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Demos April 7 and 10, 2003: A hinged Emu egg covered and then filled with bodies and stuff is the goal. Easter Emu the Inside Plan Demo Log
002- The Shell is covered, Digi Pix with links to tutes


003 - Gold Feather Lining for the inside of the shell. To cut a sheet so it fits into a curve. If you Sew, you Know. 
004- Emu Egg: 8-12-01 My first experience in covering and cutting an Emu Egg. I got THE FEAR and it's taken me until 04-07-03 to tackle it again.
005- Mother and Child, just before curing.

006- 04-08-03: Demo Log regarding the sculpting of the baby face.

007-Thumbnails: Adding TLS to Faces, covering awful hands, filling the other side of the egg.

Hinging the Emu Egg Epson Album