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New YouTube Video Tutes

Tools: Turkey skewers, Kemper cut out, texture sheets, food processors, ClayShapers and more.

This is the first new video for polymer clay tutorials since I started this YouTube channel. Thanks to my son I have new equipment and video editing software, bless his heart.

This video will review the tools I use.  and Karen Rhodes is where I get my all of my clay and most of my tools.  is where you can find over a gigabyte of free polymer clay tutorials.  The Yahoo Group I host with a dozen volunteers, serving the polymer clay community since 1999.



The second video on Tools: Translucent Liquid Sculpey™, Wet/Dry sandpaper, floor polish, Kemper™  tools, Alley Goop™ and texture sheets. There's more but you'll have to watch the video. I'll be following up with an addendum to this video with a screen capture video of things mentioned here. That's clear as mud, eh?




Screen captures of examples of things mentioned in “Tools Deux”

From the websites of: DeniseS’s Neo from ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ and her use of Black Liquid Sculpey to make his dark sun glasses. Totally cool.


ClayShapers are tools with rubber or silicon tips of different shapes. Use the big ones to move large mounds of clay and smaller ones to get detail. This video shows the use of the larger ClayShaper to get the general shape of a face and then smaller ClayShapers to sculpt details. I only did the details on half of the face because of time constraints.

There are other uses for ClayShapers other than sculpting and I will be making more videos showing their other uses.



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