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Kat's Demo Index February 2005

02-20-05- Log 7 and End of Demo, Thanks to Vicki in NH

Vicki in NH: Kat time for another log brb

Kat Indpls IN: make sure to put the next layer on and line it up first before putting the middle in these stars are provo crafts got them at Michaels

poonkie2: question: how do you make sure they're all centered correctly?

 You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

 poonkie2 (6:43:08 PM): thanks

vickir1 (6:43:10 PM): i'm back

poonkie2 (6:43:21 PM): so that's the trick!

mommaclara2001 (6:43:28 PM): WB Vickie

clayladyinred (6:43:30 PM): got it! thanks

clayladyinred (6:44:47 PM): ok, so lining up the circle first... then place the star in... how cool is that!

helen050959 (6:45:02 PM): great tip Kat

kgedrich (6:45:22 PM): going to make this a two color cane so i can reduce it

clayladyinred (6:46:08 PM): I'm going to have to head out.... anyone else here that can get screenshots?

mommaclara2001 (6:46:19 PM): Bye Shan

kgedrich (6:46:49 PM): ty so much Shannon pretty much got it all anyways

clayladyinred (6:46:57 PM): bye Mom... cya all later  thanks for the great demo Kat!

clayladyinred (6:47:02 PM): oh ok! byeeeee

poonkie2 (6:47:03 PM): I'll have to go too! Thank you Kat! Bye eveybody!

mommaclara2001 (6:47:06 PM): You will have to teach me how to do that sometime Shan.

pdduke2003 (6:47:11 PM): bye

mommaclara2001 (6:47:17 PM): Bye Poonkie.

poonkie2 left the room

kgedrich (6:47:37 PM): goodbye Shannon and Poonkie

vickir1 (6:47:46 PM): bye

clayladyinred (6:47:47 PM): I will Mom.... byeeee

clayladyinred left the room

mommaclara2001 (6:49:46 PM): Bye Hon.

krafteame (6:50:08 PM): so the log has the star in the middle right or am I totally lost??

krafteame (6:50:17 PM): oops here we go Ill see

helen050959 (6:50:19 PM): yes

mommaclara2001 (6:50:32 PM): That is neat.

kgedrich (6:50:35 PM): cut in the half point hang on get a clear cut

kgedrich (6:51:06 PM): wow i like this some of the clays in the middle blended

mommaclara2001 (6:51:25 PM): That is a good one.

mommaclara2001 (6:52:18 PM): I think I am going to go to, ladies. Thank you Kat, it has been fun.

kgedrich (6:52:31 PM): yw

mommaclara2001 (6:52:39 PM): Bye

mommaclara2001 left the room

krafteame (6:53:20 PM): how would you use it with a colored outside, wouldnt it need to be translucent to blend in to what you are putting it on??

Kat Indpls IN (6:54:00 PM): yes i did this so you could see how its done probably make beads out of this cane

krafteame (6:54:34 PM): I see, I dont mean to ask so many dumb questrions but I do want to learn as much as I can

helen050959 (6:54:51 PM): ask as many as you need

MountainMaMaDuke (6:55:03 PM): There is no such thing as a DUMB question!

krafty_karen_mc (6:55:03 PM): not dumb questions at all....

krafteame (6:55:03 PM): does anyone have problems with there hands getting dried out exspeciallly the tips?

Kat Indpls IN (6:55:11 PM): np at all ask away

helen050959 (6:55:26 PM): yes

Vicki in NH (6:55:28 PM): no question is dumb if YOU don't knwo the answer

krafty_karen_mc (6:55:30 PM): yes, but I thought it was just me

Kat Indpls IN (6:55:51 PM): thats why i have these beginner classes

MountainMaMaDuke (6:55:53 PM): That is how we all learn, if you don't ask it, maybe someone else will

MountainMaMaDuke (6:56:09 PM): or maybe they were just thinking it!

MountainMaMaDuke (6:56:13 PM): LOL

Vicki in NH (6:56:20 PM): or someone might not ask it the same way we're all here to learn

krafteame (6:56:31 PM): I have never gotten to take any classes so this is very nice to me

Vicki in NH (6:56:44 PM): it is to me too

krafteame (6:56:49 PM): Im a brainpicker

helen050959 (6:56:58 PM): I'm thining of getting a cam so that Ann and I can clay together

Vicki in NH (6:57:11 PM): that would be fun

MountainMaMaDuke (6:57:15 PM): COOL KAT

helen050959 (6:57:39 PM): she already has one

krafty_karen_mc (6:57:46 PM): that was fun!

krafteame (6:57:47 PM): I want one too but right now I dont even have clay that amounts to anything. It will be a week or two until I can even hope for any clay, let alone a cam

Vicki in NH (6:57:57 PM): Helen I bought my cam to see my grandsons

meplus5kids left the room

meplus5kids joined the room

helen050959 (6:58:11 PM): that must be fun

Vicki in NH (6:58:11 PM): I got my cam for 28 at Wal mart

Vicki in NH (6:58:23 PM): wb Jean

krafteame (6:58:23 PM): that isnt too much.

helen050959 (6:58:31 PM): I just need to set up here at the desk

krafteame (6:58:40 PM): my bday just passed but I got zilch,

meplus5kids (6:58:46 PM): Can sit in for a few

Vicki in NH (6:58:54 PM): well then buy yourself a b'day gift

Kat Indpls IN (6:59:05 PM): okay folks i'm going to stay in chat for a few but turning the cam off

krafteame (6:59:11 PM): I was hoping, I will

helen050959 (6:59:15 PM): ok

Kat Indpls IN (6:59:31 PM): anybody got any questions

Vicki in NH (6:59:51 PM): Kat thank you for all you show us I've learned a lot in just the 2 leasons

meplus5kids (6:59:57 PM): Just a quick one

helen050959 (7:00:01 PM): thanks for the demos Kat

meplus5kids (7:00:11 PM): I keep hearing about using Future floor wax. How?

Kat Indpls IN (7:00:13 PM): ok

krafteame (7:00:16 PM): I need to go cook dinner thank you Kat I am very grateful you taket the time for us. Consider yourself "brainpicked" I have learned alot in two lessons too.

krafteame (7:00:42 PM): what you have showed us is basic but so useful

Vicki in NH (7:01:03 PM): Kat I hav a question about your work space

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:06 PM): future is used as a varnish top coat

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:11 PM): sure vicki

Vicki in NH (7:01:15 PM): are you working on a glass top?

sndit left the room

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:21 PM): plexiglass

meplus5kids (7:01:28 PM): Do you bake it on?

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:31 PM): holds the clay be

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:33 PM): better

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:35 PM): no

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:38 PM): i bake on tiles

Vicki in NH (7:01:42 PM): than glass

Kat Indpls IN (7:01:47 PM): in a convection oven

krafteame (7:01:48 PM): see everyone later. Thankyou Goodnight:-

helen050959 (7:01:52 PM): don't you have problems with the blades cutting into the surface?

krafteame left the room

Vicki in NH (7:01:57 PM): bye have a nice night

connie_flying left the room

Kat Indpls IN (7:02:14 PM): i don't do well with glass Vicki i use to be a custom framer you should see some of my battle scars

Vicki in NH (7:02:28 PM): hey so was I! lol

Kat Indpls IN (7:02:43 PM): gets bad throw out get another sheet, big sheet cut down at lowes for free cost me about 10-11 dollars

helen050959 (7:02:54 PM): oh ok

Vicki in NH (7:02:59 PM): that is better than glass

helen050959 (7:03:05 PM): I use one of those glass cutting boards

Kat Indpls IN (7:03:07 PM): i have like 20 of these sheets

Kat Indpls IN (7:03:22 PM): same as glass as long as glass is thick

Vicki in NH (7:03:36 PM): it'll have to wait till next pay day I used all my money at Michael's this morning

Kat Indpls IN (7:03:43 PM): lol

Vicki in NH (7:04:06 PM): I don't knwo if I work to live or work to craft

Kat Indpls IN (7:04:15 PM): marble is good, glass, plexiglass, you saw the big tile i have i use that at guild meetings

Kat Indpls IN (7:04:30 PM): even sheet metal works

Vicki in NH (7:04:33 PM): I got the big tiles too at Home depot

Kat Indpls IN (7:04:50 PM): one of them fits in the bottom of my roller bag so i can take it along

Vicki in NH (7:04:55 PM): but like the idea of having the graph paper under it for guides

Suzy (7:05:09 PM): I used glass for awhile but my brayer fell over and broke it

Suzy (7:05:10 PM): lol

Kat Indpls IN (7:05:13 PM): oh yeah that helps alot, only glass or plexiglass would work for that

Kat Indpls IN (7:05:23 PM): see what i mean about glass

Vicki in NH (7:05:36 PM): yep

Kat Indpls IN (7:05:44 PM): i have my pm and motor on this sheet of plastic figured it would break the glass easy

Suzy (7:05:53 PM): I use a tile now. I wish I had some plexiglass

Vicki in NH (7:05:53 PM): true

Vicki in NH (7:06:17 PM): my pm is clamped on to a wooden tv tray

Kat Indpls IN (7:06:17 PM): check in the hardware stores and get a sheet for a window and have them cut it down for you

Vicki in NH (7:06:25 PM): thanks I will

Kat Indpls IN (7:06:38 PM): did that till i got the motor dont need a clamp anymore

Kat Indpls IN (7:06:43 PM): except at guild meetings

Vicki in NH (7:07:12 PM): I'd like the motor too but figure by cranking I get some exersize

Kat Indpls IN (7:07:19 PM): some hardware stores if they are local ones and you ask nicely will give you for free the scratched plexiglass

helen050959 (7:07:33 PM): cranking by hand throws my shoulder into an RA flare

Suzy (7:07:40 PM): our hardware stores are least to be desired

Kat Indpls IN (7:07:41 PM): i have arthritis real bad had to get it, was hurting hands and shoulder to much

Vicki in NH (7:07:48 PM): there's a glass place right next door to me I'll have to go ask

Suzy (7:07:52 PM): I waited for half hour for help one day

Kat Indpls IN (7:07:58 PM): i have osto and rhemitoid

helen050959 (7:08:10 PM): I have rheumatoid

helen050959 (7:08:15 PM): about 2 years now

Vicki in NH (7:08:18 PM): I just have the osto but was told to keep things moving

Kat Indpls IN (7:08:21 PM): love my parents genes NOT

Kat Indpls IN (7:08:32 PM): yep more you move the better you are

helen050959 (7:08:45 PM): with ra sometimes the 'moving' throws you into a flare and then you can't move at all

Kat Indpls IN (7:08:48 PM): my dad had his first hip replacement at the age of 46

Vicki in NH (7:09:06 PM): ok I have got to go will last log & send it in

helen050959 (7:09:09 PM): I'm surprised that they didn't tell him he was too young

Suzy (7:09:11 PM): I look at my Mom and go is that what I have to look forward in too LOL

Kat Indpls IN (7:09:14 PM): walking is the best thing for you

Vicki in NH (7:09:15 PM): thank you again kat I do appreciate it



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