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BonsaiKathy took these 16 pictures of the making of the inside tube of the Inro. Thanks Kathy!!

Three Demo Inro of 06-09-03 

DemoLog-003: Finishing up on the Second Inro of the day. 

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auntyalias: there's the timer, let me get those three sections
auntyalias: they will have to cool off before I can put foil on them
auntyalias: and I got to figure out where to put the foil
auntyalias: I should cut some foil to prep
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faye_shelton: Hi Ladies
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ljcswartz: hi
patab12000: hi
ljcswartz: NJ What is happening now?
auntyalias: I cut the toilet paper roller in half so the sections can
cool with a form inside
auntyalias: when they are more cool I'll put foil where I don't want
the outer sheet to stick
patab12000: so those pieces have been cured?
auntyalias: yes and they are still cooling
auntyalias: Pat did you see the screen shots that Kathy took on making
the black tube?
patab12000: no
auntyalias: Thanks for the Tiny URL for the Santa Faye
auntyalias: I didn't have time to search for them
faye_shelton: oh, you're welcome
faye_shelton: i was just browsing your Inro pix and noticed Jude's
auntyalias: so now I'll put foil on these sections where I don't want
the outer sheet to stick. I'm still working it out in my head, but
this time I aim to get three sections and not one large one and one
small like I did with the first Inro of today
auntyalias: now I got to figure out what to do with the lid here
auntyalias: I'm thinking I should put a ring on the inside of the top
section to go into the lid
auntyalias: I have to have some over lap for the lid
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auntyalias: that's one
auntyalias: now for the next one
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auntyalias: Where the foil is the second sheet will not stick
auntyalias: but I got an issue with the top
auntyalias: I don't have a ledge for the top to snuggle onto
ljcswartz: would a rim on the inside be possible?
auntyalias: I need a rim on the inside of the top compartment, Jackie,
that's the solution
auntyalias: sorry this part goes so slow, this foil bit
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jakmiami: 'lo all
ljcswartz: hi
ljcswartz: brb -off for pizza
auntyalias: the inner rim is too tall and I got to cut it down, but
it'll fix the problem with the lid
auntyalias: Hey Judith
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ljcswartz: bk
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ljcswartz: is the top lined with foil?
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auntyalias: I had to put a lip on the inside of the upper compartment
auntyalias: so it has raw clay, surrounded and topped with foil
auntyalias: I need to trim the lower foil and then I'll surround this
stack with a second sheet
auntyalias: this part has gone very slow because I'm still learning
how to deal with this foil business
auntyalias: it's a little uneven, but I'm going to cover it anyway
ljcswartz: where do you mark for the cuts?
auntyalias: I figure the foil comes up like a third of an inch from
the bottom of the second and first section
auntyalias: then
auntyalias: we have a slice we have to match with the top, but we're
cutting down to raw clay covered with foil on the inside of the top
auntyalias: eyeballing it as usual
auntyalias: Ok, so the pre-cuts are made
auntyalias: and now let's put this in the oven
ljcswartz: the cut goes at the top of the foil wrap? not where the top
and bottom meet then?
auntyalias: there was a problem with the top
auntyalias: figuring out where the over lap would happen
auntyalias: so I added a rim on the inside of the top section
auntyalias: and the top over lapped that
ljcswartz: go that but in the body where is the precut?
auntyalias: that extra rim on the inside of the top section was raw
auntyalias: had to put foil around it and over it
auntyalias: so I cut down to that foil
auntyalias: the pre-cut on the body went down to the foil guard
auntyalias: I could see the foil in the cut lines and hear it crinkle
while I cut it
ljcswartz: sort of in the middle of it then?
auntyalias: more towards the top
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: I trimmed that foil down
auntyalias: it's far from perfect
auntyalias: but I'm learning as I'm showing
auntyalias: ergo breaking stuff, cracked sheets
auntyalias: uneven slices for the compartments
patab12000: does each section have a bottom?
auntyalias: Yes, there's three bottoms and a lid
auntyalias: this time I got the three sections, first time around I
had one large compartment and a small one
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: sorry it took such a long time fiddling with the foil and
auntyalias: but I am pretty happy with the technique of the foil
fiddling, no matter how slow or akward it was
auntyalias: we're tettering on the edge of a nifty trick here
auntyalias: and the more we do it, imperfections and all, the better
they will become
auntyalias: this one I just put in the oven is the second I've ever
auntyalias: so I'm pretty pleased all in all
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auntyalias: Howdy Merrie
auntyalias: so any questions at this point?
ljcswartz: I am going to call it a night a bit early. Thanks so much.
Good night all
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auntyalias: welcome back Merrie, need some velcro?
merrie60us: you bet hi, I love the inro did I miss it
auntyalias: we got a second experiment curing in the oven
auntyalias: this was the first wonky effort
merrie60us: oh good
auntyalias: cracked sides
merrie60us: how did you shape it?
auntyalias: one big compartment and a small one when I thought I would
have three compartments
merrie60us: I have been using wire mesh
auntyalias: let me show you the tute from this morning, a toilet paper
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merrie60us: oh good
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
merrie60us: am going to check it out be right back
auntyalias: we got about 15 minutes before the second one comes out of
the oven
auntyalias: and there's all sorts of experiments going on with it and
I have no idea how it will turn out
auntyalias: in as much suspense as everyone else, who's at their
keyboards, Roll Call? We got Merrie looking at the tute
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
wi1dangl: Lynn - Atlanta
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
merrie60us: Merrie Boston
faye_shelton: Hi guys. Faye, Norfolk
merrie60us: is it supposed to open in thirds is that what you mean by
merrie60us: Another question, if you take out the toilet paper roll
prior to baking
auntyalias: look at the first cut, I wanted three compartments and I
had two open ends facing each other for one large section, which will
work, but I was surprised to see it when it was all said and done
merrie60us: what makes it not cave in during before baking?
jakmiami: NJ, it's reallllyyy dark...any chance you can get more light
on it?
auntyalias: I didn't leave the form in for the red, but the black,
there's 16 screen shots of that, I did leave the form in
auntyalias: had a problem with that when I had three sections I needed
forms for and only one toilet paper roller
auntyalias: so I cut it in half and let the cooling compartments have
a form inside while they cooled
auntyalias: just sort of figuring this out as I go along, the big
trick is
auntyalias: the over lap
auntyalias: how does one keep the inside tube and the outside tube
from sticking together?
auntyalias: with aluminum foil strips
auntyalias: there's foil between the inner and outer tubes and where
there is not foil they stick
auntyalias: it's a multiple curing operation
auntyalias: once for the tube and top part which can be the lid
auntyalias: slice into rings, put floors on the rings to make
auntyalias: second curing
auntyalias: then put foil where you don't want the decorate surround
sheet to stick, so you can have over lap, interlocking sections
merrie60us: Not quite understanding foil. Is it just there for the
baking part?
auntyalias: third curing
auntyalias: just for the baking
auntyalias: we are going to hopefully take all the foil away
auntyalias: like this one has foil taken away
merrie60us: okay so you put foil on and then put part on I get it
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auntyalias: Since the sheet was put on all three sections as one piece
faye_shelton: that's really pretty. gorgeous
auntyalias: I sliced through the raw sheet to hit the foil, I could
see it, hear it, I sliced it all the way around, a pre-cut
auntyalias: then when it was cured I cut it again
auntyalias: now all those cane practices, and how we press cane slices
on sheets
auntyalias: this is one thing you can use those sheets on
merrie60us: I really like it
auntyalias: even if they aren't all that impressive one can still add
embellishment, like vines, leaves, animals,
auntyalias: It's the first really new thing I've worked on in a while
auntyalias: truth be known
auntyalias: I'm pretty excited about it and that helps when I am
making mistakes with an audience
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I broke an tube that was to go on the inside, with a half
a dozen folks watching
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: the effect is like it is hand carved, at least in this
picture. very nice
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auntyalias: There's the timer for the second Inro effort, brb
merrie60us: ooh colors are very nice
sylsnovelties: Looks like I have been missing something good.
jakmiami: actually, i can't see the colors very well...i'm going to
leave and come back to see if that makes a difference
merrie60us: brb
faye_shelton: pretty awesome!
auntyalias: so the foil, even though it was a bit of a hassle to apply
auntyalias: worked charms with making interlocking compartments
auntyalias: now there are some Inro that are flat
auntyalias: like a flask of prohibition wiskey
auntyalias: and they have 5 compartments
auntyalias: some have a compartment at the top that holds water and
the lower compartments hold ink and brushes that you can screw
together like a traveling pool cue