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Kat's Demo Index


Kat Indianapolis, IN
Member NPCG, Indianapolis Poly Clay Guild
05-21-2012: The photos were stored in Epson photo albums which is no more. I'm leaving this page up so you can read the demo logs to get that information at least.

Kat's Demo of August 13, 2005, finished items.


for the first album of 24 pix:

and for the remaining 13 pix:

Thank you Donna Moyer for capturing these screen shots.

Thank you Shannon for these screen shots 109 Screen shots from Doug - Electron Forge


Cane Demo class 2

We will make a tri color skinner blend, easy breezy checkerboard
cane, and lets try and do something with that skinner plug we made at the end of class one.

02-20-05- Log 1

02-20-05- Log  2

02-20-05- Log  3

02-20-05- Log  4

02-20-05- Log  5

02-20-05- Log  6

02-20-05- Log  7

Screen Shots thanks to Shargoose/Sharon

01-30-05 Dichronic Demo Log. Thanks to Vicki in NH and Donna Moyer who helped Kat save log.


Kat conducted a webcam demo showing how to do the "Brain Cane"


01-16-05: Brain Cane Demo


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