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Chop and Toss - August 2011


5 Acres of Fear Cane


8-26-11-Chop-Toss 001: face & leaf cane

Chop and Toss video #1: Using a 10 year old face cane of fimo and chopping it up and mixing it with chopped fresh leaf cane. How to make a quick double sided pendant. How to make a "natasha" bead.



Chop and Toss video #2: Using the 10 year old face cane I made of ClayChik, some 2 year old "Five Acres of Fear" cane I made for my son's friend's band, and the tacky new leaf cane we chop, toss, make "natasha" beads, and a quick pendant. The more complex the cane the more complex the chop will be.



OGD means "of grave disappointment". Cutting cane slices of leaves and pressing them to a green sheet to be the back on the 3 cane chop pendant didn’t come out as I had so ardently hoped. So what’s a clayer to do? The next video will show you.


OGD means "of grave disappointment". What to do with a Pendant OGD? Chop it up and see if you can salvage the clay. Just as there is not plan there cannot be any failure. When a reporter asked Thomas Edison how did it feel to go through 1,000 failures before he invented the electric light bulb Edison replied, “The electric light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

So when you’re faced with a cane of grave disappointment or a pendant for that matter…chop and toss and see what else you can do with the clay. 



Using the 3 cane chop, make small natasha beads and fiddle with them until they are round. I figured since I was up keeping track of Hurricane Irene might as well show this quick trick. It took about 10 minutes to do but that's with slowing down for explanation. You can do this technique a whole lot faster, I'm sure.




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