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Dec. 1, 2007 Arlington, TX, Sci-Fi clay workshop
Science Fiction Fans have a wealth of opportunities to use polymer clay. For the workshop in Arlington, TX, hosted by Debbie Gill, a CITY-o-Clay volunteer, there's a number of techniques I'd like to explore.

Chiaroscuro is something that miniaturists can also use. Things like pipes on space ships, in miniature, do not have the depth to cast a shadow. When you blend in a shadow you can simulate depth in a miniature scale.



Lexx Iris Cane I'm a LEXX fan and we can't go through life without a LEXX Iris. The technique used in chiaroscuro is similar to what is used in making the LEXX Iris cane.

Science Fiction fans need a technique that can simulate metal. I've not seen one space ship made of plastic or recycled material. It's always metal.


Since we have that alien eyeball looking out from that thumbnail let's add the Eyeball Iris tutorial in this section. Change the shape of the pupil from a circle of black to an elongated oval of yellow and you'll get an alien eyeball.

Creatures from outer space don't necessarily have 2 eyeballs. They can have only one, or maybe 6, or more.

Fantasy Figures is another area we can explore. Science Fiction also contains opportunity for fantasy figures. This link takes you to my earliest fantasy figures and the Centaur and the Centaurette are some of my first. The she is coming to Texas with me. I should pack him too now that he has Glam Rock Hair.

Goblin Index: aka "I don't do cute"

When we're exploring Science Fiction and Fantasy we need to step away from standard cute that is associated with polymer clay. One starts out with a regular face and then distort things: bigger eyeballs, less or more eyeballs, fangs, heavier brow and jaw, no chin, long neck. Just like the Star Trek casting call for the new movie. 'Star Trek' Seeks Unusual Faces

FauxStuff always comes in handy. I'm bringing that bit of real malachite and the two faux malachite samples seen in the thumbnail. If we're wanting to make jewelry it's good go to faux, cheaper too. Mix some faux stone with some Chiaroscuro blend, add a pin back finding and you're good to go to an event.


The Klingon flag insignia is something we could experiment with. We could make one in bas relief and cure that, use it as a stamp on raw clay, cure that and then backfill. That would keep the design from cane reduction distortion.

Klingon noble houses have their own insignias. There's a technique called "image transfer". If one of the Klingon fans can make color copies of the this picture or the enlarged picture that you get when the picture is clicked, then we can transfer these images to polymer clay.

NOTE: the image transfers need "reversed" copies, so when the transfer is made to the polymer clay it comes up in the right direction.


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