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Kat's Demo Index  February 2005

02-20-05- Log 2 Thanks to Vicki in NH

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

kedrich (4:30:35 PM): wb Vicki

tily072096 (4:30:37 PM): me too help I'm lost

vickir1 (4:30:42 PM): ok I'm back

jill_z_q (4:30:55 PM): go north Tammy

tily072096 (4:31:08 PM):  suzy

kgedrich (4:31:10 PM): you drag the comb teeth through lines clay and you can get waves in it

buffy10207 (4:31:12 PM): i missed computer booted me

Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room

jill_z_q (4:31:22 PM): that is cool

crzy4dzny (4:31:34 PM): <..Katie...Hi everyone, sorry I'm late

tily072096 (4:31:36 PM): ohhh thats a duh looked away for a second and got lost dang it

jill_z_q (4:31:38 PM): Hi Katie

poonkie2 (4:31:41 PM): Hi Katie

mommaclara2001 (4:31:43 PM): Hi Katie

msraven54 (4:31:49 PM): hi

msraven54 (4:31:52 PM): katie

buffy10207 (4:31:52 PM): hi katie

crzy4dzny (4:31:55 PM): Hi

rickiebeth2005 (4:31:58 PM): Hi Katie..

kgedrich (4:32:15 PM): George from Seattle is a new person hopefully coming in right now

nefret111 (4:32:26 PM): i have a red sweater on like kat's and feel like i am looking in the mirror

msraven54 (4:32:27 PM): computer acting wonky, sorry

jill_z_q (4:32:31 PM): hehee

Gavin (george_schenck) joined the room

crzy4dzny (4:32:39 PM): Hi George

vickir1 (4:32:43 PM): Hi George

msraven54 (4:32:44 PM): Hi George

jill_z_q (4:32:45 PM): Hi George

kgedrich (4:32:45 PM): welcome to my madness George LOL

mommaclara2001 (4:32:46 PM): Hello George

donna_stamps (4:32:47 PM): Lo, George

finchsj (4:32:50 PM): So you dragged the comb through the checkerboard?

meplus5kids (4:32:54 PM): Hi george

krafty_karen_mc (4:32:55 PM): Hi George!

rieandra (4:32:57 PM): howdy George

buffy10207 (4:32:59 PM): hi George

Tammy (4:33:04 PM): Hello george

Rickie Beth (4:33:05 PM): Hi George

poonkie2 (4:33:11 PM): Hi George

Kat Indpls IN (4:33:12 PM): oh you know those scraps that you just think are gorgeous but what the heck to do with

Deedee (4:33:17 PM): hi katie

Katie (4:33:27 PM): Hi

nefret111 (4:33:30 PM): yes

Kat Indpls IN (4:33:32 PM): roll through on number 3 or 4 mark in a grid bake and you have tiles for mosaics

msraven54 (4:33:33 PM): uh huh?

meplus5kids (4:33:39 PM): yep, lots of those

msraven54 (4:33:45 PM): oh cool

nefret111 (4:33:58 PM): do they snap apart?

Deedee (4:34:00 PM): cool gave me idea for daycare crat ty

Tammy (4:34:00 PM): ohhh thats a cool idea

nefret111 (4:34:01 PM): or cut apart

Missy~VA (4:34:38 PM): that is cool kat!

nefret111 (4:34:41 PM): great idea

Gavin (4:34:42 PM): Now I'll know what I'm supposed to do.

Buffy (4:34:52 PM): what a neat trick

Vicki in NH (4:35:00 PM): that's cool

nefret111 (4:35:08 PM): but that isn't the lesson, george

Kat Indpls IN (4:35:11 PM): hang on got another to drag in

Donna_in_NV (4:35:35 PM): George, don't forget to save as fav room

nefret111 (4:35:55 PM): donna, where do you do that, pls?

Kat Indpls IN (4:36:04 PM): okay that should do it

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (clayladyinred) joined the room

Kat Indpls IN (4:36:17 PM): hi Shannon

Missy~VA (4:36:18 PM): shannon!!!!

Katie (4:36:18 PM): Hi Shannon

Esther_UK (4:36:21 PM): Ho Shannon

nefret111 (4:36:23 PM): hi, clay lady

Buffy (4:36:24 PM): hi Shannon

Esther_UK (4:36:24 PM): Hi even

Vicki in NH (4:36:28 PM): Hiello

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:36:29 PM): hi! thanks Kat! hi Everyone!

poonkie2 (4:36:29 PM): Hi Shannon!

Rickie Beth (4:36:32 PM): Hi Shannon!!!

Clara...mommaclara (4:36:32 PM): Hi Shan

Donna_in_NV (4:36:32 PM): top left says chat - click that - go down to fav room - pushes out menu - click add to fav

Tammy (4:36:33 PM): chat top left.. favorite rooms.. add

msraven54 (4:36:34 PM): hi shannon

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:36:38 PM): hi Mom

Kat Indpls IN (4:37:04 PM): ok recap for those that missed the first part they learned how to do a easy breezy checkerboard cane

nefret111 left the room

nefret111 joined the room

Missy~VA (4:37:26 PM): wb

Clara...mommaclara (4:37:38 PM): How are things with you Shan?

nefret111 (4:37:43 PM): thanks - i tried to do what donna said but it didn't work

Kat Indpls IN (4:37:52 PM): two layers white, two layers black, put layers together use marxit cut strips and assemble cane

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:38:06 PM): not too bad... been attempting to make a flower cane... I think I need more practice....LOL

Kat Indpls IN (4:38:18 PM): okay now for a tri color skinner blend

Clara...mommaclara (4:38:19 PM): I know what you mean.

Donna_in_NV (4:38:22 PM): there are two places that say chat - go clear to very top left

Clara...mommaclara (4:38:27 PM): I am getting better.

Marlea in PA (marlea_anderson) joined the room

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:38:36 PM): got flower pendant on the brain Mom...LOL

Missy~VA (4:38:41 PM): hiya marlea!!!!

Clara...mommaclara (4:38:41 PM): Hi Marlea

Marlea in PA (4:38:42 PM): hello everyone

Kat Indpls IN (4:38:43 PM): i've choosen silver, blue pearl, and copper for my blend

msraven54 (4:38:46 PM): hi marlea

Buffy (4:38:50 PM): hey Marlea

Suzy (4:38:53 PM): Hi Marlea

poonkie2 (4:38:55 PM): Hi Marlea

Tammy (4:38:56 PM): Hi ya Marlea

Donna_in_NV (4:38:57 PM): Hi all

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:38:58 PM): hi Marea

Katie (4:39:07 PM): Hi Marlea

connie_flying (4:39:11 PM): If you have an older version of Yahoo -- press File and it has a place to add Favorites

Clara...mommaclara (4:39:22 PM): Is Greg going back to work yet?

Kat Indpls IN (4:39:38 PM): with the copper and blue i'm making two right angle triangles

Missy~VA (4:39:41 PM): ya mad at me for not gettin online last night mar????

Marlea in PA (4:39:48 PM): yes, furious

Marlea in PA (4:39:53 PM):

Marlea in PA (4:39:56 PM): lol

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:39:57 PM): he's actually worked a couple days this week... he'll take off tomorrow, to get his cast on...

Missy~VA (4:40:04 PM): i was asleep by 10 last night!

Clara...mommaclara (4:40:04 PM): Ok

Rickie Beth (4:40:07 PM): I really like your techniques

Rickie Beth (4:40:11 PM): Kat

Katie (4:40:14 PM): How is your dog doing Shannon?

Suzy (4:40:15 PM): I didn't see anyone on last night

Marlea in PA (4:40:15 PM): that's good, you must have needed the rest

Clara...mommaclara (4:40:21 PM): Will he be going back to Detroit?

Missy~VA (4:40:28 PM): have to go to doc for my chest

Sherry (sndit) joined the room

Katie (4:40:32 PM): Hi Sherry

Missy~VA (4:40:33 PM): still hurtin

msraven54 (4:40:40 PM): hi sherry

Sherry (4:40:40 PM): hello

Clara...mommaclara (4:40:44 PM): Hi Sherry

Marlea in PA (4:40:45 PM): oh hon' you need to get in there

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:40:45 PM): Katie, the dog is doing really well... he should get his stitches out tomorrow

Sherry (4:40:45 PM): how is every one doing?

Katie (4:40:50 PM): good

Missy~VA (4:40:59 PM): hiya sherry

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:41:02 PM): no Mom, I figure his Detroit days are over... wouldn't be much help with one hand

Katie (4:41:05 PM): fine sherry, how are you?

Sherry (4:41:11 PM): I'm good

msraven54 (4:41:13 PM): Kat--are you doing equal triangles or off center ones?

Marlea in PA (4:41:14 PM): hi Sherry...what's new?

Clara...mommaclara (4:41:25 PM): I know, but I thought since he was boss, it would work.

Sherry (4:41:34 PM): I went to Michaels this morning and got bunches of Premo and Fimo

finchsj (4:41:40 PM): Me too.

Katie (4:41:43 PM): Lucky.

Sherry (4:41:46 PM):

Kat Indpls IN (4:41:49 PM): large triangle in center i want more silver then anything two small triangles for sides

Marlea in PA (4:41:50 PM): cool

Buffy (4:41:51 PM): me too

Clara...mommaclara (4:41:56 PM): I don't expect that he feels like it though.

finchsj (4:42:02 PM): Kat, how big are the triangles?

krafty_karen_mc (4:42:03 PM): How much was the clay you bought Sherry? Was it on sale?

Tammy (4:42:08 PM): did you get your cam Marlea

Donna_in_NV (4:42:15 PM): looks like equal sides

Marlea in PA (4:42:16 PM): yes i did

msraven54 (4:42:19 PM): 99 cents at Michaels

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:42:24 PM): could be Mom, maybe if those guys aren't getting much done, he might have to go back up to supervize

Kat Indpls IN (4:42:25 PM): doh started cutting wrong piece

Sherry (4:42:26 PM): Yes 99 cents a piece

Donna_in_NV (4:42:28 PM): on the blue and copper

Tammy (4:42:28 PM): going to have a show tonight??

Sherry (4:42:28 PM): yeah

msraven54 (4:42:41 PM): tks Donna

krafty_karen_mc (4:42:43 PM): Oh thats good..its on sale here but its $1.49...!

Tammy (4:42:47 PM): LOL Mar

Clara...mommaclara (4:42:49 PM): Yes, that is what I was thinking.

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:42:51 PM): Mom, yes it's still hurting him pretty bad at times

Sherry (4:42:51 PM): What is the demo on?

Suzy (4:42:52 PM): eeps where are you Karen?

Donna_in_NV (4:43:02 PM): 3 color skinner blend

Tammy (4:43:05 PM): I dont have one  here

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:43:10 PM): oooooh 3 colors!

krafty_karen_mc (4:43:12 PM): I'm in alberta..

Sherry (4:43:13 PM): It usually isn't that good of a price here..

Marlea in PA (4:43:15 PM): lol, i wish tammy but i'm heading out to my brother's place in a few minutes...might have to wait until tomorrow

finchsj (4:43:17 PM): So are all the triangles the same?

Donna_in_NV (4:43:33 PM): no, silver she said is bigger

krafty_karen_mc (4:43:33 PM): Wish I could get it for 99cents...

poonkie2 (4:43:38 PM): me too!

finchsj (4:43:38 PM): Oh ty

Sherry (4:43:43 PM): I got a bunch..

Clara...mommaclara (4:43:45 PM): Marlea, do you have snow yet?

Tammy (4:43:51 PM): ohh ok if I gotta

poonkie2 (4:43:51 PM): I'm in Quebec

Tammy (4:43:53 PM): lol

Suzy (4:43:56 PM): your in expensive Canada

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:43:59 PM): sounds like someone needs to buy and bunch and send it to friends!

Marlea in PA (4:44:03 PM): no, it hasn't started yet Clara, how about you?

Suzy (4:44:10 PM): but even if we got you some you'd have to pay taxes lol

Sherry (4:44:10 PM): Then when I got home I noticed I bought a lot of ecru color

Clara...mommaclara (4:44:12 PM): No, nothing yet.

Missy~VA (4:44:13 PM): someone talkin to me?????

msraven54 (4:44:20 PM): I forget-what are the blends called again? I know we learn last week, but...brain fart

krafty_karen_mc (4:44:22 PM): Ahhhh, poonkie, another over taxed Canadain!

poonkie2 (4:44:31 PM):

krafty_karen_mc (4:44:35 PM): lol

Donna_in_NV (4:44:35 PM): skinner blends after Judith Skinner

poonkie2 (4:44:36 PM): yes!

Sherry (4:44:39 PM): I'm gonna try to go back during the week..

poonkie2 (4:44:58 PM): I think it's even worse in Quebec than Alberta

msraven54 (4:45:02 PM): no-the ones that are equal or not equal

msraven54 (4:45:20 PM): graduated ??

krafty_karen_mc (4:45:41 PM): I dont know...sometimes I think it cant get any worse than here poonkie....

Donna_in_NV (4:45:56 PM): 2 layers thick for each color, Kat?

poonkie2 (4:46:04 PM): well both taxes = 15%

krafty_karen_mc (4:46:11 PM): Do you have PST poonkie?

poonkie2 (4:46:23 PM): yup

Kat Indpls IN (4:46:26 PM): just one layer i don't like huge skinner blends

Sherry (4:46:27 PM): Does any one know if you blend glow in the dark with a regular color does it make it all glow in the dark or do you loose the glow ?

Kat Indpls IN (4:46:31 PM): you can do two layers

Donna_in_NV (4:46:37 PM): thanks

Kat Indpls IN (4:46:38 PM): this was a block of each color

Kat Indpls IN (4:46:47 PM): otherwise you would need 2 blocks of each color

krafty_karen_mc (4:46:53 PM): Oh, I guess were not that bad off then, just the dreaded gst here

Donna_in_NV (4:46:54 PM): I heard you lose the glow

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:46:59 PM): Sherry, you'd probably need to add more GITD than the other color

Kat Indpls IN (4:47:06 PM): now i have a wide pasta machine so you need to make yours as wide as your pasta machine

Marlea in PA (4:47:34 PM): that's where i mess up Kat...I make mine narrower and then it smooshes out

Buffy (4:47:43 PM): is the center piece bigger than the outer 2?

Suzy (4:47:56 PM): I don't think I ever made a skinner blend like this

Suzy (4:47:57 PM): lol

Kat Indpls IN (4:48:01 PM): its easier if its as large as your pasta machine is wide not as many distortions

nefret111 (4:48:10 PM): gotta go on a little outing with hubby - see you all next time, and i'll see the pics online later - thanks, kat!!! and Tily, too

finchsj (4:48:12 PM): Kat, can you tell us how long the outer triangles are?

Kat Indpls IN (4:48:15 PM): yes center is wider i want more silver color

poonkie2 (4:48:21 PM): Well, I can't really complain. There are places worse than Canada for taxes. Europe for example!

rieandra left the room

Buffy (4:48:27 PM): oh

Kat Indpls IN (4:48:29 PM): won't help i have a model 180 Atlas wider then yours

Sherry (4:48:32 PM): Thats what I was thinking.. it would be easy to loose the glow.

Kat Indpls IN (4:48:34 PM): oops then most

Tammy (4:48:37 PM): bye nefret take care

krafty_karen_mc (4:48:42 PM): Thats true...

finchsj (4:48:53 PM): No, I mean the length of the blue and copper.

Kat Indpls IN (4:48:55 PM): 7 inches by 4 1/2

finchsj (4:48:58 PM): Ty

Donna_in_NV (4:49:20 PM): so silver about 9 inches?

Kat Indpls IN (4:49:23 PM): just make your side triangles half the size of the middle one

Kat Indpls IN (4:49:36 PM): 6 inches

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:49:36 PM): Kat do you have anyone grabbing shots for you? if not, do you want any taken?

Rickie Beth (4:49:38 PM): brb..father on the phone

Kat Indpls IN (4:49:50 PM): no logs are being taken not sure on shots

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:50:05 PM): ok, I'll try to get some for you

Esther_UK (4:50:06 PM): I'm doing shots but might need to go before end

Donna_in_NV (4:50:06 PM): I have been but may take a while to get sent thru

Esther_UK (4:50:16 PM): so if you want to atke over that would be great

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:50:21 PM): ok Esther

rieandra joined the room

Kat Indpls IN (4:50:35 PM): looks like we are covered all around

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:50:40 PM): wb Rieandra

msraven54 (4:50:43 PM): wb riendra

Kat Indpls IN (4:50:46 PM): okay now fold this in half and i'm going to move the cam

rieandra (4:50:49 PM): gggggrrrrrrrrrrr ty ty

Buffy (4:50:51 PM): wb Rie

rieandra (4:51:06 PM): dont know why it times out like it does

Kat Indpls IN (4:51:25 PM): only press down at the fold no other place you want air to be able to escape

Kat Indpls IN (4:51:49 PM): rieandra you probably have to many programs running on your puter

Kat Indpls IN (4:51:53 PM): will explain later for you

meplus5kids left the room

Tammy (4:52:38 PM): I just wish that we could have a demo everyday LOL

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:52:49 PM): me too LOL

rieandra (4:52:51 PM): k ty

meplus5kids joined the room

Kat Indpls IN (4:52:56 PM): ok hows that angle for you

krafty_karen_mc (4:52:56 PM): lol Tammy...I live for these demos

Donna_in_NV (4:53:00 PM): wb Jean!

Esther_UK (4:53:03 PM): good

msraven54 (4:53:04 PM): good ty

Tammy (4:53:05 PM): me too

rieandra (4:53:06 PM): wb jean

Buffy (4:53:08 PM): good here

Katie (4:53:09 PM): wb jean

meplus5kids (4:53:13 PM): Got the boot again

Vicki in NH (4:53:14 PM): good here

MountainMaMaDuke (4:53:16 PM): OMG - I would not get anything done

krafty_karen_mc (4:53:18 PM): I think we're addicted!

poonkie2 (4:53:20 PM): But you need some time to practice too!

nefret111 (4:53:22 PM): thanks, tily - had to fix some window screens first - lol

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:53:22 PM): LOL

Tammy (4:53:54 PM): ohh I do that when everyone I know goes to bed LOL practice that is

Kat Indpls IN (4:53:55 PM): pass one i'll stop on every 5 passes to show you what happens

Tammy (4:54:13 PM): ok good nefret

krafty_karen_mc (4:54:25 PM): lol...soemtimes I get up in the middle of the night and practice....

rieandra (4:54:35 PM): i want a motor for my pm anyone know where u get them?

krafty_karen_mc (4:54:39 PM): get these brilliant ideas....

Tammy (4:54:57 PM): best time I think

Kat Indpls IN (4:54:57 PM): ok 5 passes

Vicki in NH (4:54:59 PM): I was just thinking the same thing Deedee

rieandra (4:55:07 PM): lol karen i dream i find myself dreaming about it

countrylady100ca joined the room

krafty_karen_mc (4:55:19 PM): to

Missy~VA (4:55:21 PM): man that chicken, stuffin n gravy was good!

MountainMaMaDuke (4:55:25 PM): I like the convenience, but they are noisy

Missy~VA (4:55:26 PM): hiya sonya

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:55:32 PM): wow, that silver really thinned out

Tammy (4:55:34 PM): hiya sonya

msraven54 (4:55:37 PM): Hi Sonya

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:55:38 PM): hi Sonya

poonkie2 (4:55:43 PM): Hi Sony

poonkie2 (4:55:47 PM): sONYA

krafty_karen_mc (4:55:48 PM): I think is fair to say we are HOPELESSLY addicted!

Tammy (4:55:49 PM): yes the silver did wonder why

poonkie2 (4:55:50 PM): sorry

rieandra (4:55:52 PM): how much wider is her pm than reg? anyone know

krafty_karen_mc (4:55:53 PM): Hi Sonya!!!!

rieandra (4:55:56 PM): lol very karen

countrylady100ca (4:55:56 PM): Hi Ladies. Just check in and still load boxes in truck

Kat Indpls IN (4:56:20 PM): 10 passes

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:56:33 PM): well she said the one bottom color was 4.5 inches didn't she? so double that for the two colors

Sherry (4:56:42 PM): that is looking pretty

Tammy (4:56:46 PM): Kat why is the silver thining out?

poonkie2 (4:56:49 PM): Looks nice

Missy~VA (4:56:55 PM): i need bigger PM!

rieandra (4:57:00 PM): me 2 lol

Kat Indpls IN (4:57:05 PM): because all the colors are being blended together

Sherry (4:57:05 PM): So you can get a motor for the pasta machines eh?

Donna_in_NV (4:57:16 PM): because fold blue and copper over the silver each time

Clara...mommaclara (4:57:18 PM): Mmmmmm hot apple pie is good.

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:57:28 PM): and because you made it as wide as your PM, so the side colors are kind of held in place?

poonkie2 (4:57:30 PM): Ohhhh Clara!!!!

Marlea in PA (4:57:34 PM): oh clara, i'm so jealous. I love apple pie

Tammy (4:57:37 PM): ohhh ok blue and copper taking over

Rickie Beth (4:57:48 PM): apple pie over here, too!!

krafty_karen_mc (4:57:52 PM): Sherry...."eh"? are you Canadian

Clara...mommaclara (4:57:55 PM): You should come on down.

Missy~VA (4:58:00 PM): clara...bring it here i have some ice cream to go with it!

Donna_in_NV (4:58:01 PM): that's why she made silver twice as wide as blue or copper

Rickie Beth (4:58:07 PM): I could eat 1/2 of it right now

rieandra (4:58:10 PM): i missed demo last u always fold red to red /blue to blue right

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (4:58:12 PM): ahhhhhhh

MountainMaMaDuke (4:58:13 PM): lol

Clara...mommaclara (4:58:20 PM): That would be goo missy.

Sherry (4:58:21 PM): nope.. but from Montana near Canada.. my hubby teases me saying it's almost the same thing.

Sherry (4:58:27 PM): lol

Kat Indpls IN (4:58:33 PM): 15 x

krafty_karen_mc (4:58:36 PM): lol thats what I was thinking...

Marlea in PA (4:58:38 PM): ohh, maybe some apple dumplings...

MountainMaMaDuke (4:58:52 PM): nice

Missy~VA (4:58:54 PM): man now i want.......

rieandra (4:58:55 PM): kat? u fold red to red and blue to blue right.....i missed lat week

Clara...mommaclara (4:58:56 PM): That too.

Missy~VA (4:58:59 PM): sweet......

Missy~VA (4:59:05 PM): yummy.......

Kat Indpls IN (4:59:08 PM): hang on puppy yuck

Missy~VA (4:59:15 PM): CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Missy~VA (4:59:16 PM): lol

Buffy (4:59:21 PM): you guys are making me hungry

Donna_in_NV (4:59:26 PM): good time to save log again Vicki




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