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Kat's Demo Index February 2005

02-20-05- Log 5 Thanks to Vicki in NH

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mommaclara2001 (5:47:53 PM): Bye Lisa

krafteame (5:48:01 PM): doesnt your finger nails get in the way Kat, Mine do, how do you keep them from marking everything up?/////

esther_reeves (5:48:01 PM): 10.50pm

vickir1 (5:48:02 PM): bye Lisa

connie_flying (5:48:05 PM): Nite Esther

vickir1 (5:48:10 PM): byr Tedi

poonkie2 (5:48:14 PM): Bye, Lisa, Esther, Tedi!

pdduke2003 (5:48:18 PM): Have a good night

tily072096 (5:48:19 PM): bye all

clayladyinred (5:48:21 PM): bye Lisa and Tedi

vickir1 (5:48:24 PM): bye Esther

msraven54 (5:48:24 PM): Bye you all

tily072096 (5:48:25 PM): that leaving

esther_reeves (5:48:30 PM): nite all

msraven54 (5:48:37 PM): that is neat Kat

miss_meme_30 (5:49:03 PM): it is neat

clayladyinred (5:49:05 PM): anyone know what she's using there?

pdduke2003 (5:49:07 PM): I like that KAT - simple but dramatic !

helen050959 (5:49:08 PM): psychodelic mannnnnnnnnnnnn

helen050959 (5:49:11 PM):

pdduke2003 (5:49:17 PM): LOL

miss_meme_30 (5:49:32 PM): i like it kat

vickir1 (5:49:45 PM): that's pretty

kgedrich (5:49:50 PM): got some air pockets to take care of and put an edging on it but i like it

poonkie2 (5:49:52 PM): very nice Kat!

clayladyinred (5:49:56 PM): bet that would look nice with a candle inside

kgedrich (5:50:07 PM): two small

clayladyinred (5:50:08 PM): Kat, were you using a product when you were smoothing?

tily072096 (5:50:10 PM): thats just lovely Kat

miss_meme_30 (5:50:16 PM): i think it would look nice with a candle in it too

msraven54 (5:50:28 PM): how bout dried buds and grasses?

rieandra (5:50:37 PM): what is that ?

clayladyinred (5:50:39 PM): ok, thanks

kgedrich (5:50:49 PM): what i use to get rid of fingerprints

clayladyinred (5:50:56 PM): a waterless hand cleaner?

rieandra (5:50:57 PM): oh ok

esther_reeves left the room

rieandra (5:51:18 PM): what is the name of it again sorry

kgedrich (5:51:25 PM): anyone staying?

rieandra (5:51:29 PM): i a,

rieandra (5:51:31 PM): am

tily072096 (5:51:31 PM): I am

pdduke2003 (5:51:32 PM): yes

msraven54 (5:51:35 PM): for a few

vickir1 (5:51:36 PM): I'm still here

poonkie2 (5:51:40 PM): I'm still here too

helen050959 (5:51:44 PM): yes

krafteame (5:51:45 PM): I use the alcho. based waterless hand cleaner, it works great, I did go get some plain alcho. after the demo last week

tily072096 (5:51:47 PM): got me till your ready to leave

mommaclara2001 (5:51:48 PM): I am still here.

clayladyinred (5:51:50 PM): I'm here for a bit......but need to start dinner again... making pizzas

kgedrich (5:51:52 PM): ok how about we do something with the plug from last week

poonkie2 (5:52:01 PM): ok

rieandra (5:52:09 PM): what was the name of that cleaner kat sorry

vickir1 (5:52:10 PM): ok

helen050959 (5:52:14 PM): be back in a few minutes

tily072096 (5:52:15 PM): ok how about a flower stuck on a pendent LOL

poonkie2 (5:52:19 PM): orange I think

mommaclara2001 (5:52:33 PM): Sounds good, Shan. Would love to have some.

rieandra (5:52:37 PM): orange something i saw

kgedrich (5:52:51 PM): Kimberly Clark Professional Naturally Tuff Orange

rieandra (5:52:54 PM): ty

clayladyinred (5:52:57 PM): I think there are many brands you could use

jill_z_q (5:53:12 PM): that for what again?

clayladyinred (5:53:18 PM): for smoothing

vickir1 (5:53:21 PM): that's what printer use to make sure there are no prints on the plates

poonkie2 (5:53:26 PM): getting rid of finger prints

rieandra (5:53:56 PM): clayladyy how did she use it? i was away

vickir1 (5:54:03 PM): or I should say used to before computer came out

clayladyinred (5:54:12 PM): oh, just put some on her finger and rubbed the fingerprints out

rieandra (5:54:27 PM): tyvm

krafteame (5:54:30 PM): I was thinking u used it to clean your hands. You smooth the surface of stuff before you bake it??

clayladyinred (5:54:33 PM): ywvm

kgedrich (5:54:56 PM): ran a slice of the plug blend through number 1 and then 3 i want this bigger though

clayladyinred (5:54:56 PM): if there are prints on it

krafteame (5:55:28 PM): Imissed what you did Kat

krafteame (5:55:44 PM): did you slice it in quarters?

kgedrich (5:56:12 PM): nope just took a thick slice from it, smooshed it down ran it through the pm on 1 and 3

krafteame (5:56:23 PM): oh a slice of the side , length ways?

krafteame (5:56:32 PM): I see now thank you

kgedrich (5:56:53 PM): number 1 turn and number 3

krafteame (5:57:03 PM): what did you lay it on

kgedrich (5:57:21 PM): scrap clay

kgedrich (5:57:58 PM): you can do this several times with scrap clay to make it thinner and wider

Tammy (6:01:47 PM): good the kiddies went in the other room now I can watch and pay attention

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:01:55 PM): LOL

Tammy (6:02:12 PM): hopefully I wont get lost now LOL

Kat Indpls IN (6:02:31 PM): ok see we went from a small piece of the blend plug to this big sheet of blend

helen050959 (6:03:02 PM): back

helen050959 (6:03:11 PM): what colors were used in the plug?

Kat Indpls IN (6:03:29 PM): fushia and pearl this is the plug we made last week

helen050959 (6:03:49 PM): ok thanks

Tammy (6:04:13 PM): I say we make everyday demo day I can show how to make dinko birds LOL

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:04:27 PM): sounds like a plan Tammy!

poonkie2 (6:04:38 PM): those with teeth?

Tammy (6:04:47 PM): yep those ones

krafty_karen_mc (6:04:56 PM): ahhh...cute

poonkie2 (6:05:06 PM): They're fun to make! I made some a while ago

george_schenck left the room

Tammy (6:05:34 PM): they are I gave made 3 and a frog

poonkie2 (6:05:45 PM): here, at the end of the page:

Tammy (6:05:46 PM): have that is

krafty_karen_mc (6:06:07 PM): ok...I vote for Tammy to give a demo

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:06:16 PM): I'm still working on a half person half poison dart frog kinda critter

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:06:30 PM): you got my vote!

poonkie2 (6:06:53 PM): what are you doing Kat?

Tammy (6:06:56 PM): oh I love the duck my bathroom is duckies

Vicki in NH (6:07:00 PM): you got my vote too Tammy but only if it's after I get home from work so I can watch

Kat Indpls IN (6:07:20 PM): laying down thin slices of cane

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:07:28 PM): from this angle, it almost looks like a desert sky at night

helen050959 (6:07:56 PM): I was thinking the same thing

krafteame (6:08:02 PM): what cane?

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:08:10 PM): great minds Helen

Tammy (6:08:12 PM): sure what time you get home

krafteame (6:08:13 PM): I thought it was spots of TLS

poonkie2 (6:08:21 PM): THanks Tammy

Kat Indpls IN (6:08:23 PM): grass and star cane so far

helen050959 (6:08:23 PM): and the white spots were the stars

Vicki in NH (6:08:27 PM): 6pm est

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:08:35 PM): yep!

Vicki in NH (6:08:43 PM): pretty Kat

Tammy (6:09:00 PM): ok wont take long though they are really easy

Vicki in NH (6:09:01 PM): Tammy my Bathroom is also duckies

krafty_karen_mc (6:09:11 PM): poonkie, those alphabet bunnies are just to cute!

msraven54 (6:09:22 PM): gotta go ladies-- would love to stay, but DH is having problem...

poonkie2 (6:09:30 PM): thanks Karen!

msraven54 (6:09:31 PM): Bye all

Vicki in NH (6:09:33 PM): see you later Jean

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:09:37 PM): hope he's ok.... byeee

Kat Indpls IN (6:09:37 PM): bye

Tammy (6:09:45 PM): bye

msraven54 (6:09:53 PM): ty Kat for shariung your expertise

msraven54 (6:09:59 PM): sharing even

poonkie2 (6:10:02 PM): I want to make a tutorial, but I'm too lazy to take pictures!!! Have to do that next weekend! Promise

msraven54 left the room

~Shannon~Clayladyinred (6:10:16 PM): LOL Poonkie

Tammy (6:10:25 PM): I like your site the pics move that cool

poonkie2 (6:10:56 PM): Yes, I like that too

Tammy (6:11:16 PM): but maybe you should do the demo yours are better LOL



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