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In order to sculpt a real person it is necessary to find as many pictures of the person as you can.  Get full body pictures, showing the face forward, left and right and if you can from the "under the chin" view. Using pictures like these you can refine your sculpting to capture the characteristics of a real person. These pictures are from the Uncon 2001.

Animated pictures like this where the mouth is open can give you the laugh lines. Remember the Pentagon Technique of ringing the mouth with clay so you can pull the laugh lines right. 

This is a great sculpting picture to study, looking from under the nose, under the chin, the raised eyebrows, it helps a lot to have a picture like this. 

Profiles are really important. We not only get to see the side of the nose but we get to see the ears as well. 

Exaggerated facial expressions will give you a lot of detail, but it's not where you want to start the face sculpting. 

With a relaxed face it is more difficult to define the facial muscles. Although this is where we'd have to start before pulling the cheeks into a smile or grimace. 

Thank goodness for the heat wave in 2001, Lex wore shorts and sandals, giving me a view of his knees to feet. If you can see them - you can sculpt them. Even if he were in full length trousers we'd need a full body pose to get the proportions right.

More Lex Pictures to come