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Day of the Dead New England Tour: November 2011

What to bring?

Bring your polymer clay questions and challenges. If you reach for a tool or want to work in a particular color range, bring those.

I bring information only. See the Tour video of 10-13-11 as to why I'm traveling light on this tour.

There are only 12 colors of clay that I use:

  1. Black

  2. White

  3. Translucent

  4. Pearl

  5. Red

  6. Blue

  7. Yellow

  8. Burnt Umber

  9. Raw Sienna

  10. Silver

  11. Gold

  12. Copper

From those dozen colors we can tackle everything from miniature food to OOAK figures.

Supplies found at Super Markets or hardware stores: 6 x 6 ceramic tile to work on, aluminum foil, bamboo BBQ skewers, turkey skewers, pasta machine, food processor dedicated to clay, disposable aluminum roasting pans - to protect your raw clay items for the ride home. It's easier to show you in the videos the clay and tools you might think of bringing along.

8-19-11: A review of the 11 colors I used to mix all the colors I need. It used to be an even dozen but I can’t find raw sienna in my clay stash. Anyway, with 11 colors you can mix everything you could possibly need for mini food, sculpting figures, making faux gem stones, you name it you can mix it.

But how to you keep track of those mixes? You make “Color Cards”. I will show you my color cards and there is a link below to the web section that reviews it in text and digital pictures. Join me and the other ClayMates for good fellowship while you get a grip on your clay.


This video will review the tools I use.  and Karen Rhodes is where I get my all of my clay and most of my tools.  is where you can find over a gigabyte of free polymer clay tutorials.  The Yahoo Group I host with a dozen volunteers, serving the polymer clay community since 1999.



The second video on Tools: Translucent Liquid Sculpey™, Wet/Dry sandpaper, floor polish, Kemper™  tools, Alley Goop™ and texture sheets. There's more but you'll have to watch the video. I'll be following up with an addendum to this video with a screen capture video of things mentioned here. That's clear as mud, eh?


Wet/Dry Sandpaper.


Some folks may not have seen wet sanding before. One tip: Put liquid dish soap in the water to keep from having the polymer clay adhere to the wet/dry sand paper. Review: how to staple different grit sheets together to make wet sanding easier.

Three parts: The 3 cane chop beads. Rectangle/Square beads. Round beads. Are wet sanded slightly differently because of their shapes.


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