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Emu is the Worlds 2nd largest bird, this flightless Ratite is found in Australia

Demo 04-07-03: A hinged Emu egg

Easter Emu the Inside Plan

002- The Shell is covered,

auntyalias: Cindy, you asked what is going to happen with these
shells here?
heirloomartistry: you do beautiful work!
bonsaikathy: thank you honey
bonsaikathy: it's a labor of love
heirloomartistry: yes, what are you making?
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: For Easter I'm thinking of doing something that is a mix
of Mexican and Russian
auntyalias: Russians paint Madonna and Child on eggs
auntyalias: Mexicans sculpt them and put them anywhere they can
auntyalias: I'm going to put a Madonna and child on one side
auntyalias: and a garden with everything I can think of on the other
auntyalias: leaves, flowers, birds, bugs
auntyalias: fruits, little animals
frogger70301: ooh, that is going to be awesome.
heirloomartistry: that will be beautiful
auntyalias: so we can review all this over this week
auntyalias: and then
auntyalias: we'll hinge the halves
auntyalias: and fix the rim
auntyalias: and add a latch
auntyalias: and then do another one in chocolate
auntyalias: that 's the plan
auntyalias: so we're going to be doing roses and leaves
auntyalias: sculpting little faces and covering bodies with clay
sheet fabric
heirloomartistry: wow, I have a LOT to learn!
auntyalias: pulling out all the stops
auntyalias: just have clay in your hands while you're watching
frogger70301: Cindy, you'll always be learning with clay.
auntyalias: or type all the time with observations and questions
auntyalias: I'm learning all the time
auntyalias: you are starting, everyone got to start somewhere
auntyalias: and this is the quick way to learn
auntyalias: watch, I'm going to show you how to do a blend
auntyalias: Pearl to Gold
heirloomartistry: I just started day before yesterday when I did some
beads, and LOVed it
auntyalias: if you squint
auntyalias: or
frogger70301: brb, mommy business as usual.
auntyalias: and slice it
auntyalias: dunno, let's do a blend first
auntyalias: a blend is when we take two colors of clay
auntyalias: add them together like two long pendants
heirloomartistry: to me it sounds like greek! but exciting to learn
auntyalias: fold and press in the pasta press
ljcswartz: do you have a plan for this blend in your egg?
auntyalias: The inside of one half of the egg
ljcswartz: super
auntyalias: the other side will be .... nature like, maybe a fan fold
of brown to green to blue
auntyalias: just as a back ground, for the one side will be of eathly
auntyalias: left side
auntyalias: the right side will have the Mother and Child radiating
gold and pearl
auntyalias: then litter with flowers and leaves on the left
auntyalias: and what... angel wings on the right
auntyalias: ya these wings on the right
ljcswartz: could I have just a 1/4 of your quick imagination?? NJ??
heirloomartistry: what are you doing with it right now?
frogger70301: back.
auntyalias: Figuring it out in my head first Cindy
auntyalias: Hey Mommy Mitch
auntyalias: ok, the plan is to do a fresh pearl to gold blend
auntyalias: do a jelly roll
auntyalias: cut a fat honking slice of that
frogger70301: k.
auntyalias: then a blend from dark brown to green to blue for in a
fan fold for the other side
auntyalias: we're just doing background sheets
auntyalias: might cure it after that
auntyalias: fix where it broke uneven at the last of the sawing
auntyalias: then
auntyalias: we'll start filling it with anything we can think of
auntyalias: how does that sound?
auntyalias: ok let me repeat the link for these feathers, it is also
where you will find the fish scale for the otuside of the egg
GOLD Feather
auntyalias: that is the link for this feather cane
auntyalias: it is born from a blend
auntyalias: that blend rolled into a jelly roll
auntyalias: this is a basic technique all new clayers gotta know how
to do
auntyalias: for once you do
auntyalias: you can do feathers, fish scale and bamboo
auntyalias: you can do basket weave and leaves and oh my God
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: blends can be found at this link
auntyalias: I'm doing this for the record
frogger70301: What would red to silver look good as?
heirloomartistry: do you cure things, then work on it some more, or
does the work need to ;be cured only after all the work is finished?
Also, when I sand I get scratches. Is it supposed to do that?
heirloomartistry: I will look at that link, maybe need to start there
auntyalias: red and silver, red and gold
auntyalias: all are good
frogger70301: I've been having this plug sitting here since Dec. and
no idea what I made it for.
auntyalias: I work and cure and add both cured and uncured bits to
heirloomartistry: Kids calling. I need to go for now. Wonderful
meeting you, and I will work on learning some more
frogger70301: oops she got booted!
heirloomartistry: Goodnight everyone
frogger70301: nite, sweetie.
ljcswartz: goodnight
heirloomartistry left the room
auntyalias: whoa
auntyalias: I get booted and folks disappear
auntyalias: Mitch can you see me typing?
auntyalias: Jackie can you see me typing
auntyalias: do I have to reboot?
ljcswartz: yes
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: I get paranoid
frogger70301: I can see. Just looking over the last link you sent.
frogger70301: Cindy had some yelling kids so she had to go.
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to start on the blend for the gold and
pearl, too bad the beginners are gone for they need to see this
auntyalias: I could start on the bodies instead if all y'all need
sculpting encouragement
frogger70301: I'm bout to have to go myself.
ljcswartz: I have some work to do before calling it a night so I will
probably be on the way out soon.............. I will stay for a few
frogger70301: Hubby's trying to go to sleep, but Lene keeps fussing
with the dog.
ljcswartz: sculpting for a few??
auntyalias: ok, let's do the Madonna and Child then Jackie, see you
tomorrow, I'm going to make effort to put in a couple of earlier
ljcswartz: ok..... Mondays I teach a class until 9 eastern time
auntyalias: Mitch, send me your log
auntyalias: I lost a bit since my last save
frogger70301: k.
auntyalias: thanks honey