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Don't Call Them "Dolls"

10-14-04: In response to a ClayMate who winces when folks call her sculptures "dolls".

I don't like calling my sculpted figures "dolls" either. When I
think "dolls" I think of Grace Slick and her collection of antique
dolls that all look over medicated. Spooky.

I think of kiln fired doll body parts sewed to cloth torsos, when
dressed they all look like shop lifters gone wild.

I think of glass eyes that blink, ringlets the color of radioactive

I think of something a child would play with.

Well if playing with a sculpted figure with cloth clothes you can
take off and put back on qualifies as a "doll", then I think that
Baron Von Kai would cause a riot in polite doll circles.

He has caused riots, truth be known. I'd pass him around the table
of Miniaturists or ClayMates and they would make polite comment on
him and when he got back to me I'd say,

"but you know, he's anatomically correct."

That's when the riot would break out. With sqeals of "Let me see!"
and giggles like school girls coming out of grandmothers. Funny as
all get out.

I don't do Dolls. I sculpt figures, which can stand alone, be used
as a pen, be flung about like a motly fool with articulated arms
like Kai3 here, or have as many joints a moving as possible like
with CowboyKai... or as the figures here call him "9 jump ring Kai".

My intent is to take polymer clay figure sculpting and kick it into
directions that are fun for adults. I want to have fun, dagnabbit.

Baron Von Kai (or Kai3) is my traveling companion. He has provided
hours of G rated distraction for the children who are waiting for
airplanes with me when on Tour. He's tickled the fancy of
grandmothers who are always rarely treated to an adult doll meant to
be played with.

Nay, not just played with but Loved.


So Ya, I make effort not to use the term "Doll" when describing what
I do.

Also to be fair to our handful of gentlemen on this list I'd like to
leave the door open for more "Action Figures" sort of sculpting. I'm
sure they'd be pleased to find another term to express what we're
doing here with sculpting.

ClayDude is conditioning clay, his guy pal comes over and says,

"What ya doing, Dude?"

ClayDude looks up and says,

"Uh, making Dolls."

Just doesn't work. How about this scenerio...

ClayDude is conditioning clay, his guy pal comes over and says,

"What ya doing, Dude?"

ClayDude looks up and says,

"Sculpting Action Figures."

Sounds much better.

So Doll House Enthusiasts don't get weird on me here. Picture if you
will, your favorite doll house, your favorite room, put a real hunky
sexy sculpted figure lounging about and you'll be fussing around
rearranging accessories over there more often than not.

You guys out there, think Room Box, camping scene, a buxom babe
baiting the hooks. It'll make you smile each time you fuss with the
bushes. Oh I'm talking about that Rail Road shrubbery. Stop it.

As you can see I have a very low threshold for boredom. Put me in a
traditional doll house store and I start making off colored dialogue
for the generic doll house people sold just everywhere.

We can make our own. In the skin colors that suit us. With the
facial features that look like the folks we're used to looking at.
All my angels look Asian, wonder why?

So my aim here is to encourage folks to sculpt any figure they have
a mind to. Learn the basics and then attack a known face, your
favorite actor or actress is best for you got to love looking at
your study sheets.
Arnold Vosloo played Imhotep in "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns"

Patrick Stewart
Bruce Willis as a MerDude and a Dad

Frida needs the after TLS Make up pictures, mental note...update.
Kai, Xev, Stanley and Lex Giggeroff are all targets of sculpting.

Each of these real people have pages and pages of pictures collected
so I can study them. So pick someone you love to look at for your

Trick of it... think grid. Make a mental grid over the face, left -
right- face forward, mind the grid when you transfer what you see in
the picture to the clay.

Like how to do ears

So anyway, Wendy... got pix? Let's kick the slats out of what folks
usually expect from polymer clay figure sculptors, eh?

Wearing a mustash and a Mexican Sombrero I yell

"We don't got to show you no stinking dolls!"

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