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A picture of Xenia when I came when she called out for me. God I love this gal!

From:  claystress@***.com
Date:  Sun Jun 17, 2001  6:43 pm
Subject:  Sunday in Halifax

In a message dated Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:34:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Claystress writes:


Yesterday was the Studio tour and I didn't want to be in the huge long line to
get autographs. The night before I got to speak to Xenia Seeberg for a
Looooongggg time but she left out without taking her pendant. She wanted to
give me money for it and I had wanted to give it to her as a gift, but the
people mobbed her and she left out without her pendant.

Well I'm hanging out waiting for folks to get done with getting autographs,
knowing that Xenia was due to leave out to fly to London in 15 minutes. I gave
the pendant to a production assistant (MaMaBear) telling her that Xenia wanted this and to make sure she got it.

Well dig this. One of my ladies (Doffy) came running out of the autograph line yelling "Nora..Nora...Xenia wants to see YOU NOW!!" So I'm dragged through these long double lines of folks waiting for autographs and come to the table and Xenia jumps up and is all happy and says, "Oh I was afraid I wasn't going to see you before I left out."

I told her that her pendant is with MaMaBear and it's safe and will be with her when she travels. Xenia said "I want to run upstairs to get you some money." and she kisses my cheek. I'm getting glares from the folks in line like I didn't work hard for that kiss or something. I told her, "Let's write to each
other instead. You don't have time for extra running about. We'll be in touch,
this is just the beginning of our friendship." She said, "Yes, yes that's
right. We'll write, I go to San Francisco all the time."

Her boyfriend's good friend is Keanu Reeves! Dig that!

So the studio tour was enlightening and I got a copy of the story boards
(drawings of screen shots) of Episode 3.5, the Gondala, one of my favorites.
Got some wrist bands as scav, they let the fans scav stuff they are letting go
of for momentos.

I'm satisfied with the results of this Halifax run. I made connections, got
folks in the cast and crew to see my works. Got Wowsies from them for they know what Michael McManus looks like when smiling and I got him down exactly as he looks. Although they said they didn't think his "other parts" were as well endowed.

Oh MM is going to get some ration of shit when he comes back from Iceland,
everyone from secretaries to make up artists, art directors, to the other
actors saw my CowBoy Kai and his "other parts" and they roared with laughter. The producer and founder of the series (Lex Gigeroff) saw it and he thought it was a hoot and a riot. So MM is going to get the razz when he returns.

Xenia said, "I'm sorry that Michael couldn't be here to see this doll, it looks
so much like him."

I told her, "I'm damned glad he isn't here so we can have a laugh at his
expense and we don't have to look over our shoulder to see if he notices we're
laughing at his naughty bits again."


Last night was the social and I danced until my hair was wringing wet. I miss
dancing I realized. People couldn't believe that I could dance so hard and so
long and I'm wearing out the people younger than I am. The party looked like it was going to be dull dull dull so I started dancing and kept on dancing until
there were tons of folks out there also dancing.

"For a grandmother, you can dance a lot." One gal said.

I told her, "Dance like you make love, until you're breathless, sweaty and all
you need is a cigarette."


I didn't drink at all and every day folks were hung over because Brian Downey paid for the bar tab at the Art Exhibit and at the Social last night. Just because it's free doesn't mean you got to get alcohol poisoning. I'm glad I
don't drink. I can have fun and dance and sing without having to get drunk to get the nerve to do so. I think that folks who can only "loosen up" after they
had a drink are cowards, frankly. Ain't got no grit.

I'm going to see Tomb Raider today with some gals who are Lara Croft fans and we're going to cheer her blowing up stuff. Other Lexx folks are out on a boat, hung over, hoping to see a whale go by. Ya, see a whale and barf on it's head.

I can't get into "myownemail" because the Active X isn't secure on it's webpage and this internet cafe won't let me access it. So I don't know if any of you have written me there.

If you could write to me at Claystress@***.om I find I can access the web mail
from there and I should have been using this all along. I'm a dope.

Well my time is up here I got to get off this computer because there's people
waiting for their turn.

Love ya, am being sensible, eating correctly, taking my vitamins and staying on the wagon.

People are gushing over my clay stuff. Let's hope it translates into sales.