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Kat's Demo Index February 2005

02-20-05-Log 4 Thanks to Vicki in NH

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

Donna_in_NV: wb Vicki

Vicki in NH: ok I'm back

msraven54: i like it better now

Missy~VA: yeah more silver

krafteame: Lisa T, Salisbury, NC

Kat Indpls IN: you can do this with any skinner

Kat Indpls IN: using white or pearl or silver

MountainMaMaDuke: KAT what would happen if you used a sheet of silver instead of the pearl?

krafteame: that is kewl Kat

meplus5kids: cool blend kat

Kat Indpls IN: makes twice as much blend and tons the colors down

Kat Indpls IN: more silver tone

krafteame: now to make it darker ,would you use a black

Donna_in_NV: ~~Silver Springs NV - gotta go -have to get to bank before 5

Tammy: yes I like very much

Buffy: cool colors kat

rickiebeth2005 left the room

Clara...mommaclara: Bye Donna

connie_flying: bye Donna

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: bye Donna

Donna_in_NV: I have 35 pix so far - hope Shannon can stay to do pix

msraven54: would it be same if you did the pearl before beginning

Missy~VA: they open today donna?

Buffy: bye donna

Donna_in_NV: my branch is til 5

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: yes I'll be here for a while

msraven54: Bye Donna

Kat Indpls IN: never tried going the reverse way always way to bright colors might be another thing to experiment on

Vicki in NH: bye Donna

Donna_in_NV: bye all

donna_stamps left the room

msraven54: just curious

Deedee: I really like the softness of the colors

cgron joined the room

MountainMaMaDuke: I do too

Kat Indpls IN: going to make a blend jelly roll

msraven54: if you could tone down the brights before blending

Tammy: my problem is now what would I do with it LOL

Marlea in PA (marlea_anderson) joined the room

msraven54: me too Riendra

Missy~VA: wb!

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: wb Marlea

Deedee: make iris flowers

marlea_anderson left the room

Deedee: after she rolls it into a cane, slice it make petals

Missy~VA: she is havin probs with chat...marlea is

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: probs with chat??? Marlea??? whoda thunk it??

Missy~VA: lol

cgron left the room

cgron joined the room

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Cgron

Missy~VA: hiya cg

msraven54: Hi CG

cgron: hello, i can't seem to get the demo, yesterday i went thru my messenge

Missy~VA: marlea said thanks for viewin her cam and that she has to go

Missy~VA: her messenger isnt workin right

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: poor Marlea

krafteame: that is pretty

Deedee: is that white or translucent ?

Kat Indpls IN: brb humgous ad just wiped my chat screen away

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: I'm not sure how to help you get the demo CG... anyone else know what to do?

MountainMaMaDuke: maybe the rest of the pearl?

Clara...mommaclara: Guys, news from Rickie Beth She got booted off, but she had a call from her Dr. And he told her to come to the ER. Right now.

kgedrich left the room

Marlea in PA (marlea_anderson) joined the room

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: oh dear

Vicki in NH: oh no

Missy~VA: wb mar

Lisa in Maine: OH NO

Deedee: about her foot?

Missy~VA: dang it

Missy~VA: lol

poonkie2: oh no

Tammy: oh no

Lisa in Maine: is she feeling worse? has her foot gotten that bad??

Kat Indpls IN (kgedrich) joined the room

Missy~VA: poor rb!

MountainMaMaDuke: I hope that Rickie Beth will be OK, she is such a good person

Clara...mommaclara: She said to give big HUGS to all.

Missy~VA: wb kat

Deedee: what did she do anyone know?

Kat Indpls IN: ok normal size ad now

Missy~VA: i have been worried bout her foot for over 3 wks now!

Lisa in Maine: she had something happen to her foot and the doctors can't figure ouw aht, Deedee

Gavin: left the room

msraven54: oh no, poor RB

Missy~VA: thinks it might be a spider bite

Kat Indpls IN: pearl clay number 3, blend number 3, roll through pasta machine number 1 then roll into jelly roll

Deedee: oh my

Esther_UK: didn't it start with a bite?

Lisa in Maine: thought it was cellulitis for a while now ...

msraven54: think so

poonkie2: i think so

Clara...mommaclara: She just said that she had a call from her doctor, and he told her to come right in.

Esther_UK: she was in caht at the time

Esther_UK: chat even

Deedee: kat is that white or translucent ?

poonkie2: a spider bite

Lisa in Maine: then decided it wasn't

msraven54: cool Kat

helen050959: could be a brown recluse spider?

Kat Indpls IN: pearl

Lisa in Maine: are they sure that's what it is, poonkie?

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: very pretty Kat!

Deedee: those are horrible spider bites

Deedee: very nice kat

Marlea in PA: Eureka!

msraven54: so pearl on 3 (med) and blend on 3?

poonkie2: don't know

Buffy: bad news .. those spiders

Missy~VA: finally!

Marlea in PA: what's happening with Rickie?

helen050959: yes

Deedee: yes been there

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hey Marlea!

msraven54: then jelly roll

helen050959: pretty Kat

poonkie2: very nice Kat

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: potty break.... brb Kat

Clara...mommaclara: If it was a spider , she would have a very bad place on her foot. Does antone know if she does?

Kat Indpls IN: hb

msraven54: does it matter which end starts jellyroll?

Kat Indpls IN: take a 5er everyone

Missy~VA: ty kat

Clara...mommaclara: She had to go to ER Marlea.

msraven54: ok

Buffy: that doesn't sound good at all

Esther_UK: must have had some test result back or something.. not good

Marlea in PA: oh no, I'll pray for her,,,poor baby

Marlea in PA: I've had enough spider bites to deal with more!!!

rieandra left the room

tedi382001 joined the room

Clara...mommaclara: Pretty Kat

Missy~VA: hiya tedi

Esther_UK: though if they have more of an idea what is wrong that would be something

rieandra joined the room

tedi382001: hi evryone

Missy~VA: wb rie

rieandra: if it had been brownrecluse u can telly by telltale sign of bullseye bite leaves

Clara...mommaclara: I would think they would know, if it was a spider. You can tell when one of them bites you.

msraven54: Hi Tedi and wb Rieandra

rieandra: ty miss

Clara...mommaclara: Leavesa a hole.

Buffy: i've gotta go..need to get some wash done. Bye all and thanx for the demo Kat

Missy~VA: bye buffy

MountainMaMaDuke: group HUGS to Rickie Beth !!

rieandra: yes and u get very sick immediately upon bite high fever chills

Marlea in PA: my best friend just got well enough to go back to work from a brown recluse

Marlea in PA: wow- chat is acting really weird

Marlea in PA: for me it freezes then pops everything all at once

poonkie2: bye buffy

msraven54: bye buffy

Tammy: me too Mar

Clara...mommaclara: Bye Buffy

buffy10207 left the room

tedi382001: what are you making Kat?

Kat Indpls IN: experimenting

nefret111 left the room

rieandra: i got bit by brown recluse had to have cortizone shots

Kat Indpls IN: with skinner blends and jelly rolls right now

marlea_anderson left the room

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: back!

tedi382001: ok neat

Clara...mommaclara: That skinner blend, jelly roll is so pretty.

tedi382001: hi Shannon

pdduke2003 left the room

msraven54: Hey Kat--u could do jellyroll other way and mix and match them?

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: hi Tedi

Kat Indpls IN: ok lets take these jelly rolls slice them and put them on this skinner sheet

tedi382001: hi poonkie, what is your weather like?

MountainMaMaDuke (pdduke2003) joined the room

krafteame: oh my brown reclu can be a dangerous bite and it can keep rotting the flesh out. I dont mean to sound so yuckky but be careful

poonkie2: It's almost dark now

Clara...mommaclara: Hi Pauline.

krafteame: I will pray for you

Tammy: can I ask a silly question how do you make flowers stick on a pendent? do you use something to glue it?

rieandra: yes they are nasty mine happend about 7 years ago still ahve lump where it was

poonkie2: We had some snow on Friday and yesterday, but it's relly warm now

MountainMaMaDuke: Well silly me I accidently hit the escape button and kicked myself out of chat again!

tedi382001: poonkie are you getting the freezing rain too

Missy~VA: brb

poonkie2: no freezing rain here

poonkie2: not yet

Tammy: ohh jelly rolls on the blend cool

countrylady100ca left the room

MountainMaMaDuke: we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow after midnight tonight

krafteame: where areyou at poonkie, we have had a weird winter in NC this year

poonkie2: I live near Montreal

poonkie2: we did have a weird winter here too

krafteame: where mountian mamaduke?

poonkie2: we had rain for Christmas!

tedi382001: it was minus 30 here last night

Tammy: here to no snow

MountainMaMaDuke: It has been a very strange winter up here in NH too Lisa T

krafteame: we havent had but an inch of snow this year

Vicki in NH: Tedi where areyou?

poonkie2: -30 C?

tedi382001: Ontario, near Toronto

Vicki in NH: it's 23 here

tedi382001: yep

connie_flying: ----> Tammy -- if your pendant isn't baked the flowers will attach to it. Just press a little. If you bake the pendant and flowers separate from each other then you can glue them on.

poonkie2: oh, no!

Vicki in NH: 23f here

Vicki in NH: but we're suppose to get 6-8 in of snow tomorrow

krafteame: or use TLS to attach them

Tammy: oh thank you in the swap and didnt know how to make them stick didnt wanna mash it thanks

connie_flying: yes

krafteame: that looks wild Kat

msraven54: cool

connie_flying: yw

Vicki in NH: wowaza

Tammy: thats too cool Kat

Clara...mommaclara: Now would you use that to cover something?

poonkie2: or make a barrette???

Clara...mommaclara: Like a box, or jar?

krafteame: when I make sheets and try to cover stuff like beads, pendants it distorts the design adn I get seems

MountainMaMaDuke: Great idea KAT

Tammy: ohh look at that

Tammy: she makes it look easy

Clara...mommaclara: Doesn't she?

rieandra: was just thinking taht

Clara...mommaclara: That is beautiful!

Missy~VA: marlea said that she would see everyone later her puter is acting up right now

~Shannon~Clayladyinred: ok Missy......tell her bye for us

Clara...mommaclara: Bye Marlea

Vicki in NH: Kat time to do another log brb



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