

Rickie Beth: now to wake up..

Tammy: lol you alright Rickie?

Donna_in_NV: Kat, you ran on thickest - did you fold for double thickness of each?

Kat Indpls IN: stack to layers of thickest together

Kat Indpls IN: no fold i cut i want the sharpest edges

Rickie Beth: on Tuesday I get anoter sonogram..foot=not good..

Donna_in_NV: OK thanks

msraven54: Oh I am so sorry

helen050959: sorry to hear that RB

Rickie Beth: ty for asking..

msraven54: have been thinking bout you..

msraven54: in prayers

Rickie Beth: I was thinkin about you last night...

Kat Indpls IN: lightly brayer to remove air pockets

Rickie Beth: ty for your kindness

msraven54: must have been in same place...ditto

msraven54: np sweetie

krafty_karen_mc: What happened to your foot Rickie...?

Suzy: how many sheets was that

Suzy: 3 black and 3 white?

Kat Indpls IN: two white two black

Missy~VA: looks like 2 and 2

Suzy: okay

Missy~VA: lol

Missy~VA: a lil late

Rickie Beth: is a mystery to the doctors....

Suzy: its the th ought that counts though Missy

Missy~VA: ty suzy

Kat Indpls IN: now either use a marxit or a ruler and measure your strips out

Missy~VA: has anyone done any clayin this wkend?

Missy~VA: love my marxit

Suzy: no I went shopping

Tammy: I did

Suzy: I hate Macy's

Clara...mommaclara: I did a little.

Missy~VA: what did everyone work on?

msraven54: how wide are you making strips?

Missy~VA: which one u using kat?

Suzy: looks like half inch

Clara...mommaclara: I made some more little turtles.

msraven54: ok

Kat Indpls IN: i'm using a very large one so you can see this cane

Rickie Beth: faux abalone/stone is what I worked on...

Tammy: a dinko duck

Missy~VA: kewl!

Kat Indpls IN: 10 mm side

msraven54: ok

Missy~VA: ty kat

msraven54: ty

Kat Indpls IN: now use a rigid blade for this

Kat Indpls IN: not rigid

Donna_in_NV: can you hold it up again to show the markings?

Missy~VA: i havent gotten to clay yet....felt bad last night, went to bed earyl

Missy~VA: early

Suzy: I'm working on my spring line

Tammy: ohh thats cool

Suzy: lol

Clara...mommaclara: I have been playing today.

msraven54: should you let rest a bit to help get clean cut?

Suzy: that no one will ever see

Missy~VA: i have probs gettin the marks even

nefret111: kat's fingernails are so pretty - don't see how she clays and keeps them, too

Deedee: u will have to share it with us jill

poonkie2: Suzy, what spring line that noone will ever see?????

Suzy: the rate I'm going I never get it done

Missy~VA: i will see it i will bug ya til i

poonkie2: LOl

poonkie2: Well, maybe you should work on your summer line then!

Missy~VA: i learned how to do a lentil yesterday!

Suzy: really lol

Missy~VA: soooooooooo easy

Missy~VA: man chickens done

Suzy: You know this checkboard cane is so fun to make and not to complicate things but you can do some cool stuff with it

Tammy: lol missy

Kat Indpls IN: when setting up a checkerboard always make sure to line up both the top of the cane and bottom

Suzy: which way did you make lentils?

poonkie2: with Desiree's lessons?

Missy~VA: the swirly ones suzy

Suzy: you wanna know something really funny

Missy~VA: what?

Missy~VA: im dumb? lol

Missy~VA: well TYVM

Tammy: lol missy

Missy~VA: i needed to hear that

Suzy: lol

Suzy: your making me laugh while I was trying to type

Missy~VA: im hungry i do know that

poonkie2: Kat, I don't have a brayer. Should I buy one or can I use something else?

Vicki in NH: I hav M&M 's again Missy

Suzy: I saw something on tv about making donuts

Missy~VA: mmmmmmm

Suzy: how to make them even when making them

Clara...mommaclara: I have an apple pie in the oven.

Suzy: using two piece of glass

Missy~VA: ok goin to eat chicken stuffin and gravy now

Tammy: I have chocolate chip cookies homemade ones

poonkie2: Apple pie??? May I have a little piece please???

Missy~VA: dd is starvin to death

Missy~VA: she claims

Clara...mommaclara: Yes, come on down.

nefret111: perfect


Missy~VA: great kat!!!!

Suzy: looks great kat

Missy~VA: brb...whats next?

msraven54: very nice Kat

Kat Indpls IN: any questions on how to do that

Donna_in_NV: No, that's cool - very nice

msraven54: no, just ned to get Marxit

poonkie2: Yes, Kat, I don't have a brayer. Should I buy one or can I use something else?

msraven54: need even

Tammy: no that was easy

poonkie2: Oh, thanks!

Donna_in_NV: I use my marble rolling pin for a brayer - marked it crafts only

Rickie Beth: I ahve the Marxit..if you cannot find it anywhere else...

Vicki in NH: where do you get the Marxit

Tammy: me to I need one of those marxit

Kat Indpls IN: many years i used a glass before i had a brayer

Vicki in NH: ok you just answered me RB

Kat Indpls IN: and for a marxit i used a wide toothed comb

msraven54: ty RB

Suzy: yeah that works great Kat

buffy10207 left the room

Buffy (buffy10207) joined the room

Suzy: I used a comb to mark for holes on tile beads

Tammy: oh cool have a comb lol

nefret111: v. hughes still uses a straight sided drinking glass

Kat Indpls IN: afro picks are great to

msraven54: oh I have those!!

Vicki in NH: Kat time to log

Vicki in NH: brb

Kat Indpls IN: see the waving background thats how i did that

Kat Indpls IN: ok

msraven54: really?? cool


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