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Flowers and Leaves: Demolog 04-03-04: Blue Petal with Inserts -1  

Flower and Leaf Cane 03-09-04

04-03-04: DemoLog, Blue Petal with Inserts - 2

04-04-04: Blue and Pearl Blended Petal with Inserts

Bonny: wb NJ
Bonny: the diehards holding down the fort
noragatine2004: I tell ya
noragatine2004: Yahoo just didn't want me to log on at all
Bonny: yahoo is not being nice
noragatine2004: and I rebooted and got windows protection errors so I
rebooted a couple of times. But that's my computer being wonky.
noragatine2004: I'll post to the list which ID I'm in with.
Bonny: had to replace the memory in mine
Bonny: ok
noragatine2004: Just posted to the list.
noragatine2004: I only have you two and Suzy as logged on. I know
there's tons of folks I don't have on this Friend's list yet.
Bonny: janice said she'd come back when she saw you back on
noragatine2004: it makes my tummy tight when this happens.
Bonny: not your's yahoo...
noragatine2004: I just pinged her and gave her this ID
Bonny: great...she was going to play with clay while she waited
Bonny: only ones on on my list are Penny and proflooney
noragatine2004: Penny's father passed away
noragatine2004: yesterday
Bonny: oh no...that's too bad
noragatine2004: ya, so she wrote to me saying she's keeping a low
profile right now
jlam0401 joined the room
noragatine2004: which is understandable
noragatine2004: okie dokie, with great effort we are here Janice
Bonny: can't blame her there
Bonny: WB Janice
jlam0401: I am here.
noragatine2004: Bonny and Nancy I got cam going
jlam0401: thanks. I am so excited about finally being able to view
noragatine2004: You know you can change the font and color of your
type, it helps to raise the font and give it time so I can read it
Bonny: not sure where Nancy's hiding lol
noragatine2004: It shows she's Idle
noragatine2004: so she's probably AFK
noragatine2004: Let's do a quick flower while we're here and it's
noragatine2004: ok?
Bonny: ok...don't have her on my list
jlam0401: ok
Bonny: ouch that's too bold LOL
noragatine2004: so Janice can know what to do with those canes
jlam0401: better
Bonny: this should be better
jlam0401: What font and size are you using?
Bonny: 15
Bonny: and Book Antiqua
jlam0401: So now I should be fine, right.
Bonny: brb need to see if hubby got the kitchen light working
Bonny: great Janice..that helps
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
noragatine2004: Janice do you have Esther added to your Friend's
list, if so if she is on can you tell her we're here. I don't have
her on this ID's Friend's list
noragatine2004: Howdy Jude, we're doing flowers
jude: Howdy!
jude: Saw!
jude: Those are purdy!
jlam0401: I didn't add her when I was talking with her.
jude: I am back and forth here doing things. Will look in from time
to time.
noragatine2004: There you can see the yellow now
esther_reeves joined the room
noragatine2004: Esther just added me and here she is
noragatine2004: Hey Honey
esther_reeves: hi Bounce night isn't it?
noragatine2004: we got the Booties
noragatine2004: for sure
noragatine2004: this one cane is making these different flowers here
noragatine2004: Janice can you see how one cane can make different
Bonny: that's a duh for me LOL never thought to change the direction
jlam0401: I am absolutely fascinated by all this. Who would believe
that all this can be done. NJ you are great.
noragatine2004: it was worth the effort, yes?
jlam0401: Yes!!
countrylady100ca joined the room
noragatine2004: CountryLady, welcome
noragatine2004: Folks we got a new member
noragatine2004: Let's do a roll call for her
noragatine2004: NoraJean, San Francisco
jlam0401: Hi Countrylady. Janice, Monticello, GA
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to countrylady100ca
(4/3/04 11:58 AM)
esther_reeves: Esther,Coventry, England
countrylady100ca: Hi Countrylady100ca (ca =canada) THank you for
welcome me. Alberta, Canada
noragatine2004: Sonya, where are you from? I just sent you an invite
to see my cam, you're not on the cam list yet.
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
countrylady100ca: I just join in today.
noragatine2004: Folk, walk her through getting the cam open and
adding this room as a favorite room please. I'm cutting more petals.
esther_reeves: Ok can you see the Tv my NJ's name?
noragatine2004: Sonya, it's is Sonya correct?
countrylady100ca: Yes that s correct... Nora
noragatine2004: we want you to be able to see what's going on, so do
you see the TV Icon by my name? On the roster for those in this chat
countrylady100ca: Yes I can see TV Icon by your name... It came first
than chat later.
noragatine2004: Ok, now if you're on a PC right click on my name and
choose View Webcam
noragatine2004: Not your webcam honey
countrylady100ca: Sorry
noragatine2004: to view my webcam, you right click on my name in the
roster and choose View Webcam
noragatine2004: give that an effort
countrylady100ca: got it
countrylady100ca: Thanks Nora
noragatine2004: ok, you got the Thumbs UP
countrylady100ca: Yes and see flowers
noragatine2004: now got to FILE/ FAVORITE ROOMS/ADD to add this room
as one of your favorite rooms, that way you can get in quickly.
noragatine2004: This one cane made all these different flowers
countrylady100ca: I just wondering what brand polymer clay are you
nancy: do you have a tutorial on that cane?
jlam0401: I use mostly Premo, but some Sculptey III.
nancy: i was in the kitchen fixing lunch
noragatine2004: I use Premo because we get a discount
noragatine2004: if you're a member on this
list you get a discount for Premo, it's soft to work with and strong
and the colors are good
jlam0401: NJ, these flowers are amazing. I cannot believe that I am
going to be able to do so much with the canes I got from you.
noragatine2004: Each cane can be made into a couple of different
jlam0401: Then when you add different leaves that can also make them
look different.
noragatine2004: the technique for this flower is easy, a blend from
one color to another, reduce to a plug. Slice into the plug and add
stripes with sheets of clay.
noragatine2004: Yes, exactly
nancy: okay thanks...
noragatine2004: mix and match and you have a lot of different flower,
more than the amount of canes you are working with
countrylady100ca: I buy fimo, Premo from Micheals Right now it is
price $1.something for next week.
greatauntjudy left the room
countrylady100ca: Did I miss beginning flower cane tutorial?? It is
very warm colorul Skinner Blend with Yellow and orange??
noragatine2004: They were made a bit ago, I did a marathon flower and
leaf demo, I'll get the link for the canes made

countrylady100ca: Nora Don't stop.. I am hoping others can answer if
they can. I love watching your webcam
noragatine2004: LOL, that's ok
noragatine2004: Oh folks I changed my home page and put up all the links to the new work
countrylady100ca: Ladies, How you do with cane. Like put new cane in
fridge to prevent smuge ?? I am very much new with canes
jlam0401: I usually just let them rest awhile then they are much
easier to cut.
Bonny: got the bottom made for my box now working on the lid
lvmypolymerclay joined the room
noragatine2004: So that one cane made these different flowers
noragatine2004: Let's do a roll call again, since we have folks
coming in.
Bonny: very pretty NJ
countrylady100ca: Mostly I working on hands (American Sign Languages)
that Flower would be perfect for grow flower with "Grow" Sign
Language hands. Let you know I am deaf but can read lip and speak
english Yeah Different flowers.
noragatine2004: NoraJean, San Francisco
nancy: Nancy NW Oregon
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
jlam0401: Janice, Monticello Georgia
lvmypolymerclay: Lynn, Virginia outsdie of DC
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FLorida
esther_reeves: Esther,Coventry, England
noragatine2004: Gosh, Sonya, then this sort of lessons are great for
noragatine2004: with text and pictures
noragatine2004: so who wants to see this cane made?
lvmypolymerclay: me
jlam0401: Sorry everyone, I was playing with my emoticons
countrylady100ca: Yup.. Smack on webcam First time with yahoo.
noragatine2004: pick out your colors ladies
lvmypolymerclay: I like blue
Bonny: me too Lynn
jlam0401: The grandbaby has goteen up from his nap. I have gotta go.
See you again real soon.
noragatine2004: ok Janice, we done good today
Bonny: bye Janice...nice meeting you tc
lvmypolymerclay: Bye Janice
jlam0401: You betcha. Thanks for everyone's help.
jlam0401 left the room
Bonny: have more blue and purple canes then any other lol
noragatine2004: so a blue flower, we'll blend it with pearl and have
dark blue stripes?
lvmypolymerclay: sounds good to me
lvmypolymerclay: I have 2 canes...that's it
noragatine2004: LOL
countrylady100ca: Why not...
noragatine2004: ok, so I need to get some coffee and Let's take a
break for a couple of minutes
noragatine2004: and then we'll do the blue and pearl flower cane
noragatine2004: it'll give you time to condition your clay and clay
along with me if you want
countrylady100ca: Okay,, start herb tea. Let four kids watch tv to
keep them busy
noragatine2004: brb
Bonny: sounds great...waiting for hubby to bring me a hot dog with
kraut lol
lvmypolymerclay: bummer my clay is no where near here
Bonny: do you have a small table you can bring near your computer?
countrylady100ca: I just watch and fill my memory file Wink
Bonny: lol ok
Bonny: brb dang cough
lvmypolymerclay: not really. All my clay is in the basement...2
floors down. My computer area isn't good for doing much but working
on the computer
countrylady100ca: Do not want miss anything. I just wondering if I
can save webcam video in my pc??
Bonny: there is a way but I've never done it..NJ can tell you how to
do captures when she gets back
noragatine2004: back
countrylady100ca: I looked in Help No luck... Will sent tech to get
another idea to save webcam video.
noragatine2004: rats, the door
countrylady100ca: Maybe a milkman wink
countrylady100ca: Polymerfairy Are you making fairy??
countrylady100ca: No better polymer clay supplies guy at her door
with full new polymer clay lottery. Sorry I am be silly
Bonny: I used to but they've lost they're wings now...just little
nancy: countrylady i love your sense of hummer
nancy: milkman..thats a good one
Bonny: if it rang twice it must be the postman hehe
esther_reeves: just put up a couple of pics of beads me and my young
friend made
lvmypolymerclay: ughhh
lvmypolymerclay: lol
esther_reeves left the room
Bonny: don't blame me...I get it from my hubby LOL
lvmypolymerclay: you have one of those types of hubbies too huh
Bonny: yep lol
countrylady100ca: awwww.. I am sure you doing great. My three years
old daugher and four years old niece would love have fairies as they
love dance like fairies. One day I hope I will make children fairies
and mermaid.
noragatine2004: back again, that was Hilda, we're working out giving
my hours to our neighbor, Jolie, sorry
Bonny: I love the swirl pattern...very nice
countrylady100ca: welcome back Nora
lvmypolymerclay: I applaud you NJ for helping the neighbors. I have
taken care of elderly (both my parents) and it is work. We actually
had a friend that helped too....her name is Hilda
noragatine2004: Ok, I'm going to get the link for capturing screen
shots, Sonya
Bonny: brb going to put coffee on
noragatine2004: oh it's the joyful burden, like babies
lvmypolymerclay: never had a baby but could imagine
lvmypolymerclay: except parents talk back and can still tell you what
to do
noragatine2004: LOL
noragatine2004: Neighbors too
lvmypolymerclay: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: actually Hilda made a monk for my parents and I just
figured out months ago it's PC...I should try to take a pic of's great
noragatine2004: Lynn are you a member of MSATClayPictures?
noragatine2004: send the monk through that list so we can see
lvmypolymerclay: yes but I haven't figured it out yet
countrylady100ca: Cool. thanks Norna.. Yes that is true
noragatine2004: Just attach a jpg to an email and send it through
lvmypolymerclay: let me see if my digital can take a good pic....brb
countrylady100ca: Flowers gone.. Get Ready... Yahoooo My first webcam
cane tutorial Excuse me ladies
countrylady100ca: Nora Can you move on Much better Yes
noragatine2004: basic trick to blending clay
noragatine2004: is to make sure that one color is at one end
noragatine2004: and the other color is at the other end
noragatine2004: some folks get anal
noragatine2004: have to use exact triangles
noragatine2004: relax
noragatine2004: exact is over rated
noragatine2004: this is an Easy Breezy Blend
noragatine2004: I'm going to unfold it here and twist it like a wet
wash cloth
noragatine2004: then press
noragatine2004: then roll and wring again
noragatine2004: and press again
noragatine2004: we can get a blend in 6 passes this way
noragatine2004: instead of doing 24 passes through the pasta press
just folding it in half, as with the Skinner Blend
noragatine2004: if you get bubbles just pop them
lvmypolymerclay: darn my tax lady called right at the start..
beddie0510 joined the room
countrylady100ca: Shoot You miss at start.. It is kewl.. I ingore
phone call It is must to watch.. Good thing for ID caller.
kmrhodes joined the room
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada (Deaf)
kmrhodes: Yoo Hoooo
noragatine2004: Howdy Karen
nancy: hi karen!!
kmrhodes: Hey Kiddo
kmrhodes: Hey Nancy
Bonny: hiding under desk...hehe
kmrhodes: NJ, you got another name again
kmrhodes: Bonny!
Bonny: Hi Karen
kmrhodes: Hey all
noragatine2004: No cam yet Karen?
kmrhodes: didn't know what name you were under
noragatine2004: I had to get another ID because Yahoo wasn't letting
me in with THREE others!
noragatine2004: I posted to the list
kmrhodes: got it now'
kmrhodes: Bonny how was the trip
kmrhodes: and your daughter
Bonny: great lol you didn't see my post?
Bonny: the visit with my daughter was fantastic...she begged me to
stay an extra day
noragatine2004: That's the blend with just three passes so far
kmrhodes: Well.... ummmm.... I must have missed it

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