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December 2002 Highlights

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Let's Face IT: Symmetry and Attractiveness

This tutorial attacks the face with taking clay scraps and building up
the clay mass of the features and then smoothing them down into

This tutorial will show how to draw a grid on a blank face to set the
featured in place. I think this tutorial will serve us better as
beginners doing Faces.

There's been studies on what Humans consider beautiful and why.
Symmetrical features are considered beautiful across all cultures,
across all times. From the outside of the eye to the outside of the
other eye, is that level? Makes a difference in how we perceive a
face. Is the nose from nostril to nostril level? Is the mid point
between the measure for the eye lining up with the mid point of the
nostril measure?

The reason why symmetrical features are considered beautiful is
because infections in something like the sinus, in a youngster, will
make the cheek bones grow asymmetrically.  Asymmetric features are
taken as signs on ill health, not fit for a breeding partner. It's all
on a subconscious level how we are effected by asymmetrical features.
As artists who are sculpting faces we need to know how the Human mind
is hardwired visually.

Marking out a grid on a face, to place the features in place, making
them symmetrical will help you sculpt a face that will be considered
attractive to any human, no matter what culture. An attractive face is
recognized by people who have never seen that race before. It cuts
across racial and cultural boundaries.

Men with more symmetrical faces get more chances to breed and give
their partners more orgasms. I'm not making this up, it's been
studied. Orgasm increases the chances of inception, again I'm just
stating scientific studies that are going on about such stuff. Why
would it benefit a female to mate with an attractive male? Just more
orgasms? Not hardly, their children will have better mating
possibilities if they are as attractive as their dads. All babies look
like the dad's side of the family for the father to bond with the baby
more since it's a matter of opinion that the baby is his. Later in
life babies may end up looking more like mom, but at the very
beginning it's important to rope in the dad and his family by giving
that new born baby their features prominent. "Aw, Alley Opp, little
Opps looks just like you!" Says the proud paternal grandmother.

It is also found that the waist of a female should be 70% the size of
the hips. You see that .7 ratio in Twiggie with her ever so slender
built to Marilyn Monroe in her size 12. The .7 ratio is what is
considered good child baring stock. It's hardwired in our brains. When
women hit menopause, they often gain weight, the .7 ratio is changed,
a physical sign that the female is past prime breeding age.

There's a lot of this hardwiring of the Human brain that will make us
key into certain things visually, think those things are attractive
and it comes down to signs of the ability to breed children who will
be viable.

It has been seen that student papers with pictures of attractive
children get better grades from teachers than the same paper that has
a picture of a child not considered attractive is attached to it.
Courts will give attractive people the benefit of a doubt, that's why
Ted Bundy got away with what he did, he was attractive on the outside,
nutty as a fruitcake inside. Rich folks can negotiate for better genes
like Prince Charles did with Princess Di, there's no doubt her DNA
gave a case of the cutes to the Royal Family. Those princes are just
beautiful. Measure their shy and blushing faces and you'll see the
symmetry that makes up their manly beauty.

Knowing these things we can manipulate our viewing audience with our
face sculpting. If we want to make folks feel uncomfortable make the
eyes too close together, little irises with a lot of white around it,
make the eyes uneven, make the features not line up down a center line
on the face, have them sort of wandering absent mindedly over the
face. If we want to scare folks make the eyes focused
confrontationally straight forward, no smile to soften it, unfriendly
like, close together, beady eyed stare of a predator. Prey has wide
eyes set on the sides of their heads looking out for predators.  If we
want folks to chill out make the eyes big, the iris big in the exposed
eye, the forehead big, cheeks round, the chin small and simulate a
child's face. Like Japanese Anime does.

So while we're discussing sculpting, as we did in the second demo of
last night, let's take some of these observations that scientists and
sociologists have offered us and use it to our advantage. We can evoke
certain emotions from our viewing audience if we know what strings to