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Nightmare Before Christmas Fans: Coming out of the Cartoon Closet


I'll come out of the cartoon closet

I'm a Nightmare Before Christmas fan myself.

James too. Let me see which action character he has...

Jack, how could I forget. Big round head, skinny body,
black and white striped suit. Jack hangs around with
all the other weird dolls that James collects. The
Living Dead dolls, he has two.

But I can't spite him for all his ghoulfriends.

I have a Karate Chop Elvis in the White Gi. Top that,
thanyouverymcuandwelcometoNashville. I got a posing
Betty Page with the creepy pervo Photographer with
accessories. I'm SO busted.

Both are right by the front door. Never let it be said
that those who enter this human habitrail are every
mislead into thinking this is just another apartment.

It is walking into the Cerebral Cortex merging of two
very disturbed individuals turned inside out and in
three dimensions. LOL

But I digress,

Cartoon characters are just as valid as realistic
figures for topics of practice. If a cartoon character
amuses you then use that figure for your practice

I say sculpt what you love and the practice we need to
do for sculpting isn't work. It's fun and that's why
we're here for, to have fun while we learn.

Whistle while you work, dooo de doo doo doo de doo.

I took Kai and Xev and the characters from LEXX to use
for my practice and my sharing the process with the

But... and this is a big but (all puns intended) ...I
got permission from the creator of the characters of
LEXX to be able to use them in this way.

I got permission from Lex Giggeroff. On this page you
can see him wearing my Tiger Stripe Cowgirl Hat, that

BonaiKathy got permission to use Pooh characters in
her mini bonsai scenes. She'll have to provide the
link to pix on those.

If we use known cartoon characters and make things and
sell them without permission we'd be running into
copyright issues. Copies and knock offs sold public
ally just isn't prudent.

At this stage of our learning process rather than
making a copy of the known cartoon characters and
running into copyright issues, why don't we take these
favorite cartoon characters and be inspired by them?
Make a figure that looks like Jack's Country Cousin
for Nightmare Before Christmas. That would be safer
and we want our learning process to be safe. 

On another topic all together, humor is difficult.
Dark humor is not usually encouraged on clay and mini
lists. Might offend folks.

whoa nelly, stop the buggy...

Taking offence on someone elses personal creative self
expression ain't hip. Content is each person's right
to choose. If someone has something macabre in nature
to share, gives us the heads up that this may be
shocking, then it is ok to share these creations.

We can help with technique, we cannot judge style or

So do we do weird stuff? Indulge in some dance with
the Boogie Man, sure. I see it as whistling past the
graveyard and why I indulge in Day of the Dead stuff.
Look at Jen's Angel in Black, or the Goth Angel. She
made that years ago, but it's always been one of my
favorites of hers. These clayer's pages got to be
updated or changed in some way. But anyway.

Cartoon characters or dark humor are valid subjects to
practice our skills with. If these thrill ya then
practice is fun, work is a labor of love, the result
no matter what will still be sweet.

Inspiration is where you find it, now that you found
it what are you gonna do about it? Let it goose your
muse and make something, of course.




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