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DemoLog-001: The Gold and Crimson first Inro of the day.

DemoLog-002: The beginning of the second Inro, using metal clay colors with the new malachite technique.

DemoLog-003: Finishing up on the Second Inro of the day. 

DemoLog-004: Start and finish of with the third Inro of the day. Basic Basket Weave with Gold, Pearl and Black. 

05-28-09: Review of Inro Experiments

06-10-03: Post Inro Demo Thanks and Thoughts

Netsuke and Inro, links to see real and polymer clay examples

Inro of Gold and Crimson Index.

Japan Index

First you got to put a couple of colors through their paces.

Inside: The making of the separate compartments. 
BonsaiKathy took these 16 pictures of the making of the inside tube of the Inro. Thanks Kathy!! 05/16/08 on photo gallery page.


Shargoose/SharonV caught these 35 screen shots of the first Inro effort of today. Inro of Gold and Crimson Check out where I use the aluminum foil to keep the second sheet from sticking to the inner sheet of clay, that way we get interlocking stacking compartments.
Thank you, SharonV
05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

Shargoose/Sharon V caught these screen shots of the making of the basketweave for the third Inro. Thank you Sharon! Basket Weave - 2  (38 pictures) 05/15/08 on photo gallery page.

06-09-03: Monday Demo, working out the pattern for an Inro box of many compartments. Like the open one we see above. We'll use the Gold and Crimson run for our first experimental Inro. We did a quick mokume gane and a basic basket weave as well.
06-12-03: Sanded and given a finish