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Masks: 10-22-04, Halloween always makes me think of masks. To build a mask the Easy Breezy Way is by using a form made with aluminum foil and polymer clay. Below are the links for doing just that.

Full Face Group 12/09/2001

 You can make a skull mold and build any number of different faces on it, just like in real life. This is full sized masks. 


Leopard  Cane 2001
5, This is the first page of two pages on how to make the mask you see below. Making a form out of foil and clay for the half face. Laying a sheet of clay down as a foundation add, in this case, Leopard Cane and make the mask you see below.
6,On this page you see the mask getting backed with black and finished with Future. This went to a friend's Mother for a Day of the Dead present.
Forms are one way to build realistic faces. For more on Face Face Sculpting see the links below.

August 5, 2002:  Face Sculpting Non Swap Tip Page. Link for Tips Page. Do go and review the tutorials at

It's Raining Men  Sculpt Index 2003 Dolls Figures Faces

9-21-2002: Shady Sadie: A full sized face of a mature female and some of the other things

Molds are another way to make mini masks.

Kai Face Mold done with 5 different faux wood grains.
Clay Techniques-04: Putting this all together. Face Molds, Animal print in face molds, adding elements to faces, leaves, flowers, snakes. Examples of Embellished faces. Logs of 9-28 Embellished Faces
Recent Masks Made in Demo
10-18-04- Flower and Leaf Mask in Black, Silver and Pearl
09-13-04: Pink and White Mask

Hurry Cane Index

Gathering with ClayMates waiting out Hurricane Frances



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