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JudithK shared her first face sculpting effort. As her sculpting progressed she shared pictures 5-12 and this is what I wrote as feedback.


You're doing real fine, we're moving along.

Remember eye width? How the under part of the nose is usually as wide
as the eye? Like all things there's some noses that are wider or
narrower than that open part of the eye, but I'm saying as a general
rule. The width of the eye is the distance down from the inner corner
of the eye to the outside of the nose.

There is a new measure I'm going to introduce here. How to size up and
position the ear.

The distance from the beginning of the upper part of the ear, where
you rest your glasses, to the outer edge of the eye is the same
distance as the outer corner of the eye to the OTHER side of the nose
bridge. You can pivot like a basketball player on the outer corner of
the eye and measure, ear, other side of the nose, ear, other side of
the nose, keeping your Nike on the outer corner of the eye at all

I just accosted everyone in the crib here and did the measure and it
works on me, James, and Said.

Now...The start of the lower ear is in a direct line of the END of the
jaw. Feel your jaw line and move back to the end of your jaw where the
bone turns up,(the ear lobe is hanging out there wondering what you're
doing) continue upward and you'll find where ears are placed.

Alfred's ear, is a fine ear, on a smaller head. I'd slice the ear off
like Vincent VanGogh and line it up with the end of the jaw. Give him
some sensual fleshy ear lobes to balance the size of the ear to the

You have two measuring devices for ears. From the outer edge of the
eye, the same distance as from the other side of the nose bridge for
the top part of the ear. Then you have the end of the jaw for the
measure for the bottom of the ear. So we have one side of the ear in

Most folks have a crescent moon's worth of ear that goes above the eye
level. So very few have ears that curve below the line to the eye.
Most folks have ear lobes that are a tab longer than where the top of
the back jaw bone ends. Where the top of the back of the jaw ends is
usually where you find the ear hole, along the jaw, up the bone, bone
ends, finger in the ear. Works every time. Therefore, less folks would
have earlobes that go down to the shoulder or end even with the cheek
bone. So we have relative size nailed down.

Everyone involved with FaceOff should be doing this finger dance on
their face. Measure out these distances on your face, on the faces of
friends and family. I can't be the only one accosting folks.

For another tutorial for face sculpting that goes into the torso,
please visit the MerDude and his MerBabe in UnderTheSea  (gone)

I'll add that link to the FaceOff page. Just flashed on MerDude, he's
a hottie. There's a tute on making starfish molds, the earliest
abalone, a make over for MerBabe, seashell beads and FishHill a
sculpture with swiming fish. All from the beginning of this list.