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Shargoose/SharonV caught these 35 screen shots of the first Inro effort of today. Check out where I use the aluminum foil to keep the second sheet from sticking to the inner sheet of clay, that way we get interlocking stacking compartments. 
Thank you, SharonV

Three Demo Inro of 06-09-03 

DemoLog-001: The Gold and Crimson first Inro of the day.

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Inro of Gold and Crimson Index.

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meows3xx joined the room
meows3xx: Hi NJ
auntyalias: Hey Roni
auntyalias: Sorry my back was to the screen and I didn't see you come
in. I don't have my speakers connected either
meows3xx: thanks for all the Asian eye candy
auntyalias: did you see the tutorial for this morning?
auntyalias: Oh my pleasure, I'm finding my "loots"
auntyalias: LOL
meows3xx: yes, never would have thought of toilet paper lol
auntyalias: I was wondering how I could do this while I was cleaning
Ruth's bathroom
auntyalias: and I was emptying the waste paper basket and there was a
toilet paper roller
meows3xx: inspiration in the "head"
auntyalias: and it was like the Finger of God touched my third eye
auntyalias: LOLOL
auntyalias: Oh, how funny that is.
auntyalias: Ya exactly, very Zen
auntyalias: and all that
auntyalias: did you see the Gold and Crimson paces?
meows3xx: yes, checked it out this morning
auntyalias: what sheets we're going to cover these three sections
auntyalias: ok, which one do you like the most?
meows3xx: parquet
auntyalias: just plain basket weave or with the leaves?
meows3xx: basket weave
auntyalias: ah, let me get that cane out, got basket weave already
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
meows3xx: hi Judy
jude: Howdy!
auntyalias: Howdy Jude, did you see the Tute for the inside of this
auntyalias: Inro with toilet paper roller
jude: Yes, I did look. Most interesting.
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Jackie
auntyalias: Hey honey
ljcswartz: hi
meows3xx: hi Jackie
twinmom94002 joined the room
ljcswartz: nice to be here...
twinmom94002: hi folks! Hiya Lynn!
auntyalias: did everyone see the Gold and Crimson paces and the tute
for this morning?
ljcswartz: not sure --
twinmom94002: some of it
jude: Gold and crimson?
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Index.htm
jude: okie.
jude: So much to little time...hehehehe
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Paces.htm
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
jude: Okie, got it.
auntyalias: I'll wait until everyone's been able to review the Paces
and Inside tutes
auntyalias: So Jude how's the weather
jude: Gorgeous!
jude: We have a little breeze. But it's nice and warm, but not hot.
auntyalias: You know that saying of Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I
ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco" we got that, in the low 50's
out by my foggy and windy location
jude: Oh, brrrr....
auntyalias: speaking of which I'm going to put on a sweater
jude: We haven't had warm for over six months, so this is most
ljcswartz: is there a good mix for crimson?? red and??
auntyalias: hmmm
twinmom94002: very clever construction, nj
auntyalias: gosh, I know that cadmium red and black makes Ox Blood,
the color for Bento Boxes
auntyalias: so that's not going to work
ljcswartz: lol
twinmom94002: i like alizarin crimson and gold
auntyalias: that's what this is
twinmom94002: heavier on the al. crimson
auntyalias: for some reason I had like three pounds of it going hard
with age
ljcswartz: I have those
auntyalias: so that's why I'm making effort to use it up
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: excuses excuses
ljcswartz: what is the proportion gold to alizarin
auntyalias: pure gold, pure crimson
ljcswartz: slow reader
auntyalias: unless you're doing a blend
ljcswartz: more al crimson- got it
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: hello
jude: Howdy Karen.
auntyalias: Hey Karen, did you see the toilet paper tute?
twinmom94002: hiya karen
ljcswartz: so the alizarin cr... is the crimson?
kmrhodes: hows it going
auntyalias: yes Jackie it is
ljcswartz: ty
auntyalias: That's for Karen
auntyalias: if she's not see it yet
shargoose joined the room
kmrhodes: been busy - got new items in
auntyalias: SharonV, Hey honey
kmrhodes: busy photo-ing them
shargoose: Hello
kmrhodes: hey Sharon
auntyalias: ok, 12:30 and let's take roll
shargoose: Just in for a few
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettsyburg, PA
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA.
meows3xx: Roni, Michigan
ljcswartz: Jackie, Bel Air, MD
shargoose: Have husband's son drop in for a suprise 3 week visit
kmrhodes: That was Sharon in VT
shargoose: No Sharon In NH
jude: LOL
kmrhodes: duh
auntyalias: LOL
shargoose: Close
kmrhodes: I am so confused
auntyalias: Close enough for Government work
shargoose: Yup
kmrhodes: got the V from your last name
shargoose: I don't care if the IRS can find me or not!!
kmrhodes: it was close
auntyalias: Lisa in Belmont must be caught up with the Twins
auntyalias: Let's take these separate sections off of the toilet paper
roller, they are cooled down by now
shargoose: Hope someone is doing Log and Pics
ljcswartz: shall I shoot?
auntyalias: Thank you Jackie if you could
ljcswartz: ok
shargoose: Geting some while I am on
shargoose: but have to scoot soon
ljcswartz: just a sec
auntyalias: so now it's a matter of putting an outer tube on these,
not letting the separate compartments stick to one another in the
process, yes?
shargoose: I really want to do one of these!!
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: and having the cuts of the outer section in different
places that the compartments
auntyalias: they over lap in the picture I put up
auntyalias: did you see that picture of the Inro Opened?
meows3xx: yes
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-Opened.htm
auntyalias: I think I'll use the leaf on the basket weave as the
outside of this thing
auntyalias: to keep where it over laps separate I'm going to use
aluminum foil
auntyalias: to keep the sections from curing to each other, at the
bottoms I'll add a sheet of aluminum foil
auntyalias: some parts of the outer tube will be cured to the inside
auntyalias: and some will be unable to because of the foil
auntyalias: so let's see if this brain fart works
auntyalias: is anyone saving logs or shall I do that right now?
auntyalias: I'll do it now then
auntyalias: now for the foil
shargoose: Nj I am saving log as long as I will be on
auntyalias: thanks honey, I just saved what we have, you gotta scoot
so you just enjoy yourself there, shots are nice if it's not a hassle
shargoose: No Problem
shargoose: I'm here until "THE KID" gets back!!
ljcswartz: I should be getting screen shots
shargoose: brb
ljcswartz: where exactly is that foil?
shargoose: Looks like its on the inner rim
shargoose: So they don't stick togather when covered in clay?
auntyalias: I'm going to use some floral tape, just a touch, to hold
this ring of foil around the edge
auntyalias: naw, it's too plastic
auntyalias: maybe some masking tape instead
ljcswartz: the foil is covering the top of a compartment. And a strip
of foild is added around the edges
kmrhodes: so correct me if I'm wrong
kmrhodes: there are 3 sections
kmrhodes: foil is added to the first and middle section
kmrhodes: but not the last?
auntyalias: Where the foil is the outer layer will not stick
auntyalias: that's where the compartments over lap
auntyalias: now I'm just figuring this out as I go
auntyalias: the next issue will be where to cut the outer layers
auntyalias: shall we cut them hot out of the oven
auntyalias: hoping to hit the foil?
auntyalias: or add them on with the separation already sliced
auntyalias: so we're sure
kmrhodes: measure the foil - how far up it goes
ljcswartz: one has a foil bottom and one doesn't?
kmrhodes: looks like it
kmrhodes: the middle one has a foil bottom
ljcswartz: ty
kmrhodes: the top one, has foil around the rim
meows3xx: if you cut it hot and miss the foil won't you possibly be
cutting where it is stuck
shargoose: was the base layer baked already?
meows3xx: yes
shargoose: k
kmrhodes: Oh, I like this thing!
ljcswartz: me too
kmrhodes: did she mark the layers with a needle prick
ljcswartz: good idea
ljcswartz: cutt off the excess on the bottom leaving the base
kmrhodes: or straight on?
auntyalias: Where we need to cut is already scored
auntyalias: we have lines we can follow after the curing, which I'm
going to do right now
ljcswartz: does the top dent in a bit?
kmrhodes: I don't think so
ljcswartz: an illusion then
auntyalias: there is a dent in the top
kmrhodes: maybe the clay dipped a little in baking
auntyalias: there's going to be something there before it's all done
ljcswartz: how did it get there?
auntyalias: I put it there deliberately
kmrhodes: ah
ljcswartz: k
auntyalias: also for there to be a differentiation between the top and
the bottom
auntyalias: the bottom looks like a bottom, flat, the top is indented
because it gives us a recess to put some decorative something or other
kmrhodes: cool
auntyalias: now since the inside was cured
auntyalias: and the outside was raw
auntyalias: it was easy to cut the outside
auntyalias: when you hit something firm
auntyalias: stop
auntyalias: when I can hear foil creaking against the tissue blade,
auntyalias: roll the thing and the lines will match up
auntyalias: or did for me anyway
kmrhodes: I'd have cuts everywhere. Can't cut straight for nothing
auntyalias: let the truth of the toilet paper roller be your guide.
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Mitch
auntyalias: Hey honey
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: Hey Mitch
frogger70301: hi, all.
auntyalias: just got the first Inro in the oven, put the outside sheet
on, did you see the tute for the inside?
ljcswartz: hi Mitch
frogger70301: glanced at it.
ljcswartz: I have 20 screen shots... hope they help
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
auntyalias: Oh cool Jackie, you know how to load them into Epson,
shargoose: Iv'e got 62 shots
shargoose: I always take a lot
ljcswartz: I need to learn. I use webshots and my web page
shargoose: I need all the help I can get!!
auntyalias: Sharon!! Gosh
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: guess I need to learn to shot too
kmrhodes: more is good
auntyalias: Ok, Jackie I'll link to your site on this demo
shargoose: Quick trigger finger
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: now I don't know if this will work or not
auntyalias: but I do think that putting foil down where you want
things to over lap and not stick is key to this trick
bonsaikathy joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey Kathy
auntyalias: Howdy Kathy, I got the tape, thank you
shargoose: Hi Kathy!
frogger70301: Hiya hon. Feeling better?
auntyalias: I just put the Inro box into the oven with the outer sheet
auntyalias: we have a boat load of screen shots
ljcswartz: question.. for the screen shots - it is best to keep the
text too for reference, right?
auntyalias: I sort of like them with the text
auntyalias: and it's easier for you, yes?
ljcswartz: me too
bonsaikathy: hi there
auntyalias: less cropping and such all, no captions need be written
bonsaikathy: and you're welcome NJ
auntyalias: How ya feeling Kathy?
bonsaikathy: still under the weather but feeling a little better
shargoose: NJ, I'm saving all 62 pics. If you want them let me know
shargoose: I will purge them later
shargoose: I know I can cut out a lot of the extra steps
auntyalias: Sharon you can put them into the Epson albums, put a
password on it and I'll review before having them go prime time
ljcswartz: how do you do your shots Sharon?
shargoose: Put a password?
shargoose: I use PSP 7
auntyalias: ya, I'll give you the directions on how to put them in our
Epson album stash, there's a way of putting a password on an album so
it doesn't go public until you're ready
ljcswartz: is there a trick to quick saving then?
auntyalias: I'll be able to remove the password when I go sort them
shargoose: I open it up, then on the keyboard on the upper right is a
button that says "Print Screen Sys Rq
auntyalias: I'll send you an email with the directions, Sharon, Ok?
shargoose: I hit that then go to PSP screen
shargoose: Right click and a menu say save as
shargoose: OK NJ
auntyalias: going to answer Eva's post on the list, brb
ljcswartz: sounds like what I do = I use control v........
shargoose: Nj I know the password but is that the one you want me to
shargoose: Or another one since you want to preview them
shargoose: I couls add them to my Epson site
auntyalias: Sorry, Sharon I'm back now
bonsaikathy: I'm going to go get dinner started and then I'll be back
to watch demo
auntyalias: Okie Dokie Kathy
shargoose: k
auntyalias: brb, door
auntyalias: UPS guy
auntyalias: ok, Sharon, put them in with the Demo albums in our
communal Epson account
shargoose: Ok, all I have to go.
auntyalias: but go into settings when you have them in an album
shargoose: Will save pics and log
auntyalias: and give it a password of any type
shargoose: Will email log to you NJ
shargoose: I'll try
auntyalias: thanks Sharon, but do you understand what I'm saying about
putting a password on the album. I'll see it
auntyalias: I have Faith in You
shargoose: If not I'll put them on my site
auntyalias: thanks honey
shargoose: you pic and I'll upload to your Epson site
auntyalias: that's twice the work sweety
auntyalias: go on and we'll sort this out later
shargoose: Make sure more shots are taken as you go along
auntyalias: ask your claymates here
shargoose: I really, really really want to make one of these!!
auntyalias: Who will take shots since Sharon got to go?
shargoose: TTL
auntyalias: I'm going to check the timer
ljcswartz: I am but not so fast
shargoose left the room
auntyalias: 10 more minutes to go
kmrhodes: tell NJ to slow down Jackie so you can get the shots
auntyalias: and then we slice where we pre-cut while it is warm
auntyalias: LOL, I am going slow
kmrhodes: I know but I love pictures!
ljcswartz: I was just trying to get only the special shots...
auntyalias: I'm going to put my cereal bowl and coffee cup in the
sink, brb
ljcswartz: saving pics
kmrhodes: ceral at 4:30 pm?
kmrhodes: opps, thats Eastern time!
auntyalias: Cereal for Lunch
auntyalias: quick bite when I put the item in the oven for the outer
kmrhodes: I had 3 peanut M&<'s
kmrhodes: M&M's
auntyalias: going to call out for Pizza, I'm NOT cooking today
kmrhodes: forgot there is potato salad in the frig
kmrhodes: made it yesterday
auntyalias: go grab a bite Karen
auntyalias: we got 7 minutes to go
kmrhodes: not time yet
auntyalias: and it's still going to be too hot to handle for a bit
kmrhodes: Donna's not home for another 30 min
kmrhodes: then she wants to wash her car
kmrhodes: so I got an hour at least
auntyalias: one thing I've not had to do since 1972
auntyalias: I've not driven since then
kmrhodes: been raining here almost every day
auntyalias: Said says I "ain't got the props" to drive, no guts
auntyalias: no mobility
kmrhodes: got 2 nice days right now
kmrhodes: then back to rain
kmrhodes: you need to drive NJ
kmrhodes: seeing you in a car would be like your Mugger stance!
kmrhodes: remember?
ljcswartz: brb need a drink
auntyalias: LOL, I hate driving, I don't really like being in a car,
as such, a truck yes
auntyalias: a bus, no problem
auntyalias: a Tank, all the better
auntyalias: trains are good. It's the "impact" issue
kmrhodes: You need an armored car
auntyalias: cars are very small and crunchable, in my opinion, I'd
rather something more heafty around me
kmrhodes: like the banks use
kmrhodes: LOL
auntyalias: Love half ton trucks
auntyalias: that's my size, or a Humvee
auntyalias: ya, that's the ticket
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: when I worked for Rock and Roll trucking, I loved the big
rigs cabs
kmrhodes: Hey I sold a Dobby!
auntyalias: a bed, a fridge, good sound system
auntyalias: high in the saddle, what's a Dobby?
auntyalias: a dog?
kmrhodes: the House Elf from Harry Potter movie
auntyalias: Oh my goodness
auntyalias: got pix?
ljcswartz: back
auntyalias: I'd best check the timer
auntyalias: couple of minutes still and then I'll take it out of the
oven and see if I can't coax the pre-cut lines apart
frogger70301: Karen, it's so cute! I absolutely love the frogs too!
kmrhodes: sold it to a postal clerk
kmrhodes: the Dobby
lommomy joined the room
auntyalias: There's one section
auntyalias: hot out of the oven, the pre-cut worked
kmrhodes: where's your oven mitts?
kmrhodes: dang girl, trying to get burned!
ljcswartz: I am having problems with screen shots
kmrhodes: whats happening Jackie?
ljcswartz: my print screen button is not getting a pic
kmrhodes: pc or mac?
ljcswartz: I think I hit the insert button.... it works now
ljcswartz: I missed a shot or two
kmrhodes: cool
auntyalias: Ok, so I cut along the pre-cut lines and pulled the
sections apart and then put them back together so they will cool next
to each other
auntyalias: The sheet was old and it cracked a bit
auntyalias: I'll have to do some post production embellishments on the
auntyalias: some vines or flowers or something to cover the cracks
kmrhodes: a nice vine, perhaps?
auntyalias: or maybe just some TLS and another curing
auntyalias: but you all are going to use fresh pressed sheets when you
do this
kmrhodes: See, thats why I am your assistant!
auntyalias: but it worked, the theory worked
ljcswartz: still not getting the shots... Maybe someone needs to get
auntyalias: Yes and I did have to get my oven mits, Karen, LOL
auntyalias: hot hot hot
auntyalias: I'll get digi pix Jackie
auntyalias: don't sweat it honey
ljcswartz: I need to figure out what is happening though
auntyalias: Shall we do Roll Call since we're waiting for this to
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg, PA
ljcswartz: Jackie md
meows3xx: Roni, Michigan
lommomy: Lisa New Jersey. I missed the demo I just found out about it,
I was away for the weekend
kmrhodes: we having a demo now Lisa
jude: Oh, jude, Tehachapi, CA
lommomy: I just tuned in
kmrhodes: pull up a chair and grab some clay
auntyalias: Lisa did you see the tute I put up this morning?
kmrhodes: You been quiet Jude
jude: I keep getting called away. I do catch up every once in a while.
lommomy: NJ the box looks great
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
lommomy: Just fini
lommomy: hed reading it
meows3xx: have to run, will check in later
meows3xx left the room
auntyalias: coolness, let me show you the foil I put so the outer
sheet didn't stick
Kathy (w8koqs3rd) joined the room
lommomy: Sorry Just finished reading it
ljcswartz: I may have it back...just restarted ps
lommomy: I wondered how that worked
w8koqs3rd left the room
lommomy: is the top one upside down?
auntyalias: now it is cool enough, but the bottom outer sheet cracked
a bit since it was old
auntyalias: oh, it's the top one since I have this upside down
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: How old was the sheet, NJ
auntyalias: I made it upside down
auntyalias: that's ok, LOL
auntyalias: since October 2002
kmrhodes: teacher made a boo-boo! LOL
auntyalias: I'm a goof
auntyalias: There's one LARGE section and a small one instead of three
small sections
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: what a bust
jude: Excuse me? It's upside down? LOL!!
lommomy: looks great
auntyalias: Upside down and cock eyed
auntyalias: but one large section and one small still works
jude: Looks terrific, though, NJ.
auntyalias: even though we were aiming for three sections
auntyalias: we have to put some tubes on the side
ljcswartz: so how should it really go together?
ljcswartz: nm
auntyalias: It can go any way we want it to
auntyalias: one section
auntyalias: two or three or five
auntyalias: depending on how many compartments we want
auntyalias: I have room in this one for folding money and then coins
auntyalias: that's all
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: I've gotta get for a little bit. Gotta play like I'm
gonna get my house clean b4 hubby gets home.
frogger70301: I'll try to get back in a bit.
auntyalias: Ok Mitch, see ya later
kmrhodes: bye Mitch
frogger70301: bye.
frogger70301 left the room
bonsaikathy: bye itch
lommomy: did you put cornstarch on the foil?
bonsaikathy: That's what I get for typing with one hand and eating
with the other
bonsaikathy: that was supposed to be bye Mitch
auntyalias: LOL, Kathy I can totally relate
auntyalias: Lisa, I didn't dust the foil, used masking tape
auntyalias: to hold it in place
auntyalias: now if we made a thin top, added another bottom to the top
section we'd have gotten three sections
lommomy: clay doesn't stick to foil?
auntyalias: nope, doesn't stick
auntyalias: and that allowed us to get this over lap deal going on
auntyalias: let me save log while I'm thinking about it

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.