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Make up and other powders used on raw clay

I discovered that you can use shaved pastel chalk dust mixed with acrylic floor polish and paint on clay. Chalk dust can be pressed into raw clay with a tool as well. The Egg- Skull was made in 1999 and is still bright and colorful 6 years later.

The Madonna painting was 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches long. Painted with a paint brush made from a make up brush, cut off a half a dozen bristles and taped it to a tooth pick.

The Day of the Dead Skull, my first covered DOD egg, was dusted with shaved chalk dust, the brush that was used to dust the larger areas was done with a "blush brush" all the bristles used there to get a soft dusting.

Then the indentations were done with clay shapers that were dipped into shaved chalk and then imbedded into the soft clay that had previously been dusted.


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