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The Elvis Effort

Elvis Blue Christmas Clay Along

Prep for Blue Christmas

Elvis came up as a target face to sculpt. To give effort to mapping
out his face and sculpting with the techniques we reviewed tonight in

I thought, sure, why not? Everyone knows Elvis. He has all the "male
Markers" on his face, that heavy brow, strong jaw, his flat cheeks
surprise us when he smiles. He has high cheekbones that get
accentuated when he smiles. Then has very feminine features on his
face.  His lips are full and pout, but the mouth not overly big. The
chin is not cleft, it's softly rounded. His nose has a straight
bridge and is not sharp, with right angles, but round and baby

His eyes hold a lot of allure and there's reasons for that. First
they are set wider than average. The width between his eyes are 1.5
to the 1 eye width. Wide set eyes make us feel kindly for the eyes of
prey are wide set, predators eyes closer together. It's a hardwire
thing in our brain. Second they are sadly turned down, which again
makes us feel kindly to him, like he needs love. Third, those lashes
which would make anyone fall over. His eyes are deep set and shadowed
and that comes off as very feminine. He keeps them at half mast to
look sexy dreamy.

Add the crooked smile that beguiles and it's all over except for the

This combination of both Male and Female markers on his face makes
him attractive to everyone.

I read or heard tell somewhere that popular male actors, the ones who
are "heart throbs" for younger women and teen girls, often have both
Male and Female Markers on their face. Put long hair on some of these
Dream Boat Hottie Boys and they'll pass for women.

But not Elvis.

So the next face sculpting WebCam Demo will be the Elvis Effort.