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  1. Xev 1

    1. Xev One is Made

    2. Xev One Gets Repaired

    3. Xev gets Leathers

    4. Xev One Got hair

    5. Xev One is Dead

  2. Mouth for LEXX Xev Doll

  3. Crimson and Pearl Lace Cane For Garden Xev


Xev Pin 2001 08-19-09 rebuild. Another blast from the past. Taking a 3/4ths cut off of Xev-3's face and making a hairy pin out of it. For more Lexx stuff check out Old Lexx and New Lexx

Wore this on my hat for the Easy Breezy Tour and for the Lexx Uncon. 


The birth, difficult life and death of Xev 1


New 02/08/01: Mouths for LEXX Dolls

Crimson and Pearl Lace Cane made the sheet that made the dress. These are process shots of Xev-2 before she was cured.

For more LEXX experiments check out the

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