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Prior to 2003

Fantasy Figures

Sculpting Sections


Monkey Man First Cure.

A Box for a Golden MerMaid: 

"I can't hear the ocean" 

The face of the Golden Mermaid. She has gils, ear flaps, streamline design, eyes with double lids, adapted for the water the mermaid face evolves.

The Dressing Room 

Taking the abalone mix, making pressed folds, fashion a dress or two. A recycled Mermaid to dress.

Lovely Rita the MerMaid, strikes a pose in her first curing. 04-29-03
CowBoyKai Rides Again, although he's sleeping here.



From foil armature to a Granny with a heart of gold. See how it's done.

Naga Man gets clothed and Obachan was hanging out with him before she got herself a kimono and some sense. 

NagaMan hanging out with Obachan

Centaurette        Centaur
Lobster Lady is escaping a fate of being turned into sauce. A work in progress.

05-13-11: Took a decade to rebuild this section.

Leopard Lady " Amiga De Onca" section being rebuilt after years of wincing that she got knocked over and never cured.