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Demo Log #2: Where I figured it out with the help of Luna/Jean. Also for those who are new to Demo a step by step of helping Loomy/Lisa get into chat and make it her favorite room. If you don't know how and use PC read this log and you'll know how to get in just like Lisa. 

Pink and White Flower Cane-002 04-04-03 

Deciding on the flower. Demo Log #1 for Syl's Pink and White flower.




This is a flower that we're working on in Demo 04-03-03.

auntyalias: you're too kind. LOL
icare4bunnies: lol nah
icare4bunnies: ask my kids
icare4bunnies: bye for now you two
ljcswartz: bye sorry I was late
icare4bunnies: twenty lashes with a wet noodle . ... tata
ljcswartz: NJ - could I get a quick review of how you went from the
blend to the petal
icare4bunnies left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
ljcswartz: Hi Jude
auntyalias: I'm making effort to do over lapping flowers with a trans
surround and not doing it very well
jude: Howdy!
jude: Can you all see me this time?
auntyalias: perfectly
jude: Whew!
auntyalias: I'm not at all satisfied with this
jude: Not too subtle, is it?
ljcswartz: brb
jude: Nice chop and toss, though.
auntyalias: I don't even like the chop
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: ohno!!
auntyalias: I really don't like doing flower canes, mine always turn
out crappy
auntyalias: ah well.
auntyalias: shall we continue to abuse flower cane or do something
jude: Flower cane abuse? GASP!
auntyalias: really
auntyalias: how disappointing
jude: I think it's the color.
auntyalias: Where's that tempura I did
auntyalias: ya, that color ain't me
ljcswartz left the room
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Yahoo giving you the fits Jackie?
ljcswartz: This is the first time I have had so much trouble
ljcswartz: next time I will just stay out for awhile and try later.
auntyalias: Ya, Jude I think you're right, it's the color that's
putting me off
auntyalias: I think I like that better
jude: I do too.
ljcswartz: looks super
jude: Hibiscus?
auntyalias: if they were overlapping in a circle, wouldn't that look
more Hibiscusish
jude: Or, is it the odeous odeum? Or whatever it was called?
auntyalias: The flower I took a picture of
auntyalias: didn't turn out
auntyalias: so I blended the chop for this middle pink
auntyalias: and gave pressing the card in going down the length of the
auntyalias: like Jael said I should
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I never did the crysanthemum cane before
auntyalias: and this is a variation of that technique
auntyalias: Karen of Clayalley says Hi and she's having Yahoo problems
auntyalias: getting into the room
auntyalias: I'll post to the list
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: made it this time!
jude: Whew!
jude: howdy@Q!
auntyalias: Oh hey
kmrhodes: hey ya-all
jude: Just read your message.
kmrhodes: had a hell of a time
auntyalias: just posted to the list that you were having problems
getting into chat
kmrhodes: this is like my 5th try
auntyalias: gad
kmrhodes: Hows everyone tonight?
auntyalias: I've been struggling with flower cane today
auntyalias: just not my day for caning
kmrhodes: can't believe you are struggling NJ
auntyalias: did you see my sleeping lady pen, Karen?
kmrhodes: you must have something else on your mind
kmrhodes: no
auntyalias: Oh I HAVE been struggling
kmrhodes: coolness
kmrhodes: looks like an oscar award
kmrhodes: Oscar award Pens!!!! in Gold!!!
kmrhodes: Very nice NJ
auntyalias: she fits real nice in the hand
auntyalias: but I think one arm is going up and under her head
auntyalias: like she's sleeping on her arm
boobearns joined the room
auntyalias: I put her arm down to sculpt her face
auntyalias: Oh HI DORO
auntyalias: how you feeling
auntyalias: how's the tummy?
boobearns: NJ, was that the infamous lady pen I saw for a second
boobearns: are you sure that's a pen??
boobearns: amazing
kmrhodes: She is, isn't she?
auntyalias: I want to do Sasha Koen, the skater
auntyalias: with her leg over her head
kmrhodes: ouch!
auntyalias: and we write from her skate blade
auntyalias: or a swimmer
boobearns: a diver, write from her hands?
auntyalias: ya, one hand that is reaching for the stroke
auntyalias: the other hand along the body
boobearns: only thing is, a man would never put the pen down!
auntyalias: head turned to take a breath
auntyalias: that's the ticket, Doro
auntyalias: make a pen that folks can't refuse
boobearns: little working works of art
auntyalias: and can't put down
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: practical art
auntyalias: I'm very excited about this
auntyalias: as odd as it may be
auntyalias: there I'm going to take a claying break for a minute
auntyalias: to get over my disappointing flower petal cane
auntyalias: and type for a bit
boobearns: you had a disappointing flower petal cane?
auntyalias: Oh it sucked big time
boobearns: bet it looked better than any I could have done!
boobearns: what's wrong with that???
auntyalias: well it's surrounded with trans
auntyalias: and I wanted to slice very thin slices
auntyalias: and over lap
auntyalias: like Leigh does
jude: Looks like the underside of an octopus! LOL!
kmrhodes: Shoot NJ - your mistakes are better than my best efforts
auntyalias: but it looked awful
auntyalias: but I had expectations
boobearns: that's exactly what I was thinking, my best try yet hasn't
looked that good!
auntyalias: and expectations not met lead to disappointment
auntyalias: even the chop didn't blow my skirt up
auntyalias: so I blended it all to get this middle pink
boobearns: and disappointment is pretty close to a quarter in the jar.
Don't be disappointed, it's a lesson learned
kmrhodes: but we need disappointment in order to move forward
auntyalias: and then did the credit card press trick
auntyalias: made an interesting sort of Hibiscus sort of flower
auntyalias: which I like better
boobearns: I like that better too NJ
auntyalias: so when I'm disappointed I blend it all together and do
something else
auntyalias: kicking the technique
auntyalias: around a bit more
auntyalias: I'm thinking for this flower
auntyalias: I'm struggling with
auntyalias: do the pink and white first, then press the card in the
kmrhodes: you are kicking just fine, NJ
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias: and then add the white and do more pressing. I just don't
auntyalias: Lommomy, first name since you're new to Demo
auntyalias: and we can do a roll call, name and location
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg PA
boobearns: Dorothy, Nova Scotia
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
lommomy: New Jersey
kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: and your first name, honey?
jude: Karen got dumped again.
auntyalias: Yahoo is baaaad today
lommomy: Lisa
boobearns: Hi Lisa
lommomy: I have a question for demos
auntyalias: ok, Lisa, I'm going to send you an invite to open the cam
and see what I'm doing
auntyalias: just sent the invite, you'll show up on my viewer's list
when you accept it
lommomy: try again
auntyalias: Lisa, you did come in through Yahoo Messenger and not the
web based chat room this list has.
auntyalias: and I guess we should know if you're PC or Mac also
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to lommomy (4/3/03 4:37 PM)
lommomy: I am at the web base
auntyalias: ah, then it's a No Can Do
auntyalias: load up Yahoo Messenger
auntyalias: add me to your Friend's list
auntyalias: Are you PC or Mac, there's different instructions
lommomy: nothing is showing on yahoo messenger and I get a busy please
try again
lommomy: pc
auntyalias: Ok, I'm added to your Yahoo Messenger Friend's list?
lommomy: msatclayart is
auntyalias: I'm not on that ID, add auntyalias
auntyalias: please
auntyalias: and then you'll see me bolded
auntyalias: you can right click on that and "join user in chat"
lommomy: no not bold and when I go to view webcan I get a not here
auntyalias: Do you have auntyalias added to your friend's list
lommomy: I will add now
auntyalias: coolness
auntyalias: then that will be bolded and join user in chat that way
auntyalias: everyone else
auntyalias: smoke em if you got em
auntyalias: potty break
auntyalias: if you're not wandered off already
boobearns left the room
auntyalias: Lost Doro
auntyalias: Jackie and Jude
ljcswartz: I am still here
auntyalias: it's the JJ&N show
auntyalias: I'm going to check the list real quick
ljcswartz: brb
jude: I'm here.
auntyalias: we're taking a break, Lisa is adding me
jude: Okie.
lommomy left the room
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: there goes Aunt Jude
auntyalias: this is the worst I've seen it yet.
ljcswartz: guess I will take off too. I have to get up very early
auntyalias: ciao bella
auntyalias: I'll hang for Lisa
auntyalias: see if she makes it
ljcswartz: I hope so
ljcswartz left the room
auntyalias: she's seeing the cam, just hasn't made it to chat
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias: There is Lisa
auntyalias: it's you and me kiddo
lommomy: Hi everything froze up had to reload
auntyalias: now take a breath
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Yahoo has been particularly difficult today
auntyalias: ok, next thing is to hit the file link in this chat room
auntyalias: there's Favorite Room
lommomy: file link?
auntyalias: in this window, there's the icons send file, webcam, voice
and chat
auntyalias: see the icons above?
auntyalias: above those icons are file, edit, view, friend etc
auntyalias: that file link. when you hit that
auntyalias: a menu will fall down and pick Favorite Room
auntyalias: which will give you an option to add this room as a
favorite room
auntyalias: then you're set
lommomy: I am in the chat room through the web site in yahoo and I
don't see a thing
auntyalias: leave out of the web based chat room
auntyalias: and enter in another way
lommomy: How
auntyalias: the other way to enter to be able to do webcam
auntyalias: is to go to your Friend's List
auntyalias: where my name is in bold
auntyalias: right click on that
auntyalias: at the very bottom of that menu
auntyalias: is
auntyalias: "join user in chat"
auntyalias: I'll hang until you get in and are set up
lommomy: I am new to yahoo mess needed to relog in
auntyalias: all this demo stuff is through Yahoo Messenger
lommomy: trying to connect
auntyalias: ok
lommomy: can't relog in I will keep on trying
auntyalias: This is a bad day to be doing this has dumped
everyone out of the room
auntyalias: so many times today
auntyalias: I'm sorry it's making your first effort a pill
auntyalias: I'm going to get some coffee and I'll be back in a couple
of minutes while you keep on trying to log on
lommomy left the room
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias: are you in
lommomy: I am here finly thanks but the webcam won't load
lommomy: busy
auntyalias: you can right click on my name above yours
auntyalias: oh, it's being tempermental
auntyalias: I'm going to get some coffee, oh there you must be
lommomy: I'm in thank you
auntyalias: and on a difficult Yahoo Messenger day
auntyalias: if you get bumped off
auntyalias: like everyone else has been
auntyalias: don't take it personal
auntyalias: Now you can see the icons above on this chat window,
auntyalias: shows a paper with a paper clip for Send File
lommomy: this is my frist time using yahoo I use msn messanger most of
the time
auntyalias: next to the camera for webcam
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: above the paper with the clip, the word FILE
auntyalias: is a link I want you to click
auntyalias: go to Favorite Room
auntyalias: and Add this one
auntyalias: and I'm going to get that cup of coffee,
auntyalias: LOL
lommomy: Thanks it is saved lol
luna9786 joined the room
auntyalias: Luna/Jean this is Lommy/Lisa
auntyalias: who has been very hard working today
auntyalias: getting in and saving the room and everything while Yahoo
has been so mean
auntyalias: to everyone
lommomy: Heool
luna9786: Hi Lommy/Lisa
auntyalias: today, folks have been trying to get in and can't
auntyalias: try to type and can't be seen
auntyalias: get dumped
lommomy: Hello
auntyalias: have to reboot
auntyalias: you name it it's happened today so Lisa
auntyalias: ATTA GIRL \(*o*)/
auntyalias: you made it even though the horse was lame
luna9786: I didn't have a problem getting in.
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: You're just lucky Jean
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so Lisa, tell us a bit about yourself
auntyalias: New Jersey
auntyalias: right?
luna9786: yes
lommomy: I am just starting playing with clay, I do so many other
crafts I thought I would add this one to the list
auntyalias: and let's see it become an obsession real quick
luna9786: you will get addicted fast
lommomy: I am having fun making pen
auntyalias: what sort of clay do you have? Oh Hey do you do Minis?
auntyalias: I have a mini clayer FAQ I just did
auntyalias: would you like the url, the links work in chat
lommomy: Sculpy so far
auntyalias: do you mini?
lommomy: kind of short on cash so I don't have many colors yet
lommomy: yes
auntyalias: ok, I will get that url for clayers who do minis
luna9786: get the basic and mix your own colors
lommomy: I watching and learning tonight
luna9786: NJ is the best
auntyalias: book mark that
auntyalias: it spells it all out for you, tools, stuff stuff
auntyalias: I'm working on this flower cane
auntyalias: it's a variation of the crysanthemum cane where you mash a
credit card in the cane to get stripes
auntyalias: so if it is ok with the two of you I'll continue my
auntyalias: the first was awful
auntyalias: the second sort of ok
luna9786: please do I love to make new canes
auntyalias: this will be my third effort figuring this out
auntyalias: did you see the picture of the flower Jean?
luna9786: No
auntyalias: I sent it through the list, I'll get the link
auntyalias: so you'll see what I'm aiming at
luna9786: ok
auntyalias: it's a two part thing
auntyalias: I'm still struggling with the petals
auntyalias: the second part is the trumpet shape in yellow
auntyalias: looks like a trumpet
luna9786: that is georgous spelling
auntyalias: those petals go on that
auntyalias: so my blend has been too harsh
lommomy: I like to make flowers
auntyalias: so I'm going to give it another effort
auntyalias: Now if I'm doing something, Lisa, that you don't know the
name of type in chat
auntyalias: Jean will know
lommomy: Ok
auntyalias: and she can help explain what you see
auntyalias: ok, Jean?
luna9786: I hope I will
auntyalias: give it your best effort
luna9786: ok
auntyalias: and it'll get you typing practice. LOL
luna9786: thanks
auntyalias: ok, what I'm going to do is make a blend
auntyalias: I have actually two blends I need to do
auntyalias: dark pink to light pink
auntyalias: and light pink to white
auntyalias: Lisa, use my search engine and type in blends for the How
To on blends, or Flowers to see different types of 3D flowers
lommomy: Ok
auntyalias: so let's get cracking
lommomy: she folds it in half and rolls it?
auntyalias: the only time I fold it in half is the first press
auntyalias: the rest of the times I press
auntyalias: I roll it
luna9786: Fold in half and run thru the PM. Then you roll it up twist
it and run thru PM
auntyalias: like a jelly roll
auntyalias: and then twist it like a wet rag
auntyalias: and then pinch up a ridge to put between the rollers
auntyalias: that way you only have to press to blend a half dozen
lommomy: ok put it in long or short way in pm
auntyalias: rather than 24 dozen times of only folding it in half
auntyalias: so solid colors are at the ends of the log, all pink one
side all white the other
auntyalias: later we will press it head first to get a long three
colored ribbon
auntyalias: but that's later
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: poke air bubbles out
luna9786: see how the center is starting to blend
auntyalias: have no mercy
luna9786: fan fold
lommomy: ok I have noticed that air bubbles are a problem
luna9786: now put in the pm short side down
luna9786: you have a long ribbon
luna9786: we all get air bubbles. just poke them a press out the air
luna9786: sorry and press out the air
luna9786: cut a clean end and line up the two ribbons dark to light.
then roll jelly roll style. light on the inside
auntyalias: exactly, Jean
auntyalias: now this jelly roll blend has a hundred uses
auntyalias: different colors
auntyalias: different effects
auntyalias: it's a basic preparation step
auntyalias: Now this is where the experimentation comes in
lommomy: Ok I like the short version
auntyalias: there's this technique where people do Bullseyes
auntyalias: and not jelly roll blend
auntyalias: so there's rings in rings
auntyalias: and then they
auntyalias: press a credit card into that bullseye of many rings
auntyalias: for this cane that is called the crysanthemum cane
auntyalias: when we do that with a jelly roll blend like this
luna9786: i like making them.
auntyalias: I'm hoping we can get stripes of pink and red into the
auntyalias: that's my aim
auntyalias: there's a ton of these lines, some long and some shallow
auntyalias: so I'll be pressing the card into this cane like a nut
auntyalias: Jean, you have any tips since you like to do the
crysanthemum cane?
lommomy: I tryed once only I did not have a pm and everything came out
luna9786: cover the credit card with wax paper
auntyalias: well there's ways to do blends without a pm, it's on my
blends page on my site
auntyalias: I don't have any fresh waxed paper
auntyalias: only old stuff that's been used and reused
luna9786: otherwise just make sure you indent at least 8 times around
auntyalias: Oh I'm going to indent a hundred times
luna9786: old works
auntyalias: different depths
luna9786: cool
auntyalias: and one very long and deep for the center top of the petal
auntyalias: let me find some old waxed paper
lommomy: I used something way thicker than that I guess that is one of
the places I went wrong
luna9786: you need something that is thin. and vary your depth but
make sure you go in deep enough at least half way
luna9786: press the card in and keep rotating the cane
luna9786: reduce the cane cut off the dog bone ends and save them for
luna9786: or petal
luna9786: using the card make indentations around the rounded top the
lenght of the cane
luna9786: cut slices off the cane
luna9786: flatten thinning the edges slightly
auntyalias: could be a mini orchid
luna9786: shape into flat cup shape and work them together into petals
auntyalias: what I was doing to the edges is flattening them
auntyalias: and then doing a move that is like tearing paper
auntyalias: along the edge, to get a ruffle
lommomy: pretty
auntyalias: after that
auntyalias: hold the pointy bit
auntyalias: and bend the petal around your thumb and forefinger tip
auntyalias: to get the shape
auntyalias: holding the pointy end will stretch the petal so you'll
need to tear at the edges to get more ruffles
auntyalias: but if we put these five petals around a trumpet shape
auntyalias: we'd get that flower that I took the picture of
auntyalias: I need a to take a close look at that part of the flower
to figure out the color
auntyalias: let your eye be your judge
auntyalias: is the best bet
auntyalias: I can see what my problem was with this darker petal
auntyalias: the surround sheet of dark pink was too dry
auntyalias: wouldn't stand up to the "tear the paper" move along the
auntyalias: and Jean, you were right about going in deep
auntyalias: once reduced I saw that I could have used a few really
deep lines into the white
luna9786: thanks
auntyalias: this came out ok, but next time I'll take your advice
luna9786: I think it came out good
lommomy: Looks great to me
auntyalias: Ok, I'm getting closer to it
auntyalias: I know what I have to do now with pressing the card
auntyalias: is not to be so timid
auntyalias: that's the ticket
auntyalias: ya, I'm liking this petal
luna9786: i like i like
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: that's the closest I've come to the picture
auntyalias: I'm going to have to take a dinner brea
auntyalias: because I'm fading here
auntyalias: and got to watch my blood sugar
auntyalias: are either of you going to be online in a couple of hours?
luna9786: By George I think you've got it
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I think I am closer than ever, I'll say that
auntyalias: thanks for the tips
auntyalias: it's a group effort
auntyalias: it's so Hawaii
auntyalias: I think
auntyalias: add some green leaves and let's dance a Hula
auntyalias: ya know?
luna9786: I have to go in 15min. 6am comes early
luna9786: I love it
auntyalias: and Lisa is on the east coast there
auntyalias: so Lisa
auntyalias: how did you like your first webcam demo?
luna9786: Lisa where are you from?
lommomy: It is 9:00 Very nice I learned alot glad I finly got here New
luna9786: Where in New Jersey? I am in Edison
auntyalias: it might be too late for you in a couple of hours, but
Monday and Thursdays
auntyalias: I make an effort to be on for some hours
lommomy: Brick Town by Point Pleasent
auntyalias: I've done 5 hours today and will put in another 3 before I
end this session,
auntyalias: but I got to go eat, so it was a stone gass getting you in
here Lisa
auntyalias: I always feel buff when someone makes it expecially when
it's been so fritzy with Yahoo today
lommomy: sorry hubby called he works midnight shift and went in early
auntyalias: are you guys neighbors?
auntyalias: don't tell me you're neighbors
auntyalias: that would be just too wild
lommomy: we are about 1hr apart
luna9786: NJ glad you are feeling better. Lisa nice to meet you. NJ
safe great wekend to you. See you monday. We are about a half hour
from each other
auntyalias: hokey smokes, closer than I am to any clayer who likes me
auntyalias: jeese louise, what a trip. Looks like there's a clay day
in store for you two
lommomy: where are you at?
auntyalias: I'm off to feed
auntyalias: you guys can stay and chat
auntyalias: if you want
lommomy: Thank you
auntyalias: my pleasure
auntyalias: xoxo

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.