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04-08-03: Demo Log regarding the sculpting of the baby face.

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005- Mother and Child, just before curing.

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ondoa12002 joined the room
auntyalias: Hi Honey
ondoa12002: hello, how is it that your working now ?
auntyalias: I got to make the baby for her to hold
ondoa12002: nearly finished, looks wonderfull
auntyalias: Got her face sculpted last night, put bits of clay sheets
on her for a dress
auntyalias: I wanted her to look sad
auntyalias: Virgin Mary must have been sad in a way
ondoa12002: you see, i know by now why my sculptures never turned out
auntyalias: knowing her son has to sacrifice himself
auntyalias: Why? What have you discovered about your sculpting?
ondoa12002: i just took a ball of clay and tried to do something with
it. Not all the steps you did
auntyalias: Well, I did the same thing in the beginning
ondoa12002: wasn't symetric
auntyalias: and as I discovered the system that made it easier for me
I just recorded them and they turned into lessons
ondoa12002: good job
auntyalias: Symetric is important for one major reason
auntyalias: if someone's face is not symetric it is a record of
illness as a child
auntyalias: not good for mating with
auntyalias: so symetry in the face is a sign of beauty
auntyalias: all around the world, for it is a sign of good health
auntyalias: like clear skin
auntyalias: rosy cheeks
auntyalias: glossy hair
ondoa12002: don't know why people everywhere
auntyalias: and a bit of fat for padding of breasts and hips, it's all
about getting a potential mate for making babies
ondoa12002: you never add hair to your sculptures?
auntyalias: I add hair. My custom puppet dolls have hair extensions
from the beauty shop
auntyalias: shall I get you a link to show you how that is done?
auntyalias: Or I will mix clay color with TLS and put on hair like
frosting on a cake
ondoa12002: would be fine, can't image how it stays in place
auntyalias: but the Biblical or Ethnic third world efforts don't have
hair because they wear head wraps
auntyalias: hold up I'll get you CowBoyKai wigging out...brb
ondoa12002: makes the thing easier
auntyalias: LEXX-CowboyKai-2
auntyalias: Check out how the ends of the braids that I got at the
beauty shop are buired in the clay, that keeps it on the raw clay
ondoa12002: oooh, wonderfull. I surely NEVER show this to ma daughter,
otherwise i will have to do it right now lol
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Jackie
auntyalias: Is your Daughter a Fan of LEXX?
ljcswartz: hi--I may just be lurking for a bit
auntyalias: I'm just trying to wake up
auntyalias: I was up all together too late with those rediscovered
early emu effort pages
ljcswartz: no problem
auntyalias: wanna see my Virgin Mary
auntyalias: Sad girl that she is
auntyalias: no baby yet
ljcswartz: guess I should start there then
auntyalias: gotta do that still
ljcswartz: you have been busy
ljcswartz: that is amazing!!
ondoa12002: do you make a drawing of your project before starting ?
You did not make background, so you have do know right from the start
where to go
auntyalias: I made her Sad, if it were my son to be sacrificed I'd be
auntyalias: No drawing, I start sculpting the face and it tells me
what it wants to look like
ondoa12002: i would take 3 month for that, with half of the beauty
auntyalias: it emerges from the clay like coming up out of water
auntyalias: it takes time and practice but if you check out the tutes
on sculpting faces on my site, it would help you I think
ljcswartz: the clay does have something to say
auntyalias: the hand there is filled with foil, I did make it too big,
but it will be holding the baby and will for the most part be hidden
auntyalias: but here's my experimental trick for the fingers
auntyalias: ready?
ondoa12002: ready
ljcswartz: ok
ljcswartz: press and cut?
auntyalias: it's difficult to do that and keep it in cam
auntyalias: let me get you a tute for hands
auntyalias: by having foil inside
auntyalias: then slicing the fingers
auntyalias: then rolling those fingers to make them round and hide the
exposed foil
auntyalias: you can get reinforced clay fingers that can be wrapped
around or be holding anything
auntyalias: hold on and let me get you that tute
ondoa12002: the foil has to give strenght i suppose
Prince of Fire gets a Hand
auntyalias: Yes, clay fingers break easily, so we need to reinforce it
with foil
auntyalias: it works for delicate pond grass by a mini lake
auntyalias: things that are delicate that you want to stick up and in
the air but not break easily
auntyalias: check out that Prince of Fire Hand tute and I'll get her
hand organized a bit
auntyalias: then I got to make a baby for her to hold so we can put
her in her side of the shell and cure
ondoa12002: looks so simple on pictures, guess that needs much
ondoa12002: sorry, i have to leave. Will see your baby next time
ondoa12002 left the room
ljcswartz: bye onedoa
ljcswartz: ondoa12002
auntyalias: Jackie
auntyalias: this is how I see if the baby will fit the mommy's arms
auntyalias: and also I get an idea of how they want to be posed
auntyalias: I had thought the baby's head would be lower
auntyalias: but once in her arms I realized the baby's face should be
closer to the mother's
auntyalias: and I'll have them looking at each other's eyes
auntyalias: I don't know that this will happen when I start out
auntyalias: you interested in baby face sculpting tips?
ljcswartz: it just developes
ljcswartz: sure
auntyalias: Not everyone is interested in sculpting baby's faces
auntyalias: Now with my face sculpting tutes we draw a grid on the
ljcswartz: I just need faces all kinds
auntyalias: and the center line of the grid is where the eyes are
located, the horizontal center line
auntyalias: well in baby's
auntyalias: that center line is the HAIR line, not the eyes
auntyalias: for the forehead is really big
auntyalias: then under that center horizontal grid line you mark off,
one half down for the eyes, one quarter down more the nose, like that,
clustering the features under that center horizontal grid line
auntyalias: does that makes sense?
auntyalias: I don't have a baby face tute but I got to make one pretty
ljcswartz: yes
auntyalias: Then
auntyalias: baby's got BIG cheeks for nursing
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: got to have big cheeks on a baby or it looks hungry
auntyalias: the nose is very small like a button but the irises of the
eyes fill the whole socket, for the eyes are almost full grown at
auntyalias: the sockets are just small
auntyalias: so baby's eyes don't show a lot of white
auntyalias: if you're working in that sort of detail
auntyalias: Big head, fat forehead, fat cheeks, cluster the features
under that half way horizon mark
ljcswartz: is there a way to make the fat ckeeks easily
auntyalias: I best get the lips and eyes going on this baby, I'm not
going to do a lot of sculpting on the body for the baby will be
wrapped. Ya, did you see me put some balls of clay on the cheeks and
smooth them?
auntyalias: I got to do a baby face tute, that's all there is to it.
There's tricks to it that make it simple
ljcswartz: what ever a ckeek is......... cheeks
auntyalias: I didn't even see the typo
auntyalias: I really didn't
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I got to go to the loo and get another cup of coffee,
auntyalias: brb
ljcswartz: I just tried the button nose and it looks way too big
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: I figure if baby's had big noses they wouldn't be able to
nurse easily
auntyalias: can't get air
auntyalias: or we would have to evolve tits that are banana shaped
auntyalias: LOLOL
ljcswartz: haha
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I can't get over the image of banana tits
ljcswartz: sometimes it is fun to have those mental images !
auntyalias: but anyway, I have a pot of coffee brewing so I'll do the
lips and nose and eyes of this baby, get him wrapped and in Mommy's
arms, I want to cure them on the one side of the Emu Egg that's ready
auntyalias: James says, "I didn't need that mental image in my head."
auntyalias: when I say things like that
auntyalias: Said too, "I'm damaged with that mental image."
auntyalias: he'll say
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: panty waists
ljcswartz: ha
ljcswartz: I tried a bit of a baby head. My webcam is goofy though -
too much light (but it is dark)?
ljcswartz: yours is lovely
auntyalias: Hey your baby's head is coming right along
ljcswartz: the mouth needs changing
auntyalias: you got the idea about clustering the features under the
center line
auntyalias: move some chin and cheek away from the mouth
ljcswartz: that direction makes all the difference...........ok
auntyalias: and baby's got a smaller lower lip and a larger cupid's
bow upper lip
auntyalias: see
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: that's what they look for in models
auntyalias: that baby's mouth
auntyalias: cupid's bow upper lip, protruding chin
auntyalias: big eyes
ljcswartz: that is true
auntyalias: and adult body, to mix baby signals with sexual signals
those marketing guys
auntyalias: I'm going to wrap baby up and I am looking for this one
ammonite sheet I did, golden ammonites but ...where did it go
ljcswartz: sneaky sort of. but it sells stuff
ljcswartz: I will be here and away the rest of the day.. I need to
find some supplies and notes
ljcswartz: thanks.
ljcswartz: I hope to get the camera working better too
auntyalias: you heading out
auntyalias: if so I'll close the chat room and just get this baby
wrapped and cured
ljcswartz: that is fine
ljcswartz: bye then
auntyalias: I'm glad we got some sculpting done
auntyalias: one to one
auntyalias: I feel you made great progress on the baby
auntyalias: ATTA GIRL
ljcswartz: thanks I will keep at it
auntyalias: See you Thursday?
ljcswartz: will do
auntyalias: ok, see you then, I'll save log and post it

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.