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New To Me Clay Tricks 

Inro of Gold and Brown: This is an effort in learning how to do the stacking sections and have designs on the inside.

This is not an Inro in the traditional sense. Inros are smaller, more delicate, more oval, and hang from a cord off of the belt of a kimono.

Earlier Inro, the first experiments. DemoLogs, Screen Shots, and Raising Cane. All in the Japan Index

05-28-09: Review of Inro Experiments

Flowers and Leaves

Sheets Group


Gold and Brown Inro Finish Index

09-28-06 - The finish on the inside.

2/1/2004 Inro cover  Sharon/Shargoose shot during yesterday's Demo on putting the foil barriers on the inside tube and covering it all with a raw second sheet.

This has been cured 5 times to get it to this rough place. 1, 2, 3, 4,

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