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UPDATE: 11-19-06: This section got too big and has been sorted into three sections. All the flower and leaf sections with links to the old "Biz" site are still being edited.

This page only has links to sections that show both flowers and leaves.

The Flower Index has links to flowers only.

The Leaf Index has links to leaves only.

Old Tutes for Flowers and Leaves Made prior to August 2003.

Flowers and Leaves: After August 2003 to 2006.
04-23-05 Strawberry plant

Study of the real strawberry plant

Flower and Leaf Review

From the 2005 Holiday Demo

Links to tutorials on how to make these flower petals and leaves.

03-09-04 Demo had a review of both flowers and leaves. The canes were used for 3D flowers and leaves as well as elements for canes that had both petals and leaves. Those canes with both flower and leaves were used as clay "fabric" on sculptures. Follow the flower and leaf canes of this one demo and see how many ways you can use them.
29 Cane Samples

This is an overview of the flower and leaf canes and the samples made on 03-09-04. 


The 17 Flower Canes made 03-10-04.

03-09-04-1, Start of the Flower Cane DemoLog. 

03-09-04-2: Continuation of Flower Cane DemoLog.


The 10 Leaf Canes made 03-10-04.

2004-Sleeping Lady PenPal used the flowers and leaves made during the 03-09-04 demo.

04-15-04: Bed O Flowers with Leaves. 12 pictures. Adding slices of leaf cane from the 03-09-04 flower and leaf demo and putting them in the gaps, anchoring down the flowers. The First Cure, close ups, and comment. 

The flowers and leaf canes made during the 03-09-04 demo were used as elements in the Orchid Canes. 
04-09-04: Taking the canes made on 03-09-04, adding them together to make the first Orchid Canes. 


Orchid Drape PenPal Index: The use of the orchid cane for clay "fabric" on an upscale PenPal.

Josana: Another orchid cane used for clay "fabric" on a less well off sculpture, "Josana"
Other examples of the use of both flowers and leaves together.
10-13-04 Flower Jar Index: Lavender, crimson, pearl. 

12-24-03: Christmas Eve and What Got Done Put your flowers and leaves on pins and pendants. 

FIJI Index

different cane examples, DemoLogs and screen shots. 

August 2003

Lei Index, Step by Step tutorial on making Lei flowers 

Lei Pendants Done
Fiji Inspired Flower and Leaf Pendants

Wisteria Index

Wisteria Beads-01-Thms

Wisteria Lei with Leaves

Check out more flower and leaf combinations in the Biz-Archive Flower and Leaf section.  The first "Quarter Jar" is an example of what you'll find.

Autumn Leaf Group: Canes for Autumn leaves, put them on a jar, stick on a face mold, the whole deal. 7 Leaf Samples that went into making the leaves for the Autumn Leaf Jar.
The First "Quarter Jar"


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

The official Clay vendor for



ComboTutes: New and old stuff

 First Three Years - Biz-Archive

NJ Archive 1997-1999