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NagaMan: What this face went off to be made into. 

Sculpting a Man's Face Group Pages:

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Each page leads to a bunch more

1) Setting up the face grid from a blank ball of clay.
2) Finishing up on the grid for the facial features and beginning to indent under the brow line and side of the nose.
3) Moving the masses around to map out the features before additional clay is applied.
4) Help I'm being held against my will in a face that doesn't have enough mass to make muscles. See how that is solved.
5) Half a face smoothed after additional clay is added to build forehead, cheek, nose and chin.
6) How was that done? From lumpy mass to a face that doesn't make babies cry. Each step of the other side of the face is shown. The reasons why each step was done is explained in pedantic detail.
7) We go from this phase to the nearly finished face. It's all but done. Just small details left to give it a personality of its own.
8) Last bit of the face sculpting, the eyes. Got to open the eyes and there's an easy breezy trick to getting the shape of the upper eyelid without crying your own eyes out in frustration. This face goes to become NagaMan, album being built as we type and read.