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Flower and Leaf Cane 03-09-04

Flowers and Leaves: Demolog 04-03-04: Blue Petal with Inserts -2

04-03-04: DemoLog, Blue Petal with Inserts - 1

04-04-04: Blue and Pearl Blended Petal with Inserts

kmrhodes: Well.... ummmm.... I must have missed it
countrylady100ca: Nice Color
kmrhodes: Ah Wonderful
Bonny: let me get the #..
noragatine2004: Oh tell her about the Roasted Rodent,
kmrhodes: Roast Rodent??????
noragatine2004: sorry I didn't reply but it cracked me
nancy: giggle
noragatine2004: he he he
kmrhodes: do I want to know?
kmrhodes: Bonny, what about the roasted rodent
Bonny: LOL my mothers stove caught fire
kmrhodes: and
countrylady100ca: The mouse inside ewwwwwwwwww
countrylady100ca: is it
kmrhodes: oh no
Bonny: well she never uses it and I fixed broiled
steaks...there was smoke coming out from under the
Bonny: finally called 911
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: they took the back off and there were 2 mice
biting into the wires...they were toasty
kmrhodes: ROFL
Bonny: there was also a nest of peanuts in the
insulation under the burners
countrylady100ca: ROFL twice
kmrhodes: so you had roasted peanuts too
Bonny: needless to say..she has no's in the
garage in pieces now
nancy: laugh
kmrhodes: to go with the meat
noragatine2004: That was very BAD Karen
Bonny: ROFL...yuck
kmrhodes: LOL
noragatine2004: Oh my error,
noragatine2004: I didn't see the peanut comment by
Bonny and I thought you were making a Prierrie Oyster
noragatine2004: yuk
Bonny: wonder if twice roasted peanuts is like twice
baked potatos lol
countrylady100ca: ewwwww
noragatine2004: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp
kmrhodes: Yuck, yuck, yuck
noragatine2004: Now to save the chat log, for those
who are new, right click on the chat and "select all"
and then copy, then paste the copy into an email to
yourself. That's what I do
Bonny: she lives in a very small town and we had all
20 firemen at the house..10 inside and 10 out
noragatine2004: that's what I'm going to do right now
Bonny: plus they put the mice on top of the stove and
took pictures of them LOL
nancy: sounds like out here...small town..
kmrhodes: They never saw roasted rodents before?
Bonny: there is one blinking traffic light
kmrhodes: My kind of town
nancy: i got you beat then..i light on the "main
Bonny: LOL was because they had never seen
something like that happen before...had to have pics
to prove it
countrylady100ca: I bet they would have good laugh and
post on wall
kmrhodes: Bet it will be the talk of the town for
Bonny: I'm sure it will be...and the phone was ringing
off the hook with neighbors wanting to know what was
going on LOL
kmrhodes: a "remember when we went to that call and
those rats were in the oven" type of thing
Bonny: yep lol
kmrhodes: Hey, you gave them a story they will never
kmrhodes: good for you
Bonny: told mom that when she gets a new stove she
better beat on it every time she walks by
kmrhodes: ROFL
kmrhodes: or use it once and awhile
countrylady100ca: I probaby won't tell my mother and
grandmother who hate mice but often asked me to pick
deaf trapped mouse once a while. They are living in
countrylady100ca: Deaf i Mean dead geeee
Bonny: oh she used it...well..1 1/2 months ago ROFL
kmrhodes: Don't like mice at all
kmrhodes: But can't stand to see the cats playing with
one either
countrylady100ca: It is very good laugh funny story
countrylady100ca: Thank you Bonny to share with us
Bonny: had one swimming in the toilet one day..picked
it up with tongs and tossed it out the window
kmrhodes: Tongs!
Bonny: you're very welcome
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: he was doing the back stroke
kmrhodes: I'm rolling here
noragatine2004: I was helping this Muslim Brother with
setting up an apartment
countrylady100ca: never thought about tongs. Better
buy them for my mother and grandma as joke gift wink
noragatine2004: I found a live mouse in the kitchen
sink and caught it in the wash cloth
Bonny: LOL
noragatine2004: it was all wiggling inside this rag
noragatine2004: I went to my friend, who was putting
up curtains on a ladder
kmrhodes: wonder it didn't bite you NJ
nancy: oh that would be so could fix up a
box and label it...laugh
noragatine2004: and asked him "What do you want to do
with this?"
noragatine2004: He almost fell off the ladder
noragatine2004: YIKES
Bonny: LOL NJ
noragatine2004: he was scared wittless
nancy: LAUGH...GOOD ONE NJ..
Bonny: poor mouse
noragatine2004: So I took the mouse and tossed it in
the toilet but it wouldn't flush down
kmrhodes: oewwwww
noragatine2004: so I filled a bucket with water to
give it a push
noragatine2004: my friend was about to weep
countrylady100ca: Oh My
kmrhodes: I would have been
noragatine2004: I said, you don't need a live mouse in
a ghetto apartment
noragatine2004: we have enough
noragatine2004: my boys were little then
kmrhodes: let is go outside
noragatine2004: and were non plused
kmrhodes: Donna would have taken it to the park and
set it free
noragatine2004: it would run back in or go to a
neighbor's home, the rats in the park would have eaten
kmrhodes: or told me to do it
noragatine2004: LOL
noragatine2004: in the ghetto all animals are vermin,
mice, rats, pigeons, black birds and sea gulls
noragatine2004: pooping on everything, yuk
countrylady100ca: ewwwww
kmrhodes: when ya gotta go, you gotta go
kmrhodes: look out belown
noragatine2004: Ok I'm going to cut this plug in half
noragatine2004: put white stripes in the blue on one
Bonny: Karen...CT weather snowed on me 3 times!!!! bad
nancy: like seagulls at the beach
noragatine2004: and blue stripes in the white area on
the other side
est_ployclay joined the room
kmrhodes: You had fun in the snow then Bonny
est_ployclay: Had to start new id to be allowed back
Bonny: oh sure lol was driving in a white-out of snow
and sleet to get to my kids that live 2 hrs away
kmrhodes: Slipping and sliding
noragatine2004: Let's do a roll call since we have new
folks here, First name and Location Please
noragatine2004: NoraJean, San Francisco
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysbug
est_ployclay: Esther,Coventry,England
Bonny: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
beddie0510: Bettina, Germany
nancy: Nancy NW Oregon
beddie0510: Hi all
Bonny: I did ok...haven't driven in snow for over 6
years..only slid once
Bonny: Hi Bettina
kmrhodes: a natural, then
Bonny: lol just drove very very slow
kmrhodes: like 15 mph
Bonny: nah...20 lol
noragatine2004: pinch the inner end of the stripe so
it is tapered and not block ended
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: you speed demon
Bonny: lol
beddie0510: I'm so happy that spring has finally
arrived in Germany
kmrhodes: flowers Bettina
beddie0510: a little too cold for the season but
mostly sunny
kmrhodes: We just had a tease. several days of over 50
beddie0510: and flowers, yes...the yellow ones - don't
know the name in english
kmrhodes: then it got cold again and rainy
Bonny: wish I could remember how to spell the name of
the town I lived in while my ex was stationed in
kmrhodes: Daffadils
beddie0510: probably
beddie0510: bonny: kaiserslautern?
Bonny: no...Ashcenburg...not spelled right tho
beddie0510: aschenburg?
Bonny: something like that...42 km southeast form
beddie0510: aschaffenburg?
Bonny: that's it lol
beddie0510: it's not far from here
Bonny: I lived on bachgatten St
Bonny: brook garden street in english
kmrhodes: brb, strange noises coming from outside the
beddie0510: but in germany nothing is very is
in the US
Bonny: thing I learned while there...don't
try and go around the can get lost lol
beddie0510: lol
beddie0510: nice leaves nora
countrylady100ca: Mice?? Kmrhodes??
beddie0510: or is it leafs?
Bonny: LOL
countrylady100ca: petals??
lvmypolymerclay: question.....I have a pic to send to
MSATClayPictures but it's that to big to
Bonny:'s ready
beddie0510: hmmm coffee....too late - soon going to
countrylady100ca: Nice pearl blue flower
lvmypolymerclay: Love the colors
beddie0510: ok, i will leave you now...cya soon,
countrylady100ca: Good night Beddie
noragatine2004: Nighty Nighty Beddie,
noragatine2004: going to save log, if you have
questions ask them now please
est_ployclay: How much clay do you use in a cane
kmrhodes: back
noragatine2004: I think this amount here is a good
size for most clayers. I make monster canes
kmrhodes: neighbor is loading firewood into a wheel
barrown and tossing it down his cellar steps
lvmypolymerclay: tried to send picture of the monk,
but I got something saying I don't have an acct??????
noragatine2004: because I'm teaching
countrylady100ca: All I say WOW as newie.. Will start
to make new cane today.
noragatine2004: you have to be subscribed to the list
and email with the address you subscribed with
nancy: laugh...that would make a racket karen
kmrhodes: Heck of a racket
CITY-o-ClayPictures (Closed Down)
lvmypolymerclay: I can access the pics there...I'm to
kmrhodes: I thought the neighbor was being bombed by
pigeons or something
noragatine2004: now if your blend doesn't have enough
on one side then we can add some more after the fact
nancy: thanks NJ...i have learn alot on this one...i
got to go..will be back later
kmrhodes: Bye nancy
Bonny: bye
nancy: nice to see everyone and nice to meet all the
new folks from far and wide..this is an awesome
Bonny: will be calling you monday with an order, Karen
techi_mom56 left the room
kmrhodes: Cool
kmrhodes: I'll be here
countrylady100ca: See around Nancy
kmrhodes: Love orders from you Bonny
kmrhodes: LOL
Bonny: I'm almost out of yellow
kmrhodes: which one
kmrhodes: zinc or cadium
Bonny: cadium
kmrhodes: got it
Bonny: ok about black and bleached trans?
kmrhodes: yep, got those
est_ployclay: can I put clay straight on a cardboard
box or do i need to prime it somehow?
Bonny: oh will have to see what else I
need...don't need blue that's for sure LOL
kmrhodes: put glue on box first
est_ployclay: what sort?
kmrhodes: I always put a layer of white glue on my
Bonny: any white glue will work
est_ployclay: Ok great
kmrhodes: you can use elmers, or wood glue or any
white glue
kmrhodes: I like to use Titebond
kmrhodes: its a wood glue
kmrhodes: No Blue, Bonny????? Imagine that
Bonny: yea...seems I got lots of it for some reason
kmrhodes: LOL
est_ployclay: I'll look in the stash
Bonny: have 1 block I haven't even touched yet
countrylady100ca: Karen are you owner of express
somethings Sorry
kmrhodes: Owner of The Clay Alley
Bonny: still waiting to hear from my daughter to see
if she passed her test last night
kmrhodes: what test was that
Bonny: 2nd dan black belt test
kmrhodes: ah
countrylady100ca: Right I think I purchased
nailfingers from Clay Alley. Not sure
kmrhodes: fingernail tools
kmrhodes: yep, got those
countrylady100ca: Ooops Sorry Karen I am using them a
Bonny: she is a hot ticket...she's only 13 and an
insistant instructor and tourney judge too
kmrhodes: You like thtm
kmrhodes: them
countrylady100ca: Sign Language Hands A lot of them
kmrhodes: Good
Bonny: asst duh lol
kmrhodes: LOL Bonny
countrylady100ca: Thanks Karen and Nice meet you
kmrhodes: Nice to meet you Hon
Bonny: but then she can be insistant on some things
kmrhodes: Like her mom
Bonny: who me???
kmrhodes: ah, yeah
Bonny: I need a nap
kmrhodes: me too
kmrhodes: pets had me up early today
Bonny: have a bad cold and cough was keeping me up
kmrhodes: take Nyquil
Bonny: I did...helped a little
kmrhodes: that will put you out
countrylady100ca left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Bonny: so will a bonk on the head LOL
kmrhodes: that works too
kmrhodes left the room
countrylady100ca: Wow shut chat down... wondering why
that happening
Bonny: oops we lost Karen now...
countrylady100ca: Noooo Karen bye bye
Bonny: must have been something I said LOL
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: darn Yahoo
kmrhodes: hello
Bonny: drats..forgot to lock the
Bonny: wb Karen
countrylady100ca: She is back LOL
countrylady100ca: What happening Karen. Yahooo???
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: You are so funny tonight Bonny
kmrhodes: NOT
Bonny: hehe
kmrhodes: Yahoo disconnected me
countrylady100ca: Does it happening somtime.. I am new
at chatroom
Bonny: and here I thought it was something I said
kmrhodes: why do you all have red things at your chat
smiley faces
Bonny: yahoo can be a pain sometimes
kmrhodes: for srue
kmrhodes: sure
countrylady100ca: Kewl NJ
Bonny: no red thingys here
kmrhodes: Nice NJ
kmrhodes: and yes, bonny, you have a red thingee
Bonny: very pretty NJ
lvmypolymerclay: I love that
Bonny: you do?? ROFL
noragatine2004: ok, I saved log so I can read later
what you all are chatting about
kmrhodes: Bonny is picking on me NJ
countrylady100ca: Nora I want to say thank you for let
me join your group and this. It is much easy to learn
on webcam plus tips and tech. Smile
countrylady100ca: LOL
noragatine2004: I'm glad you're happy honey
kmrhodes: NJ's the bestest
noragatine2004: I was going to say that both of those
canes took around a half an hour
noragatine2004: so you don't have to be shy about
making canes, just make sure the clay is warm and
condtioned enough
Bonny: love the color NJ
lvmypolymerclay: for me it would 2 hours
countrylady100ca: Yeah She is master Bow to her...
kmrhodes: I hit my head on the keyboard
noragatine2004: No no, First Commandment Beef
noragatine2004: eeek
countrylady100ca: Ouch Karen.. Get ice pack for you
Here girl..
Bonny: LOL ouch silly
kmrhodes: thanks
noragatine2004: There are those who do better canes,
but they don't do demos
kmrhodes: I was bowing to NJ
noragatine2004: also the price is right for demos
here, it's free
noragatine2004: LOL
noragatine2004: any questions in general about raising
Bonny: been practice teaching with Bobbi...she's my
guine pig lol
kmrhodes: taught her all she knows , you know
noragatine2004: sure did, Karen's my mentor
kmrhodes: LOL
noragatine2004: LOL
Bonny: about how to make mud? ducking)
kmrhodes: course my canes are mud
kmrhodes: gonna hit you Bonny
Bonny: that's why I ducked...hehe
kmrhodes: throw some mud at you
noragatine2004: Hey mud's a start. What makes mud?
noragatine2004: mixing too much
lvmypolymerclay: I give up
Bonny: LOL...yucky
countrylady100ca: My mind is full of webcam Tutorial
Once I will working on new cane and will ask you few
questions to make sure
noragatine2004: okie dokie, when ever you have a
question post it to the list
kmrhodes: see, I start small so I don't have to reduce
kmrhodes: then it turns to mud
noragatine2004: silly goose girl
countrylady100ca: Ok master
noragatine2004: start larger and reduce the cane by
pulling it
kmrhodes: hate wasting clay
kmrhodes: just hate doing that
noragatine2004: with all the clay you have around you
that's the silliest thing I ever read
lvmypolymerclay: what do you do when the ends cave in
kmrhodes: ROFL
Bonny: ===zipping lip...I'll behave
kmrhodes: rolling on floor here
noragatine2004: Oh I got a great thing for caved in
ends, close them to a cone and slice and see the
design cave in. I have a link
lvmypolymerclay: the queen of links : )
countrylady100ca: you got me in hook now where link
kmrhodes: If I use up all the clay, I won't have
anything to sell, NJ
kmrhodes: maybe lots of mud pies, though
countrylady100ca: Are you making clay mountian if you
use all clay
noragatine2004: now I don't have that link connected
to a page yet, since it is a draft. Let me get it. brb
Bonny: so then you can sell mud pies hehe
kmrhodes: ah yes, a mountain and then some
lvmypolymerclay: I'm still frustrated cause I can't
send my pic.
noragatine2004: there it is a complex cane that caved
countrylady100ca: here is herb tea to calm your
frustrated.. HELP HER
kmrhodes: I don't know how to send pics except to my
website Hon or I would help you
noragatine2004: I closed the caved in part and rolled
it to a cone and sliced
noragatine2004: each slice had less of the design, so
two flowers of dozen petals each turned into one
flower with a few petals towards the end of the cone
Bonny: that's neat NJ..gonna add that one to my NJ
folder lol
beddie0510 left the room
lvmypolymerclay: so those flowers are a collapsed cane
noragatine2004: down the page on the quarter jar
ramble is a squinting skull
noragatine2004: that was from the caved in end of a
skull cane, it came out sort of cute
kmrhodes: well girls, gotta go get dinner started.
Donna will be home in 15 mintuest
kmrhodes: be back later, I hope
countrylady100ca: wow a lot of link and wow do not
know what to say..
noragatine2004: the further you slice down the cone of
a closed up caved in cane end the less of the design
is present, so those one flower slices with a few
petals were the bigger flowers with dozens of petals
est_ployclay: going to have to go getting late
Bonny: ok Karen...good to see you hon,,talk to you on
kmrhodes: okay Bonny
noragatine2004: Ok, see you Karen, I'll email you my
kmrhodes: Sounds cool NJ
kmrhodes: later gators
lvmypolymerclay: well they turned out cave
in looks like a cave in
est_ployclay: see you all another day
countrylady100ca: Will check on your alley clay later
lvmypolymerclay: a blurr of yuck
est_ployclay left the room
noragatine2004: For the new projects from August 2003
to the present see my Com site, and for the tutorials from
July 2003 to Sept. 1999 go to the tute list.
lvmypolymerclay: so can I ask a mail question? I have
the MSATClaypictures as one of my groups...I can look
at everyones work and read posts, but when I tried to
send an email twice it gave me the demon failure
Bonny: bbl everyone..going to take a nap eyes are
getting heavy..will see you later if you're on
noragatine2004: See you Bonny, have a nice nap
countrylady100ca: Thanks NJ I put link in my favorvite
lvmypolymerclay: Bye Bonny
Bonny: ty byeeeee
polymerfairy left the room
noragatine2004: That's odd, what email program did you
use to send the picture?
lvmypolymerclay: yahoo
lvmypolymerclay: should I try my aol acct?
noragatine2004: so you attached the jpg to a yahoo
lvmypolymerclay: yes
noragatine2004: and addressd it to
lvmypolymerclay: let me check
lvmypolymerclay: it didn't have the word groups in
lvmypolymerclay: and it addressed itself
noragatine2004: if you email from AOL that AOL email
address has to be subscribed to the pictures list for
it to be accepted.
lvmypolymerclay: oh
noragatine2004: the address has to match what you
subscribed with, you see.
lvmypolymerclay: gotcha
countrylady100ca: Thank you all.. I better go.. I will
check email from MSSatclay group everyday and keep eye
on next webcam tutorial
noragatine2004: are you sending the email with the
address you subscribed with?
lvmypolymerclay: yes
noragatine2004: Okie Dokie, good to have you here the
first time.
noragatine2004: hmmm, let me check your settings, brb
noragatine2004: that's what you subscribed with, let
me check something else
lvmypolymerclay: that would be me
countrylady100ca: Bye Wave Bye
lvmypolymerclay: bye country
countrylady100ca left the room
noragatine2004: This individual is a Member of this
group. Members are basic participants in the group.
They can post and receive messages and access web
features made available to them.
noragatine2004: There's a couple of steps to attach a
jpg to a Yahoo email account, they scan it and then
when it is scanned for viruses they say you can attach
it and you click DONE
lvmypolymerclay: I did that
noragatine2004: all that was done when you made effort
to attach a jpg to the email?
lvmypolymerclay: yes
noragatine2004:, send me the
picture, see if you can attach it to an email to me.
If I get it I'll forward it to the pictures list.
noragatine2004: a test of sorts
lvmypolymerclay:'s a large file, is that
cool...about 1600K
noragatine2004: oh you'll have to make it smaller
noragatine2004: like 500 K that's why Yahoo probably
didn't send it, it might be too big
lvmypolymerclay: I cropped it down, but can't get it
much smaller then that
noragatine2004: do you have PhotoShop or some graphics
program where you can adjust the size of the picture?
noragatine2004: there's a command, how many pixels per
inch, 72 is the setting for web viewing
lvmypolymerclay: well the email from yahoo said I
didn't have an acct......probably, but I just got this
computer and I haven't played with that stuff yet
noragatine2004: you probably have the pixel setting on
something like 150 or 300 and that's why you can't
crop it more, got to change the pixel setting
lvmypolymerclay: let me see what this baby has
noragatine2004: I'll check the list and be right back
noragatine2004: back
noragatine2004: I sent an email to myself and got a
failure notice
noragatine2004: it might not be you but Yahoo
lvmypolymerclay: it sends the thing but then gives me
that message...hmmmm
noragatine2004: how large was the jpg?
noragatine2004: look at the paper clip on paper icon
above, it says send file, wanna try that?
noragatine2004: try to send it to me through that
lvmypolymerclay: 1600K or so
noragatine2004: you need to change the pixel size
noragatine2004: that's the issue I'm sure of it
lvmypolymerclay: I'm trying to find that now, but I
may need to do this later. I have to go to work in a
few and make a ducky cake LOL'
noragatine2004: do you have any graphics program,
PaintShop, or PhotoShop or something like that?
noragatine2004: make a ducky cake for real?
noragatine2004: An Easter Duck?
noragatine2004: as opposed to a Peep?
lvmypolymerclay: if I do I haven't them yet
noragatine2004: ok, you get ready to go to work. I'll
take a break since folks are busy and I've been at
this for 5 hours today already.
lvmypolymerclay: Not sure what the cake order is....I
was told a lil duck for a kids birhtday
noragatine2004: I got to get some food scared up for
me and my hubs.
lvmypolymerclay: when I get home can I try to send it
to your email
noragatine2004: he's eating potato chips for breakfast
and that's making me crazy
lvmypolymerclay: LOL
noragatine2004: cool, that's a plan
lvmypolymerclay: thanks : )
noragatine2004: send it through your AOL account
lvmypolymerclay: will's the same name as here
noragatine2004: oh great, then I will know it is not
lvmypolymerclay: sounds like a plan...thanks again
noragatine2004: I'll crop it and then you look for a
graphics program and we'll figure out how you can do
it for yourself
noragatine2004: no problem, that's my gig here
noragatine2004: that's what I do
lvmypolymerclay: I appreciate it
noragatine2004: The duck cake, we should do some mini
noragatine2004: since you're good at cakes already
noragatine2004: make pins to sell to your co workers
noragatine2004: that would be totally cool, that's
plan number 2
lvmypolymerclay: I do flowers and other lil things
noragatine2004: oh let me show you something
lvmypolymerclay: my husband and I decorate's his part time job...I can only do a
lil cause of Carpal
noragatine2004: I did heart shaped cakes for
Valentines day
noragatine2004: well I'm going to get something to eat
before I get low blood sugar.
lvmypolymerclay: those are to cute....time to do some
with easter eggs
noragatine2004: looking at these mini cakes... oh did
you see Feb's baked goods
lvmypolymerclay: no I didn't....haven't cruzed all the
pics yet
noragatine2004: did everything from donuts to fruit
lvmypolymerclay: you should make choc chip cookie
message cookies...those real large cookies you can get
in stores...
noragatine2004: we focused on mini bakery things
noragatine2004: This one
noragatine2004: uses liquid clay for sauces and
whipped cream
noragatine2004: so banana splits are doable
lvmypolymerclay: those are awesome
noragatine2004: cookies are there but the glaze on the
twisted donut is just too fun
lvmypolymerclay: have you tried ice cream cakes
noragatine2004: not yet
noragatine2004: it's a good idea though
lvmypolymerclay: different flavored layers and a
decorated top
noragatine2004: the TLS as frosting is the greatest
thing since real sliced bread
noragatine2004: now I'm really hungry, my mini food
makes me hungry
lvmypolymerclay: I am such a novice
noragatine2004: so I'm going to toddle off and you
check out the mini foods section
lvmypolymerclay: makin me hungry too and I'm on a diet
noragatine2004: see what's been done
lvmypolymerclay: thanks...will send the pic later also
noragatine2004: hey mini food is zero carbs, zero
noragatine2004: he he he
lvmypolymerclay: true lol
noragatine2004: ok, have a Ducky Time at work
lvmypolymerclay: bad
noragatine2004: I couldn't resist that
lvmypolymerclay: thanks
lvmypolymerclay: lol
noragatine2004: LOL
noragatine2004: xoxo
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