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How-To page on covering tins

Razma asked for some links on covering tins. I gathered up a couple and made this "How-To" page. Other TINS pages are examples of tins after they were done for teaching on CITY-o-Clay.

2013: Review of Tins
The trick to covering a tin is to take the sheet
you're going to use, put it face down on the work
table, use the tin and roll it around on the BACK of
the sheet. Where the tin makes a mark will be where
you need to cut the sheet. After trimming where the
tin made marks slap it on the tin.

Remember that the top of the tin over laps the bottom.
So you're not going to cover the bottom part all the
way up to the edge. If you do you won't be able to
close the tin, that clay will be in the way. So you're
cutting the bottom sheet a bit shorter than the edge
of the tin, how ever much the top part overlaps.

The only "fiddling" you have to do is where the hinges
are on the tin, I cut out a small rectangle around the
hinge area.

I don't do anything to prepare the tin other than dust
it off if it's been hanging around in my "stuff box".

When laying the sheet on the tin, do it like applying
wall paper or putting an adhesive shelf liner in the
cupboard. Do it from one end and as you lay the sheet
on the tin you make sure you're not capturing air
bubbles. The air that you trap underneath will expand
in the oven and make a big bump.


Rumble in the Jungle: How the Tin is Covered
This tutorial shows how I pinch the excess clay off of
the corners and slice it off. Pretty brutal but
there's no measuring necessary.

36 Screen Shot of LSD Tin Covering
LSD-Tin Covering1 

Tin with face  (56 photos)
Tin with face  

Shargoose/Sharon caught these screen shots of covering
the tin. Dec. 2004
06-18-08: These screen shots didn't get saved before Epson photo storage closed down.



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