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Kat's Demo Index February 2005

02-20-05- Log 3 Thanks to Vicki in NH

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

 Tammy:  Kat too funny

Deedee: i thought so too ty

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: wb Vicki

msraven54: Oh Esther, sounds good

Vicki in NH: back How about another roll call

krafty_karen_mc:  Karen....Alberta

Deedee: <<<<<<<Kansas

msraven54: Sandy, St. Louis

Donna_in_NV: ~~Silver Springs

Missy~VA: <~~~~~~~~~ME!

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: West Virginia

MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline Marlow NH

Tammy: <~~~~~Idaho

Clara...mommaclara: Glenville, WV

finchsj: Susan, Texas

Marlea in PA: <-----Me

Sherry: florida

Deedee: donna where is silversprings?

meplus5kids: Jean, New Orleans

helen050959: Helen in Ohio

Gavin: Seattle

Kat Indpls IN: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Donna_in_NV: 60 miles se of Reno

Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth near San Francisco...

Katie: Katie, NY

Missy~VA: <~~~~gettin chocolate...brb

Deedee: ty

Buffy: diane iowa

poonkie2: Poonkie, Quebec, back with swiss chocolate

greatauntjudy left the room

Kat Indpls IN: 20x because of the mica in this i'm going to take it to 25 steps

krafteame (krafteame) joined the room

Vicki in NH: wow

poonkie2: Well, actually, it's French!

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: Kat, you're not folding in between, are you?

Katie: neat Kat

Marlea in PA: pretty Kat

Donna_in_NV: I think she is folding

MountainMaMaDuke: the silver really blends out of the strip!

Tammy: cant really see the silver at all now

poonkie2: yes she does

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I guess so....LOL

Clara...mommaclara: Saw the folding that time.

Kat Indpls IN: yes

krafteame: Hi Everyone, almost didnt make it

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: but the PM stays on the same setting for each pass through?

poonkie2: yup

krafteame: whatcha doing?

Katie: Hi

Donna_in_NV: Yes same setting each time

Deedee: hi there kraft

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Krafteame

MountainMaMaDuke: three color blend

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: thanks!

Clara...mommaclara: HiKrafteame

Kat Indpls IN: yes number one setting

Kat Indpls IN: thickest

poonkie2: 3 colors blend

krafteame: HI Shannon

krafteame: thanks Poonkie

Kat Indpls IN: now who can tell me how to get more silver in this blend to show up

poonkie2: not me

krafteame: I guess I wlll just take this part in, to late to try to keep up

Katie: do you have to fold it a certain way?

Donna_in_NV: add more in middle or shave it

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: fold by thirds?

Esther_UK: have a gap between the other colours?

krafteame: add it in the middle and roll more

krafty_karen_mc: make it a bigger triangle...

msraven54: run thru PM other way?

Vicki in NH: add less of the other colors

krafty_karen_mc: ???

Donna_in_NV: better tell us - we're all guessing

Missy~VA: lol

Vicki in NH: and probaly all wrong too

Katie: lol

msraven54: lol

krafteame: thicker slice of silver at beginning

Kat Indpls IN: how about taking out some of the dominate colors?

msraven54: probably


Katie: that would work

krafteame: add more silver now or at the begining do you mean??

Kat Indpls IN: if i wanted more silver in this type of blend

Tammy: oh Kat better explain from the beginning now I'm lost again

Kat Indpls IN: ok some colors are more saturated then others

poonkie2: how do you know which ones are?

Kat Indpls IN: silver being low on the totem pole so to speak the copper and blue washed it out

krafteame: I would start with a bigger piece of silver with the other two smaller??

Kat Indpls IN: experimentation

Kat Indpls IN: wtg

Kat Indpls IN: red and blue are primary colors they are fully saturated colors

msraven54: so would you mix silver with copper and blue to begin with?

poonkie2: ok!

Kat Indpls IN: you could also ton down the copper and blue

Kat Indpls IN: tone

Esther_UK: think I might need to go and check Dominic is someone else doing screen shots now?

Gavin: Define "WTG" please

Donna_in_NV: I am

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yep, I got it Esther

Esther_UK: thanks

Kat Indpls IN: WTG means way to go

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yw

Kat Indpls IN: or correct

helen050959: wtg = way to go

Gavin: OK

Kat Indpls IN: want to experiment with this one and tone it down

krafteame: yes

Kat Indpls IN: okay let me grab some pearl clay

krafteame: would you add toned down blue and copper? by sliceing your piece and adding them in and then rolling them to blend

Kat Indpls IN: hang on LOL

Kat Indpls IN: miss inpatient LMAO

krafteame: me sorry

poonkie2: what does LMAO means?

Suzy: laugh my ass off

Missy~VA: laughin my ass off

krafteame: laugh my a$$ off

msraven54: laughing my a$$ off

finchsj: Gotta go and start dinner. Thanks Kat for the demo.

poonkie2: oky tx!

krafteame: well we all know that

Tammy: LOL

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: bye Finch

finchsj: See ya all later

finchsj left the room

krafteame: I made a checkerboard cane by myself this week

msraven54: WTG

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: kewwwlllll!!!!

Suzy: I had some pasta cause you folks were making me hungry

Katie: Great!!

Rickie Beth: wonderful..

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: sounds good Suzy

Marlea in PA: lol- just hooking up my cam...nothing really on it

poonkie2: WTG

Missy~VA: rb did ya see my dragonfly cane?

helen050959: I didn't missy

Suzy: goes and looks anyway

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: that was really good Missy!

crzy4dzny left the room

Missy~VA: let me get a link hold on!

krafteame: I used my clay gun though to make square canes so I did cheat to be honest

Kat Indpls IN: pearl on the thickest setting

poonkie2: no, I missed it, can you send the link again please?

Suzy: ooh I see Marlea what in the heck is that

helen050959: what are your plans for that blend Kat?

krafteame: that looks like it would make it too toned down, though I know you know what your doing


Marlea in PA: trying to get it to focus

Missy~VA: tell me if it doesnt work

Suzy: heheeh Missy

Missy~VA: its the last pic

Suzy: I see a nekid girly Marlea

Missy~VA: most of u have seen my cane

helen050959: cute

Missy~VA: is that a self sculpt mar??? LMAO

Missy~VA: ya like helen?

Suzy: rolf Missy

helen050959: yes

Tammy: LMAO Missy

Missy~VA: that is only my second cane!

helen050959: good job

Missy~VA: ya here suzy?

poonkie2: Goog job Missy!

Tammy: its great missy

Missy~VA: thanks all

Missy~VA: mar wants me to do another with diff colors now

cgron joined the room

Missy~VA: now if i can member how i done it...LOL

Kat Indpls IN: run through pm at thickest setting sheet first then fold in half and run through just like a regular skinner blend

Missy~VA: is that my mermaid there mar?????

jill_z_q left the room

Suzy (jill_z_q) joined the room

Lisa in Maine (kittekattz) joined the room

Marlea in PA: yes, the ongoing process one? yes, lmao

Clara...mommaclara: You are pretty Marlea.

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Jill, Suzy, and Lisa

msraven54: Hi Lisa wb Suzy

Marlea in PA: lol thank Momma

Vicki in NH: hi every one

Donna_in_NV: Hi everyone new

Missy~VA: jill and suzy is one in the same

Suzy: you saying hi to me twice Shannon?

Missy~VA: lol

Clara...mommaclara: YW

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: oh duh...LOL

Kat Indpls IN: 5x

Lisa in Maine: Hi everyone!

Suzy: I saw Marlea and Y ahoo booted me!

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Lisa

Missy~VA: lol

Missy~VA: lol

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: that looks nice Kat!

Missy~VA: wonder if santa will bring me one of those motors early?

krafteame: whatcha doing marlea??

Missy~VA: i want that mar!!!!!!

Suzy: that is pretty

Deedee: i missed some where did she add the pearl? in the middle?

Rickie Beth: Hello to everyone that I did not see coming into this 'room'

Clara...mommaclara: Marlea, a heart pendant?

Suzy: I think Lisa came in

Lisa in Maine: Hey RickieBeth ... how are ya today?

poonkie2: Your dragons are too cute Missy!

Kat Indpls IN: 10x

Missy~VA: ty poonkie

Vicki in NH: yes she did

Lisa in Maine: pretty colors, Kat

msraven54: pretty Kat

sndit left the room

Deedee: kay sorry i missed where did u add the pearl? and how

Sherry (sndit) joined the room

MountainMaMaDuke: I think she put a full sheet of pearl under the previous blend

Deedee: ok ty

krafteame: she rolled a sheet of pearl out and layed the other sheet on top

Missy~VA: wb sherry

msraven54: first to back

msraven54: then blend like reg Skinner

Sherry: thanks

Marlea in PA: yes it is clara

Marlea in PA: lol- this is so much fun!

Marlea in PA: is it off now?

Kat Indpls IN: 15x

Tammy: yes thanks I misseed it too

Missy~VA: yep

Missy~VA: was that my mermaid???

Marlea in PA: am i back in the room?

msraven54: I am liking that Kat

Missy~VA: and heart pendent??? LOL

Missy~VA: very pretty kat

Donna_in_NV: ur back Marlea

cgron left the room

krafteame: Ilost Marlea`s webcm

Tammy: Mar if you figure out the lighting tell me how LOL

Kat Indpls IN: 20x done

marlea_anderson left the room

Clara...mommaclara: That is pretty Kat.

Vicki in NH: Kat time to Log again brb

Kat Indpls IN: twic as much blend

Kat Indpls IN: ok Vicki

Missy~VA: hb



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