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Sea Shells made with Polymer Clay

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08-01-03: Yesterday's WebCam Demo was devoted to making sea shells. Since animal print cane ends lend themselves to making great sheets that can be folded, that's what we went with. The picture below show two shells. The smaller shell is made with Zebra cane ends. There's screen shots from the Demo that show how it was manipulated. The larger shell is Leopard end o cane, pressed to pearl, folded and hand shaped. Check the link below regarding folding clay. 

Thank you Karin for the screen shots for the WebCam demo of 07-31-03, now on the new gallery page.

Animal Cane Shells: Screen Shots.

Using the cane ends of the animal canes we make sea shells. A leaf shape, a cone shaped snake for the innards. Wrap the leaf around the snake and then spiral . Easy Breezy. 

This is what was made in Demo July 31st. This is after the first curing, no sanding, buffing or splash of Future finish. The upper left shell is a cane end from the Stargazer lily. Pressed on pearl and backed with more pearl, folded, and hand shaped. 

Ammonite Experiments  

Abalone Experiments

What you can review in order to make sea shells like this yourself: Animal print, so check out the Clay Techniques #3. Then check out folding clay. There's Demo screen shots, digital pictures and logs that explain the process. 


WebCam Clay Techniques-03: Tiger, Leopard, Zebra. Stargazer Lily, Tiger Lily, Roses, Orchids, Basket Weave, Leaves, Hanging Hankies, Fan Folds, Three Color Blends. 

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