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PenPals Ball point pens covered with sculpted figures, building mini scenes around them for the pen bases. 
Golden Afro PenPal and Quarter Jar

This is a PenPal with a Quarter Jar that was orphaned for a long time. I'm just now getting around to completing this section. 09-20-09

PenPals - 03-20-09 Two Bodies 

03-20-09: Rough and Raw

03-29-09: Second Pass:

  1. PenPal with base: Four examples of how to get your PenPal to stand up.

  2. LeafLady Index

  3. AfroAngel with sparkly wings.

  4. 04-12-04: Orchid Drape PenPal

  5. Green Girl Index

  6. The Chubby Dancer  

  7. 2004-Sleeping Lady  

  8. Pens made prior to August 2003

PenPal with base: Four examples of how to get your PenPal to stand up.

Pen Pals Group 2

LeafLady Index

Leaf Lady Index: She and her male holder are covered with leaves made in demo.

AfroAngel with sparkly wings. 07-05-04, after the feather experiment in an impromptu demo I was left with a set of wings. Had to hang them on someone and this PenPal needed something distinctive. New feather on old PenPal. 

Orchid Drape Blond  Using up that orchid cane that was generated during that demo we make clay fabric, mini beads, a large 3d orchid and get a high stepping blond. 

Sleeping Lady   This Sleeping Lady on her bed of flowers now rests with Janice. The first in the flower bed pen pal series that I'm sure will be followed. But this is the first one.

Chubby Dancer She's a happy BBW dancer PenPal, down with the tyranny of the thin!! Made for a big strong hand looking for a pen that has a bit of heft. 

Green Girl Index: She started out as a boy, and as a stand alone. She developed into a young girl and was given a Mother to lean on. Her first two pictures are in the Green Lady Index-2

Green Lady Index-2: With her Girl Child Pen Pal.


Pen Pals Group 1

The PenPals take on clothing, are set in scenes with other sculptures and take on a life of their own. The Green Gal and Her Mom and the Leopard Spot Lady are the best examples. 

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002: After a day of fussing with her, 04-04-03

PenPals were born with this first effort. It started out as a lark and then got more and more complex until the pen was just a fraction of the whole mini scene. 

Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

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