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Easter Emu Effort


05-12-03: One Hinge in the Oven. 

Hinging the Emu Egg Epson Album

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auntyalias: happened again
auntyalias: sorry
buci131: not your fault
shargoose: I saved the log NJ
dahs512: hi dave
buci131: I haven't been doing any screen shots. Guess I better get on
auntyalias: great Sharon if you can send it to me again, I'd be
frogger70301: Hey, I came across something the other day that might be
worth checking into if Yahoo keeps acting up like this.
auntyalias: what's that Mitch?
shargoose: No problem
biodredd: Hello!
buci131: And NJ--I can't figure out live web cam and recording at the
same time--FYI
frogger70301: For the cam.I don't remember the name of the site,
though. Gonna have to dig around in my puter.
auntyalias: ok Eva
buci131: may not be possible without a special program or jury rigging
buci131: I should clarify that--I can't figure it out with Yahoo. A
diff chat/web cam program may have something set up for recording
during live web cam
shargoose: NJ when you take a break could you show a web shot of the
tools you use?
biodredd: Yahoo does not even allow you to capture individual frames.
dahs512: no but print screen will
ljcswartz: but the print screen works ok.....
dahs512: lol
dahs512: like minds
ljcswartz: haha
ljcswartz: what a team
biodredd: Although some people have created add-on programs for
various other functions within messenger. A search on Google for Yahoo
Messenger add-ons, might yield some results. Try adding web cam into
your search phrase as well.
dahs512: then paste into psp
ljcswartz: ty NJ
buci131: oh, that's not a bad idea, Dave--you mean to see if there's
an add-on for recording while the web cam is live?
dahs512: diggers with handles
biodredd: Yes.
auntyalias: These tools are wood carving and wood files called Rasps
buci131: Good idea--thanks
auntyalias: this Emu egg shell is like a rock
auntyalias: it's taking a lot longer to carve out a little indentation
than it would when you use goose, turkey or chicken egg shells
biodredd: These programs are usually not authorized by Yahoo and do
not work with all operating systems, but there may be something there.
dahs512: over with the wigjig stuff, wire and things
dahs512: Michael's sells the files
shargoose: I have rasps from miniature modeling.
ljcswartz: a very beautiful rock
shargoose: So I guess I could look for wood tools on a miniature
supply place.
buci131: are you carving into the egg shell, too? Not just the clay?
shargoose: Michaels is 30 miles from here!!
dahs512: I am always scoping out the next 40% off thing to buy
ljcswartz: of 50
ljcswartz: % from Joanns
buci131: Oh, I see--you don't think Yahoo has something already
designed that could just be downloaded for recording?
dahs512: I live 40 miles from town and go almost every day
shargoose: I am disabled so do most of shopping on internet
biodredd: This link is for something called CAMBUSTER. I don't
anything about it, but I know it will allow you to view cams on Yahoo
without having permission. There may be other features built in as
shargoose: Try to tell hubby what I want, lost cause
ljcswartz: Michael's sells the files??? where??? I haven't seen them
ljcswartz: dind't work
biodredd: Unless unless people ask for the feature, Yahoo does not
produce add-ons for its cam software. It would have to be part of the
next Yahoo Messenger update.
dahs512: by the wig jig stuff, in the wire beads area
buci131: That link doesn't like me, do you have another for it?
ljcswartz: thanks
ljcswartz: I will look
biodredd: Hold on let me try something else.
auntyalias: I'm so sorry this is taking so long to do so little
buci131: well, they really need to fix the voice/audio stuff too--but
since you aren't on the Yahoo staff, I guess you're not the person to
be telling that, eh
ljcswartz: does the wig jig work? worth trying?
dahs512: I've heard the metal one is better.
biodredd: Hmmm... I'll have to do some more looking and se if I can't
locate some helpful stuff by the next time you all get together.
dahs512: I am trying not to get everything in the craft world that I
might possibly use
ljcswartz: me too but I love to have the right tools
dahs512: I've been making chain mail lately
buci131: don't wear yourself out over it. I'll do a little searching
myself soon now that you've given me the idea. Besides, I don't always
get to come to these shindigs
ljcswartz: ohhh. really?
buci131: chain mail?!!
dahs512: just playing a little.
ljcswartz: for?
ljcswartz: a knight?
dahs512: or....hence the files
dahs512: fish scales
dahs512: just a bracelet
dahs512: I learned i need to use good diagonal plyers
ljcswartz: the hinge is going in?
buci131: oh, we're hinging here-
ljcswartz: pressed in the gap
buci131: looks like NJ is now adding a slice of cane as a bed for the
ljcswartz: push the extra clay under the hinge
ljcswartz: size the hinge
ljcswartz: add the pins
auntyalias: need a phillips
buci131: We have a Dave here
ljcswartz: so they get screwed into the clay
dahs512: lol
buci131: now the other side, right?
auntyalias: So I'll cure one side first and then add the other
auntyalias: after one side is cured
buci131: ah
buci131: makes sense
auntyalias: that way we won't set ourselves up for weeping profusely
buci131: heehee
ljcswartz: good to know that
biodredd: Too late, I've been weeping for days. Now the storms are
over, I can stop weeping.
dahs512: for chain mail instructions
dahs512: maille
buci131: wow
ljcswartz: but yours is made of clay right?
buci131: ok, so she's adding another layer of cane to cover the hinge
and embed it in the clay
dahs512: she covered that hinge right up
dahs512: me, no i used silver
ljcswartz: wow
dahs512: then realized i needed to practice with plain metal
ljcswartz: what gage wire?
auntyalias: now I'll put this in the oven
buci131: Too cool, NJ!
dahs512: one side at a time
ljcswartz: I am so glad to see this done
shargoose: Thanks, now I think I can try this hinge on my eggs
buci131: Thank you, thank you for waiting for me on this one.
ljcswartz: I couldn't visualize how it would work
ljcswartz: it looks great
ljcswartz: guess I should call it a night.. nice to chat with all of
ljcswartz left the room
dahs512: Night Jackie
buci131: Later Jackie
dahs512: I started my cam to finish that bird of paradise
frogger70301: looking good, hon.
dahs512: thanks Mitch
buci131: Wowsers, Denise--nice colors, very vibrant
frogger70301: Did you make the cane for the green, or did you have
that already?
dahs512: Thanks Eva, too vibrant, but that's ok
dahs512: lol mitch
dahs512: i made the greens
buci131: Oh, I don't think so--it's beautiful
frogger70301: It's a beautiful flower so it should stand out a bit
dahs512: yellow and black for the light stripe
frogger70301: how cool.
frogger70301: I guess with it next to the darker green, it kind of
took on some of the tone of it, huh?
dahs512: alittle
dahs512: but try it, i was supprised too
dahs512: Sharon suggested it
frogger70301: Well, ladies. I'd love to stay longer and see how
everything turns out in the end, but it's been a rough day.
frogger70301: I'm gonna turn in for the night.
frogger70301: Nite all.
biodredd left the room
frogger70301: oops, forgot about Dave.
frogger70301: If he comes back tell him I';m sorry for calling him a
dahs512: night Mitch
shargoose: night Mitch
frogger70301 left the room
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: the other side is indented enough, using the second hinge
for a measure, we're not going to use this hinge in the final cure,
the one that is in the oven is going in this place
dahs512: got it
auntyalias: Oh Denise, I just opened your cam
buci131: I get it
buci131: yeah, isn't that impressive, NJ?
auntyalias: lots of folks left out, filing egg shells is just too
boring LOL
dahs512: i tried dancing
buci131: ah, but the diehards are still here
auntyalias: Sharon should get a metal for today, she's been on as long
as I have and saved logs for me too
buci131: way to go Sharon!
auntyalias: thank you Sharon, you've been a real troopre
auntyalias: I think she's got the cam and log on while she does other
things there
auntyalias: I'll save log at this point, while I got a minute
shargoose: You are most welcome
auntyalias: ah there you are, ya you've been great back up for me
shargoose: Was searching for carving tools. Glad I could help
auntyalias: Most tools for wood are good for cured clay
auntyalias: I found that if I carve off the clay cover and then file
the egg shell it went a lot faster
auntyalias: it only took me fiddling with the other side so long to
figure out why I was walking on egg shells
auntyalias: LOL
shargoose: I wonder if I could use my old Dremel tool?
auntyalias: I didn't want the clay to peel away
auntyalias: so I cut the clay off and then sanded on this side and it
went a lot faster
buci131: i bet that would work, Sharon
shargoose: Makes sense to me. You always find a better way to do
shargoose: I think I'll resurect the old thing and give it a try
buci131: So, NJ--I only got 9 screen shots, but I've put in the Epson
albums under WebCam: Egg Hinging
shargoose: Going to go now
shargoose: Got to go play with clay
buci131: night Sharon
shargoose: I stay up LATE!!
buci131: no kidding. I'm about go to bed.
dahs512: nite sharon
buci131: I used to stay up late--when I stayed at home
shargoose: Thanks NJ for the lovely demo, and enjoy your movie on
dahs512: why is my lines underlined
dahs512: yahpp is so weird
dahs512: lol
buci131: did you hit your underline button by accident?
shargoose left the room
auntyalias: Thank you Eva
buci131: you're welcome.
dahs512: what button is that?
buci131: btw--can we put other demos in there? i.e., Denise's hand
dahs512: never mind
buci131: heehee--glad you found it
dahs512: i found the button
buci131: I'm having problems getting my current web design program to
do the thumbnails properly
auntyalias: the timer should be going off soon, I'm going to go check
buci131: did you turn your cam off Denise?
auntyalias: I had to open her cam again Eva
buci131: ok
dahs512: you can send them to me and I'll put them up on my site
auntyalias: 10 more minutes
buci131: OK--I had a great page setup, but I can't get the durn
thumbnails to work on it right now, grrrr
auntyalias: and then I'll put it in the freezer for a quick cooling
buci131: okie dokie
auntyalias: WOW Denise, it turned out perfectly
auntyalias: wowie zowie
buci131: no kidding
auntyalias: gosh and golly
auntyalias: best send pix of that through the pix list or put it on a
auntyalias: that's amazing
auntyalias: mine suck big time in comparison
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: but that's ok
dahs512: thanks
dahs512: NJ, i learned it from you
dahs512: we were just working it out
dahs512: i like yours too
dahs512: mini
buci131: oh, NJ--I'm gonna hafta go. I gotta go to bed so I don't fall
asleep at my desk tomorrow. I don't think that would make a good
impression, lol
dahs512: mine is big
buci131: Thanks oodles for waiting so long and then jumping right into
it when I got here
dahs512: nite Eva
buci131: I think I get the picture on this--you definitely made it
look simple enough, I think I can do it now
dahs512: good to see you
buci131: heehee, thanks Denise
buci131: Of course I just taken a shower so no makeup, etc.
buci131: Is Linda actually still here?
auntyalias: Ok, Eva I'm glad you enjoyed it
buci131: oh, very much so
auntyalias: now we'll see how strong it is, I'm going to be adding
stuff around the edges
buci131: thanks oodles--even the scraping time was good cause Dave
gave me some ideas for trying the recording/live web cam stuff
auntyalias: and that will help add strength to the whole thing
auntyalias: oh coolness
auntyalias: Linda isn't here
buci131: so I'll let you know if anything else comes up with that. YOu
may not want to do live and a recording at the same time anyway
auntyalias: she left out long ago, you know how this chat list is
buci131: oh, no I didn't realize that.
auntyalias: ya, this list isn't a good indication of who is here.
auntyalias: there's a lag
auntyalias: I check who has the cam open for a better gage
buci131: oh, well, I kept thinking she was here the whole time--oh
buci131: nighty night you two--thanks again
auntyalias: nighty night Eva
buci131: Denise, I'll send you those screen shots. I need to send them
to you anyway, so you can post htem on your site
dahs512: so, you've been at this the long time
dahs512: Thanks Eva
buci131: you're welcome
buci131 left the room
auntyalias: I'm going to check those screen shots she put up on epson,

auntyalias: Rob and Melissa got in touch with the list
auntyalias: and she's pregnant!!
auntyalias: so they are more than OK
auntyalias: whew and YEAH
auntyalias: I'm so excited for them
auntyalias: timer went off
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: good for them
auntyalias: emu egg half in the freezer
lindaslists left the room
auntyalias: Just clicked your cam and your lady was lookingat me
auntyalias: made me jump
auntyalias: I swear
auntyalias: she's wonderful, you know that don't you?
auntyalias: Just posted to the list the hinging album, did captions, I
should proof them,

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.