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The Elvis Effort

The Elvis Drawing Large Version

slow loading so here's something to read.

Dusting off a picture of Elvis that I drew in 1997 and a Neon Elvis
Sign ... The Elvis Effort has officially begun.

Elvis has entered the website.

Now you might ask why I drew a picture of Elvis. I was working for
AOL, they had a Library Text File Editor, LTFE, the only way we could
remember that was "Lick The Fat Elvis" and then it started being
called Elvis and New Tech needed buttons, icons and other stuff to
click on. This is a behind the scenes programmer's area on AOL. What
it does is keep track of what's behind the buttons you click on AOL.
The programmers wanted to spruce up their work area on screen with
Elvis stuff and I was called to graphic duty.

Draw Elvis, sure... pay me to draw Elvis? Sure again. After doing the
buttons and icons I treated myself to doing this Elvis Picture. I
also got to keep the PhotoShop 4 they bought for this project.

Changed my life.

So do I feel I can show you how to sculpt Elvis? I'd say I have a
little bit of a head start having studied his face so much.

Grab your Elvis pictures and come along with the Elvis Effort