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June 2003 was Asian Theme Month and since I'm half Japanese I have a boat load of stuff already ready to offer. From comical mini take out to sculptures of Japanese Grandmothers to a mini scene done on the back of a bankers box top, complete with a cloth mini kimono. 


Japanese Chair With No Legs

What the Japan Room really look like. A turned up banker's box top and some foam core. Just like a movie set. How to make a cloth mini Kimono look like it's hanging from a hook. Link to how to make mini Kimono and Futon on my 1998 site. 


Inro of Gold and Crimson Index Page. These two colors are put through their paces to give us something to make our Inro box out of. Demo logs, screen shots and digi pix are all ready for viewing. 

06-09-03: Monday Demo, working out the pattern for an Inro box of many compartments. Like the open one we see above. We'll use the Gold and Crimson run for our first experimental Inro. We did a quick mokume gane and a basic basket weave as well.

06-12-03: Sanded and given a finish

Netsuke and Inro, links to see real and polymer clay examples

06-13-03: Seth's Inro Post a wonderful post filled with great information. Thank you Seth for letting me put it up on the site. 
Check out the Asian Food part of The Diner


  Real Bento Boxes, 2 samples


Real Sushi and close up of real Salmon Roe 

Real Japanese Market, fish and foods examples

We could focus on sculpting Asian Faces

Skulls, faces and races

Obachan: From foil armature to a Granny with a heart of gold. See how it's done.

From the Webcam demo reviewing kimono and clay sheets

Logs, screen shots and digi pix for this bald lady in a kimono. Here's an Epson Album on how to use clay sheets for fabric and how to cover a figure in a Kimono. 


Mokume Gane is supposed to be made with metal, so this webcam demo we used metal colors clay and the malachite technique. 

Screen Shots by Linda Bohrn for the clay kimono and mokume gane. 

Faux Wood 1999

One of the techniques we have to review for June of 2003 is faux wood and bamboo. These Mini Bamboo Items are some of the things made in 1999 and they were my first efforts in this direction.  Buckets, ladles, spoons, spatulas, whisks for the tea ceremony, cups, bowls and everything else that's made with bamboo and utilized in the home can be made with polymer clay.
I saw the jumping carp cup in real malachite today, 06-05-03, at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. An old favorite of mine when the exhibit was in Golden Gate Park. I have a picture of a mini jumping carp cup from my old Malachite tute. I had forgotten how
large the real one was.


Egg section: Koi Pond and Japanese Garden in a Hinged Egg: 1999


Large pictures in the Japan section

Aki Nekko and Clay Kimonos  From 1999, need to rebuild this album.

Chinese Take Out Food Boxes, upper right of this pix, take out box
printable at the end of the album. Use the printable as a pattern for sheets of white clay, put it together and fill with Chow Mien as an easy breezy start to Asian Month. Epson Album.