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Three Demo Inro of 06-09-03 

DemoLog-004: Start and finish of with the third Inro of the day. Basic Basket Weave with Gold, Pearl and Black. 

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Inro of Gold and Crimson Index.

auntyalias: I'll be doing a third Inro
auntyalias: for those who just got here
auntyalias: it takes hours, mind you, since Noon we've only got these
two done
patab12000: yea, i missed so much getting bumped off
merrie60us left the room
auntyalias: so if you got the time, I'm going to do another one,
ironing out the wrinkles out of this technique
merrie60us joined the room
auntyalias: Merrie, you got the time to see another one of these done?
jude: Great, NJ!
merrie60us: you bet
merrie60us: thanks
jude: I've cleared the decks and can stick around this time.
auntyalias: Ok, let's see a show of fingertips, who's up for another
jude: Me, me, me!
merrie60us: me me me
patab12000: me too
jude: GMTA, Merrie. LOL!
jakmiami: as loong as my eyes hold out
auntyalias: You're being a trooper Judith, since your heart is in
auntyalias: LOL
jude: I know it's getting late for some folks, too.
jakmiami: no no, at least this will give me something to do with the
basketweave stuff you showed me
auntyalias: ok, let's do a quick basket weave with this metal colored
clay I used for this Inro on the left
auntyalias: Exactly
auntyalias: The colors are
faye_shelton: i'm not going to be around for the whole thing, since I
gotta get up at 5 and it's 10:20, but i'll be here awhile
auntyalias: How much did you see, maybe you saw the ending but not the
auntyalias: Faye
auntyalias: like a movie...oh this is where I came in sort of deal
auntyalias: Ok, the colors are
auntyalias: black, pearl, gold, silver and copper
faye_shelton: yes, so I can fill in the blanks
auntyalias: First we'll make the inside, and there's a tute for that
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
auntyalias: When the first and second curing are taking place we'll do
a basket weave and press a sheet for the outside decorative cover
auntyalias: the inside will be copper
auntyalias: just because I have a lot of it laying about
auntyalias: and so does someone else too, but I forgot who
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: here we go, check the tute if you've not done so yet
auntyalias: Oh let me heat up a cup of coffee and I'll start on the
inside tube
auntyalias: I just tore out this toilet paper roller out of a fresh
auntyalias: the only one I had was getting a bit beat up
auntyalias: now the family is going to pick up the roll of toilet
paper and wonder where the roll went, or rather know where the roll
auntyalias: only in the home of a clayer, I tell ya
auntyalias: LOL
jude: LOL
auntyalias: ok, what did I just do?
auntyalias: surrounded the tube, took the surround sheet off to merge
the seam on both sides
merrie60us: wrapped the clay around the toilet roll
auntyalias: put the surround sheet back on the tube
auntyalias: then
auntyalias: I made sure that the tube was dusted so it'll move in
auntyalias: overlapped the very end of the clay over the tube
auntyalias: that's because that's going to stick on this sheet here on
the tile
auntyalias: when we make an overlap over the rim
auntyalias: that's the stick-em clay area that will adhere to the
merrie60us: You know if the tube gets stuck you can just soak it off
with water
auntyalias: you take the tube and lift it and tap it down a coule of
auntyalias: Oh we ain't even going there, Merrie, all this is to
prevent the tube from sticking because I have the tube in and out of
these compartments like a broke relative
auntyalias: so tap the end of the tube on the overlapped clay and tap
it down on this sheet
auntyalias: so let's cut off the excess and smooth the seam it makes
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auntyalias: also note, I dusted the tile before I did that tippy tap
down with the roller
auntyalias: that's so it won't stick to the tile
lommomy: Hi, looks like I am starting at the beginning again, Now I
won't miss anything. I finished reading what I missed. Boy you have
been working tonight NJ.
auntyalias: Ya, I'm working on our third effort
auntyalias: before I cure this tube I'm going to pre-cut it. I found
that cutting it after curing could cause it to break
lommomy: Are you happy how the lid came out on the 2nd one?
auntyalias: Oh very
auntyalias: did you get to see?
lommomy: looks great
lommomy: looks like shorter overlay than the frist one
merrie60us: so one piece has a longer inside and one has a shorter
inside so they will fit together
auntyalias: well they are really the same length
auntyalias: to get that over lapping effect
auntyalias: we cover the inside with foil
auntyalias: where we don't want the outside to stick and we cut way
high on that foil
auntyalias: and then remove the foil after the final curing, let's get
this in the oven and cure it and then I'll be able to show you what I
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: before we put a second sheet on
auntyalias: we've made three compartments and a lid
auntyalias: we don't want the compartments to stick to each other so
we put foil between them
lommomy: what happens to the foil above the cut where you do want the
clay to stick?
auntyalias: so it is three solid colored compartments, with foil on
their bottom or on the inside of the lid
auntyalias: not much goes above the cut
auntyalias: when you cover the bottoms of the compartments, and stack
auntyalias: you have a pretty good idea how far up the foil goes
auntyalias: when you cut through the second sheet of raw clay
lommomy: yes
auntyalias: you can hear the crunching of the foil
auntyalias: you can see it
auntyalias: you put it there so you'll know how far up you can cut
auntyalias: if any goes up further than the cut, it's just going to be
a finger nail's shaving worth
auntyalias: and you can pull it out
auntyalias: it won't make any difference
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: you're cutting through the second sheet, you can hear,
feel and see the foil
auntyalias: the inside is cured so you're not going any further than
the raw clay to the foil
auntyalias: that's the pre-cure cut
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: then don't do anything, don't try to separate them to
auntyalias: I goofed up good doing that
lommomy: lol
auntyalias: hand to fiddle with the foil for an hour to get it back on
auntyalias: so cover with foil where you don't want the second sheet
to stick
auntyalias: cut the second sheet down to the foil layer
auntyalias: cure
auntyalias: and then you let it cool some and then separate, get rid
of all the foil protection
auntyalias: and stack it up again for the final cooling
auntyalias: it's three curings
auntyalias: this one will give us three rings and a top
auntyalias: we have to put bottoms on those three rings
auntyalias: maybe we'll put a rim on the inside of the lid this time
auntyalias: instead of putting a rim on the inside of the first
auntyalias: just to see if that's easier
auntyalias: we got to cure them
auntyalias: then we foil
auntyalias: then we cover with a second sheet, that's the basket weave
we'll make during the second curing
auntyalias: follow me so far?
auntyalias: LOL
merrie60us: I am going to have to go it is 11 here and I have to get
up early for work. sorry and thanks so much. I will check the tut
lommomy: ok
auntyalias: See you Merrie
lommomy: bye
merrie60us left the room
auntyalias: now I don't think we have screen shots for the foil
fiddling yet
auntyalias: are there any questions since we are waiting for this
curing to finish?
auntyalias: I'm going to sip my coffee
jakmiami: i'm not getting good enough pictures to do the screen shots,
auntyalias: I think the foil fiddling got to get digi pix, it's one of
those labor intensive things, bits of tape and all that
patab12000: i take my caffine cold, need to get some ice tea if i'm
going to stay awake
auntyalias: get some Ice Tea, Pat
auntyalias: we got a few minutes, and then I'm going to do some basic
basket weave
lommomy: NJ I found a polymer box in Bead and Button of feb 01 I would
like to show you
auntyalias: what's the link honey?
lommomy: I will put it on my web cam
auntyalias: ok, let's see
lommomy: it is in a Mag. that I borrowed
auntyalias: Oh Lisa, that's trippy
auntyalias: I'm waiting for folks to utilize Jim Collins printables
and clay
faye_shelton: cool, Lisa
auntyalias: this pattern is very easy
auntyalias: how does it keep its shape while curing?
auntyalias: any word on that?
auntyalias: and is it hinged?
lommomy: sorry I have to put the cam down to type
jakmiami: NJ, just tried taking a shot and then fiddling with it
afterwards to adjust the lighting. this seems to work okay so i will
try the screen shots for you. will probably be tomorrow though before
i can work on them. okay?
auntyalias: Ok Judith, thanks honey
lommomy: it has a cloth backing
auntyalias: Tube hinges are in Sue Heaser's miniature book
lommomy: glued on with tls
auntyalias: interesting
auntyalias: multi media sort of deal there
lommomy: Can I send you the directions?
auntyalias: I'll get a copy of the magazine
auntyalias: I live next to a University and I'm sure its there
lommomy: some one said hing look I found a neat hinge to make
Davester (biodredd) joined the room
auntyalias: bent wire?
auntyalias: Hey Dave
Davester: Hey NJ!
Davester: How goes this thing called claying?
auntyalias: Sue's is tube beads, basically with wire run through them
auntyalias: we're making interlocking stacking Japanese boxes called
Inro, tute on my home page
Davester: I will check it out.
lommomy: will those hinges work out?
Davester: I'm trying to get a new kitty adjusted the rest of the cats.
auntyalias: Lisa those hinges seem a bit "heavy" for clay work
auntyalias: they will work
auntyalias: but they seem a bit bulky, ya know?
auntyalias: and if they have straight wires, they can pull out
lommomy: it uses 22 g wire
auntyalias: Dave, where's the kitty?
lommomy: bend the ends
auntyalias: ah, kitty head
auntyalias: meow meow
auntyalias: ya, I'd bend the ends on the wire
Davester: That is Bawls.
auntyalias: boy cat?
lommomy: I guess you can use thinner wire
Davester: yes
Davester: he got the name because he always cries for attention.
lommomy: I just borrowed the mag. this week end and found these, I
havn't tryed them

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

auntyalias: my turn to get bumped
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jakmiami joined the room
lommomy: back
auntyalias: did we all get bumped at the same time?
auntyalias: I just got back myself
jakmiami: think so
lommomy: no I had to help hubby with the pool
lommomy: when you got bumped I cleared your cam and waited till you
got back
shargoose: Sent you an email NJ
shargoose: Got the photos up on Epson
auntyalias: Bless your heart, Sharon
shargoose: Aw shucks, twern't nothin
auntyalias: Send me a little picture to put with your link for my site
auntyalias: everyone has a little picture or logo with their link
shargoose: at your email addy?
auntyalias: sure, that'll work
shargoose: k I'll do it later
auntyalias: let me check these pix right quick
shargoose: k
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ondoa12002 joined the room
ondoa12002: Hi, all
shargoose: Hi
patab12000: hi
shargoose: NJ's just checking some pics I took earlier
auntyalias: Here's the 35 pictures Shargoose/SharonV got up for us,
it's the Gold and Crimson Inro
auntyalias: and there's pictures of the foil work we have to do for
the interlocking sections
auntyalias: Pascal? Is that you?
ondoa12002: i just woke up and thought i take a look, it has been a
long time since
jakmiami: does that mean you've got enough shots?
auntyalias: it's in the middle of the night for you honey. Doing Inro
boxes, tute on my home page
auntyalias: Oh Sharon only used part of the pictures she took
ondoa12002: what do you call inro box ?
auntyalias: but the foil taping business is there and that's what we
have to do after we put bottoms on these rings
auntyalias: It's what men in Old Time Japan used instead of pockets
ondoa12002: okay
auntyalias: to keep coins, snuff or tobacco, ink and water and brush,
or stuff like that
auntyalias: hang them from their belts and those were anchored with
auntyalias: which we will do probably next Thursday
auntyalias: miniature sculptures that are made into beads
auntyalias: we're doing Asian Theme Month so since I'm half Japanese
we start with what I do know
auntyalias: move on to what I don't know nothing about
auntyalias: LOL
ondoa12002: you enjoyed your trip i see
auntyalias: Oh yes
shargoose: If I made an Inro big enough for my stuff it would take 40
lbs of clay
auntyalias: to the Museum, saw a ton of examples of Inro
auntyalias: LOL, Sharon I can totally relate
shargoose: I use a small suitcase as it is now!!
auntyalias: but this size we're doing here, it's pretty normal size,
those tiny ones, like match boxes, are not useful, unless the only
thing you're transporting are matches
shargoose: or pills
auntyalias: or crack
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: let me sent the invite to this album to the list,
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: and then we put bottoms on these rings
shargoose: No I ment RX type pills
patab12000: 4 out of three people havr problems with fractions
shargoose: Pascal, NJ put up some places to go and see these Inro
shargoose: They are absolutely gorgeous
sylsnovelties joined the room
faye_shelton: Well, folks, I'm falling out of my chair, so I'll say
good night, and Thanks tons, NJ. I'm going to make one!
sylsnovelties: Nite Faye!
shargoose: night Faye
auntyalias: See you Faye, good to have you hang out so long
lommomy: nite nite
faye_shelton: nite, Ya'll
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shargoose: Hey there Jude
ondoa12002: on the Website ?
auntyalias: Ok, now did everyone see the pix SharonV got of the first
inro effort?
jude: Mumble, mumble, mumble.
shargoose: In the email on MSAT Clay group, Pascal
ondoa12002: will ake a look
sylsnovelties: I didn't but checking it now.
auntyalias: let's take a few minutes for those who are just getting
here to review this album
auntyalias: and then I'll put bottoms on these three rings
sylsnovelties: Thanks NJ
auntyalias: it'll save me a HEAP of typing, you're very welcome Syl
auntyalias: I always cure the clay at the manufacture's suggested half
auntyalias: 265F/130C
jakmiami: looking now
auntyalias: each time I cure it's the same temp, same amount of time,
I'm going to check that album too
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: Here is the album that shows how to do the inner part of
the Inro
auntyalias: and the pictures SharonV caught is covering the inner part
after we put bottoms on the rings
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Inro-GoldCrimson/Inside.htm
auntyalias: Here's the first Inro inside I did this morning
jakmiami: NJ, my eyes have had it. i'll sort thru the shots I got
tomorrow; don't know if there's anything new. 'night all
jakmiami: NJ, my eyes have had it. i'll sort thru the shots I got
tomorrow; don't know if there's anything new. 'night all
auntyalias: I'm going to put bottoms on these rings
auntyalias: Thanks Judith
jakmiami left the room
auntyalias: Let me know when you've reviewed the pictures and we'll
move forward
auntyalias: who's ready?
sylsnovelties: I'm ready
lommomy: yup
techi_mom56 joined the room
shargoose: I'm here
jude: I'm ready.
patab12000: I'm ready, I saw the end (mosy) so when you show putting
on the bottom, then I'm going to bed
patab12000: mostly
patab12000: well, I'm falling a sleep here
patab12000: ya
techi_mom56 left the room
patab12000: is that tls?
auntyalias: yes, for the inner rim on the lid
auntyalias: this is an experiment
auntyalias: so the lid will have a ridge that goes inside the upper
lommomy: transparent liquid sculpey clay
lommomy: tls
patab12000: what about the bottoms? do you have any problem with raw
clay sticking to cured?
shargoose: Not with TLS
sylsnovelties left the room
shargoose: Lots of times I add raw clay to baked with no problem even
without TLS
sylsnovelties joined the room
auntyalias: I only used TLS for the lid
jude: Shall we start a pool to see who gets dumped next?
auntyalias: I mashed and smeared the edges for the bottoms
sylsnovelties:  heeheehee
auntyalias: but I didn't have a lot of room inside the lid to do that
auntyalias: now I'll cure these
auntyalias: and while they are curing let's do a quick basic basket
auntyalias: brb
patab12000: I'm going to bed now. Thanks, I'm going to try one of
these when I have time this week end. I will also upload a pic of my
first human figure
shargoose: Love to see it. Nite
lommomy: nite nite
patab12000: bye
patab12000 left the room
shargoose: so is that stack pearl, gold, pearl, gold then black?
auntyalias: gold, pearl, gold, black
shargoose: ok
ondoa12002: i only see shadows, is it the camera or is it me ?
shargoose: It's kinda dark
sylsnovelties: same here.
ondoa12002: okay, so its not me
shargoose: She works so fast its all a blur
auntyalias: I'm stretching this out so it's at least 6 inches
ondoa12002: very good
auntyalias: easier to cut sections when it's an even number
sylsnovelties: me too.
shargoose: so that's five stacks?
shargoose: no six
shargoose: I ment two stacks of three each!!
shargoose: Yup
shargoose: Someday I'll learn to count!
shargoose: Thanks
shargoose: Thirds I think
shargoose: Don't ask me I can't count
auntyalias: ok
sylsnovelties: I worry about that too!
auntyalias: now I have 6 sections and I'm going to place them so they
make V's
auntyalias: then I'm cutting off the corners of one side
auntyalias: and transfering them to the stair steps of the other side
sylsnovelties: Oh, I remember that now.
auntyalias: Then I'll cut off the point at the top and transfer it to
the triangle space on the bottom and we'll have a square cane of
basket weave
auntyalias: ya, That's the one, Syl
ondoa12002: looks so simple when YOU make it
shargoose: Very pretty
shargoose: I like the combo of colors
shargoose: She is so good at reducing stuff
sylsnovelties: Yes, she is.
auntyalias: I want it reduced enough so I can get a couple of slices
off of it to press to a sheet
auntyalias: the lines most likely won't stay straight. In order to get
thin straight lines I'd press the colored sheets together
auntyalias: and then stack
auntyalias: so I wouldn't have to reduce them so much
auntyalias: ah, there's the timer, brb
Klew (klew911) joined the room
auntyalias: I'm putting in the toilet paper roller in the compartments
so they will have a form while they cool
auntyalias: While they cool I'll slice some of this basket weave and
press it to a sheet
ondoa12002: thats what i id with the leaf cane, it came out distorted
. Why?
Klew: your slice could have been too thick
ondoa12002: or both
auntyalias: Slice thin, pre press the leaf if it is thick
auntyalias: then press going in one direction
ondoa12002: what setting
auntyalias: then turn the sheet, narrow the rollers and press going in
another direction
auntyalias: first at the widest
auntyalias: then turn the sheet, narrow one setting
auntyalias: press, turn, narrow
auntyalias: and if there is still distrotion then pull your sheet
auntyalias: like raw Pizza dough
ondoa12002: thats the hick, it did not change direction, thanks
auntyalias: When you have a stubby cane like this and you want to
slice as many slices as possible
ondoa12002: so by now i have feathers
auntyalias: put it against a block of clay to hold it steady
sylsnovelties: I did that and had a mess.
shargoose: I'm getting tired. Saved a log and will email it NJ
shargoose: Have another ton of pics but will wait til tomarrow to go
through them
shargoose: Goodnight all!!
lommomy: nite nite
Klew: nite
sylsnovelties: Nite!
shargoose left the room
sylsnovelties: That looks great!
Klew: nice job NJ!
Klew: practice is the key!
sylsnovelties: I end up with a lot of clay for chop n toss. heeheehee
auntyalias: Ok, now that's the sheet we're going to cover our
compartments, but we got to put foil on the compartments where we
don't want this to stick
Klew: NJ can parchment paper be used too?
ondoa12002: its gonne be very late night over there '?
auntyalias: Parchment paper can be used, but most folks have aluminum
foil hanging around the kitchen
Klew: oic
auntyalias: and I limit myself to things folks will most likely find
around the home
auntyalias: I'm going to put a bit of foil around the rim on the lid
auntyalias: so it doesn't stick to the inside of the upper compartment
auntyalias: then I'm going to put foil on the bottom of the first and
second bottom and leave the very bottom alone
Klew: has anyone tried the "resist" by Kato? Its great!
lommomy: ??
auntyalias: for those who haven't seen the screen shots of putting the
foil on, check this next link
ondoa12002: whats that ?
Klew: it keeps two layers from baking together
Klew: its aliquid
ondoa12002: foil?
ondoa12002: sorry
Klew: np
auntyalias: Pascale
ondoa12002: yes?
auntyalias: the second sheet will overlap these compartments stacked
auntyalias: we want it to stick to some part and not stick to the part
that makes our interlocking boxes
ondoa12002: i don't see very much you know, its to dark
auntyalias: so I'm going to do that foil trick on these stacked boxes
before putting on the second sheet of that basket weave we just did
auntyalias: check your settings to see if you got it as light as you
can get it and I'll make effort to get more light here too
jude: I have got to go. I'm really dragging here. Night all!
Klew: nite
sylsnovelties: Nite Jude!
auntyalias: Nighty Night Jude
ondoa12002: its better now NJ
lommomy: Nite Nite
ondoa12002: does the foil not distord the new caly when you put it
away, or do you cure it first ?
auntyalias: we just cured these sections and they are cool enough to
put the foil on them
ondoa12002: thats okay, but do you cure them again with the basket
weave on it before you get the foil off?
ondoa12002: i'm in advance i know , but i will ahve to prepare
children for school, so i might miss the next step
auntyalias: After I get the foil on them, I stack them and cover with
the basket weave
auntyalias: before curing it again I slice the raw basket weave
auntyalias: until I can see, hear and feel the foil under my blade
auntyalias: that's a pre-cure cut
auntyalias: then I cure it
auntyalias: when it cools I just have to separate the sections where I
already cut it
auntyalias: since the basket weave is raw
auntyalias: and the inside is cured
auntyalias: cutting it before curing is easiest
ondoa12002: okay, be back soon
auntyalias: when it is all separated then I take the foil off
auntyalias: ok, honey
auntyalias: Now we will cover this with that basket weave sheet
sylsnovelties: Sounds good.
auntyalias: and we will cut that raw basket weave sheet towards the
top of the foil we see there
auntyalias: we have to remember how high up our foil goes, but you can
hear it, see it through the clay and feel it on your blade, so you'll
auntyalias: the leaning tower of Inro
auntyalias: don't ask me how it got tilted like that
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: but anyway, I'm going to do the pre-cure cuts, going
through the raw basket weave down to the foil, leaning or not
auntyalias: LOL
lommomy: did one of the layers lift up a little?
auntyalias: Syl, you should have been here when I was cutting a black
inside tube
auntyalias: it broke right in front of a half dozen claymates
auntyalias: had to start all over
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: but this is an experiment, so I'm not tripping
Klew: it give the idea no doubt NJ good job
sylsnovelties: Oh bummer!
auntyalias: now as tempting as it is to lift the lid to see, don't
auntyalias: getting the foil out of place at this point is a big fat
pain in the butt
sylsnovelties: I love the look of this.
sylsnovelties: Yes, that is nice.
auntyalias: now that we have the pre-cure cuts done, it's time to cure
this again
lommomy: NJ, it 1:40 here in New Jersey and I am going to hit the hey,
Thank you, Lisa
lommomy: Nite Nite
auntyalias: Nighty Night Lisa
lommomy left the room
auntyalias: so when this is cured and cooled
auntyalias: it gets opened up
auntyalias: and all that foil and masking tape is removed
auntyalias: then you stack them up again
auntyalias: what we didn't do today on any of these
craftingclay joined the room
auntyalias: is to put tubes down the sides, where cords can be run
though so they can hang off of something
craftingclay: ooops the lighting shut me off
auntyalias: does anyone know of any other tute that deals with
interlocking compartments like this
auntyalias: Watch out if you have lightening
auntyalias: you can get hurt through your computer
auntyalias: if it gets too close, shut down and UNPLUG your computer
Klew: really, didnt know that!
craftingclay: can i catch up tomorrow at your site nj
auntyalias: Yes you can honey
Klew: gona turn in nj thanks
auntyalias: best go if there's thunder and lightening
auntyalias: Ok, Klewie, and by the way
craftingclay: thanks i'm going now night
Klew: yes
auntyalias: not only computer, but phone also, during lightening
craftingclay left the room
Klew: humm
auntyalias: they act like conductors and folks have died because of it
auntyalias: so when there's lightening
auntyalias: turn off and unplug
Klew: we get alot of that round here I will keep that in mind, thanks!
auntyalias: you take care now, always glad to have you drop in
Klew: take care
auntyalias: will do
klew911 left the room
auntyalias: So Syl you're still here with me
auntyalias: we'll hang out until it comes out of the oven and you can
see the foil taken off
auntyalias: and it restacked, it's an impossible thing to really
explain in text and still pictures only
sylsnovelties: Yup, I'm here.
auntyalias: Pascal is getting her kids ready for school, so she'll be
in and out I'm sure
sylsnovelties: Ok, I'll hang around.
auntyalias: not often I'm doing a late night, huh?
sylsnovelties: Really!
auntyalias: but these stacking compartments are so trippy
auntyalias: they aren't beginner's stuff, and that's ok, we need
something new now and then
auntyalias: for the intermediate and advanced clayers
sylsnovelties: I really love the looks of them.
auntyalias: I'm glad Jude saw a lot of it, I thought she might take
advantage of this technique
auntyalias: me too
auntyalias: I'm really happy with them
sylsnovelties: They look really good.
sylsnovelties: It's something way different!
auntyalias: ya, way different for sure
auntyalias: and I don't think any of the other polymer clayers who are
doing hanging vessels have done this, I'm going to take a quick look
at the links I put on the page to see
sylsnovelties: ok
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Japan/Netsuke-Inro.htm
auntyalias: down at the bottom are clayer's links who have done things
like this
auntyalias: I didn't really take a close look at them
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: stargazer did, but no tute
ondoa12002: i'm back
auntyalias: it's in the oven, this last one with the basket weave
ondoa12002: okay
auntyalias: I'm looking at the polymer clay boxes that's on that page
there, the last link
sylsnovelties: Yeah, I am checking them too.
ondoa12002: its gonna be late for you, so feel free to stop when you
want to. My day ist just beginning, but not yours
auntyalias: after I take the foil off of this box in the oven then
I'll be done
sylsnovelties: They are really nice boxes. I like the looks of them.
auntyalias: so I'll be here until then
ondoa12002: what i wanted to know, are these vessels strong enough to
carry something ? Wearable ?
auntyalias: I think the ones that are match box size are wearable, but
how much can you hold in them? Not much. Mine are closer to the size
that men used to wear in Ancient Japan, instead of having pockets. Now
how sturdy mine will be? I don't know
auntyalias: what I wanted to do is get more than one compartment
auntyalias: two, three and work up to five sections
auntyalias: that all nestle into one another
auntyalias: all the ones on the links, they have the interlocking
effect, but usually just one compartment
auntyalias: which is ok
auntyalias: but traditional Inro had many compartments, some to hold
water for blocked ink and brushes that were in other compartments
sylsnovelties: Very neat.
auntyalias: these are ok also for desk top use
auntyalias: put paper clips and stuff in them
ondoa12002: sections that you could take off, or fixed ones?
auntyalias: these stacking sections are kept together with tubes that
have cord running through them, for they were meant to be hung off of
a belt
auntyalias: and held in place with a miniature sculpture
auntyalias: usually matching in design with what's on the box
ondoa12002: thers no limit.................
sylsnovelties: You got that right!!
ondoa12002: turned out nice
ondoa12002: now your taking the foil off when its still warm?
auntyalias: yes, I usually can't wait until it cools off completely
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'm always fussing with these things while they are like
hot potatoes
auntyalias: hot hot owie owie
auntyalias: blowing on my fingertips
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: so far I think we're the only ones who have done more than
one compartment
auntyalias: I've only seen those with tops and bottoms and then that's
auntyalias: there's these stacking ceramic bowls, like these in some
way, straight sides
auntyalias: the bottom you put fish, for fish swim under the water
auntyalias: the middle you put beef or pork
auntyalias: for they walk on the earth
auntyalias: on the top you put duck, for they fly
sylsnovelties: Neato!
auntyalias: it's sort of cute serving meats like that
auntyalias: meat munchies to have with a tea break, smoked meats and
such all
ondoa12002: now i see,........... i thought you wanted to ake
compartiments lenghtwise
ondoa12002: another cup of coffe to get awake , lol
auntyalias: side ways. Lengthwise when it hung everything could fall
auntyalias: LOL
ondoa12002: another cup of coffe to get awake, lol
ondoa12002: you se,i'm in great need..............
auntyalias: You got up with the chickens
auntyalias: was it even light out yet?
auntyalias: I don't think so
ondoa12002: yes, its leight by four in the morning, sitting near the
open window, blue sky, birds singing..................
sylsnovelties: Sounds nice
auntyalias: gosh light by four?
ondoa12002: it is  a good day
auntyalias: I think it starts to get light like 5:45 or 6am
auntyalias: that's when Ruth wakes up and needs help to go to the loo
ondoa12002: nope, not here
auntyalias: then she goes back to bed for another hour or so
sylsnovelties: I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow.
auntyalias: Yikes, why?
auntyalias: Syl, what's going on at 6am for you?
auntyalias: yikes, I'm sleeping in like a bad dog
sylsnovelties: We need to go to Albuquerque for an appointment that I
have with the wound clinic for my leg ulcers.
ondoa12002: long drive ?
auntyalias: Ah, well then, let me check the timer to see how long we
got on this curing, we should be done in less than 15 minutes
sylsnovelties: It's a little over 2 hours drive
sylsnovelties: ok, sounds good.
auntyalias: God I love the food in Albuquerque
auntyalias: ate myself like a fat goose
auntyalias: when I was there
ondoa12002: chili ??
sylsnovelties: Yeah, they do have good food.
sylsnovelties: Oh yes!
auntyalias: Oh, great Mexican food
auntyalias: just the best
sylsnovelties: Where did you eat at NJ?
auntyalias: I don't know, I was a guest for a couple of days, but we
went to this one place and we ate in a patio
ondoa12002: i am married to an african, chili is my daily bread. I
love it
auntyalias: African, which country?
ondoa12002: Cameroon
auntyalias: I was married to a North African, from Casa Blanca, Said's
auntyalias: Gosh, we should have an African Theme Month soon
auntyalias: what does he think about my African Mix, if he's ever seen
ondoa12002: that would be xool, so my husband won't think any longer
i'm nuts
auntyalias: My neighbor from Uganda said about my piles of beads, "You
could ransome a King with all these beads."
sylsnovelties: You might have eaten at Little Anita's. They have a
nice patio there.
auntyalias: It was on the outskirts of the city, very rustic, lots of
shade trees, fountain, stone paving, very nice, food so good you bite
your fingers
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: The timer should be going off soon, I got an internal
timer set for a half an hour, brb
auntyalias: what did I tell you, I went to turn the timer around to
see, and it went BRRRRIIIINNNGGGG in my hand
auntyalias: I jumped like a cat
auntyalias: my fur all fluffed up
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: scared me to bits
auntyalias: you'd a laughed, I'm glad I went to the loo recently, I'd
have pee'd myself
auntyalias: my heart is still beating hard
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: one of those moments you're glad you're alone with God
ondoa12002: so you can't get to sleep now
auntyalias: Not by a LONG shot, Pascal
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: not sleepy any more!!
auntyalias: this one came out really pretty don't you think
auntyalias: I can say that because you two are my darling girls
auntyalias: It's so hot and I want to fuss with it
sylsnovelties: I love the way this looks.
auntyalias: ARRRRGGGHHH
auntyalias: I wish I had fire proof finger tips
auntyalias: aspbestos fingers, that's the ticket
auntyalias: it's Hot but the top is off, now I peel the foil
ondoa12002: icewater beside you
auntyalias: I touch my pasta machine
sylsnovelties left the room
auntyalias: and my window is always open, so it's a good way to cool
off my fingertips
auntyalias: oh we lost Syl
sylsnovelties joined the room
auntyalias: Coolness, now I'll open the other compartment
sylsnovelties: It's so irritating when Yahoo dumps me.
sylsnovelties: I looks great!
auntyalias: That second cut was too far down
auntyalias: oh well
auntyalias: that one was perfect
sylsnovelties: That looks so neat!
ondoa12002: good job
auntyalias: I was showing James
auntyalias: he's been watching me do these all day
sylsnovelties: It looks great!
sylsnovelties: There are a lot of possibilities with this.
auntyalias: I think this qualifies as an Easy Breezy technique
auntyalias: don't ya think
auntyalias: even with the foil fiddle faddle
sylsnovelties: I think so!
auntyalias: I'm so tripped out
auntyalias: I could dance
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: and they aren't even sanded or finished yet
auntyalias: there's room for embellishments to hide the wonky bits
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: I hate to run, but I better get to bed!
auntyalias: Go on and have a good trip tomorrow
sylsnovelties: Thanks for the demo! As always it was great!
auntyalias: My pleasure Syl my Night Owl
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!!
auntyalias: Nighty Night
ondoa12002: good night Syl
sylsnovelties left the room
auntyalias: So what have you been working on lately?
ondoa12002: are you making mini food to put inside ?
auntyalias: That's a good idea
auntyalias: could be a good way to flow to mini Asian food
ondoa12002: not much clay, i had to finish some beaded tulips for
auntyalias: fill these compartments with that
auntyalias: Did you get them finished?
ondoa12002: did you see my bumpy egg?
auntyalias: not that I can remember
ondoa12002: yes, made 5 of them, potted.
auntyalias: got a link?
auntyalias: to your bumpy egg, did you send it through clay pix list?
followed you advice you see
ondoa12002: the tulpi is under Perles if interested
auntyalias: Grandma's egg?
ondoa12002: yes
auntyalias: is that the one you mean, it's wonderful
auntyalias: let me look some more
auntyalias: how fun, great leaves
ondoa12002: the bumpy side is the back, guess why
auntyalias: Oh perfection belongs to God
auntyalias: not mortals
auntyalias: let me look at the tulips
ondoa12002: the top also, so thats why i put Grandma on it
ondoa12002: i love baeds too, so i plan to combine those two things.
Bottles to keep the flowers or so...........
auntyalias: The first thing I did was a bowl of Fire Cane and the
inside I pressed irridescent seed beads into the clay
auntyalias: sort of like DaDa art
auntyalias: mink lined tea cup and all that sort of thing
auntyalias: your beading is very impressive
ondoa12002: yes something like that
auntyalias: I never got into beading small like that. I fell in love
with the chop and my mirror image beads
auntyalias: like a little story on each side
ondoa12002: recently i purchased some japanese beading books, oh my
good, i understand EVERYTHING
auntyalias: How funny, I'll bet
ondoa12002: i adore minis of all kind
ondoa12002: graphics are international, my chance
auntyalias: My son wants to use the computer, I've been for 14 hours
auntyalias: since I put up a tute this morning, so he's breathing down
my neck
auntyalias: and I think I'll clean up my work table, so it is good to
see you
auntyalias: let's do Africa Month for July
auntyalias: and you clear some time for us to show us stuff from your
husband's country
auntyalias: we'll do some minis that will speak to his heart
auntyalias: how about that?
auntyalias: sound like fun?
ondoa12002: thats okay, i will look for pictures and send them to
auntyalias: I'll put them up on my site
auntyalias: for reference material
ondoa12002: good, so now go to sleep!!! You've done enough for today
auntyalias: I got to go now, so see you soon
auntyalias: xoxo

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.