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2003 February Highlights

Face Sculpting Non Swap

Ancient Egypt: 02-19-03a: Log of Face part of sculpting demo. Scroll below thumbnails of the pictures. 


02-19-03b: Picture of the faces sculpted for the demo

02-19-03c: Family unit made with the sculpted faces.

Hot out of the oven a family for the loving. Taking the figures done in demo and making a family unit. 

02-19-02d: Extended family under wraps

Wrapping up the week's worth of sculpting demos with the Extended Family. 

auntyalias: who's up for face sculpting, she's too warm to work with for a spell
auntyalias: gets too tacky
luna9786: I am
auntyalias: let's make faces
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: i'd love to see faces
auntyalias: did your mother ever tell you that if you did a face that was icky it'll stay that way?
luna9786: never buy a mold again. right?
auntyalias: Never buy a mold again, that's right Jean
jyladams: ok
auntyalias: brb
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auntyalias: Ok, there's two different ways to sculpt a face
auntyalias: when there's only one layer of clay like this we got to add clay for mass
auntyalias: forehead
auntyalias: nose
auntyalias: cheekbones
auntyalias: lips and jawline
auntyalias: depending on the face
auntyalias: we need to add forehead also to this foil ball for it doesn't have enough
auntyalias: so what I'm going to do is add to the face and then mash what I add down to get a general form
jyladams: k
auntyalias: it won't look like much at this stage so I'll just get to it
auntyalias: aim for a general form first
auntyalias: is the head shaped to your satisfaction
auntyalias: look from the side
auntyalias: from the front and back
auntyalias: from the top
auntyalias: then get the chin organized
auntyalias: the top of the head
auntyalias: the chin are your north west points
auntyalias: get them shaped where you feel is right
auntyalias: then look at the face from the front
auntyalias: and squeeze inward for the under the cheek bone space
auntyalias: make sure the forehead doesn't look like men from Mars
auntyalias: ok?
faye_shelton: k
luna9786: ok
auntyalias: this is really an important thing to do because if the head is funky and the chin uncentered everything on the east and west of that center line will be out of place
auntyalias: now for placement for features there's a couple of tricks
auntyalias: first draw in a line going down the center of the face because our faces are bilateral
auntyalias: to have eyes even is a sign of beauty universally
auntyalias: wide eyes seem innocent because babies are born with almost adult sized eyeballs and a baby's eyelids
auntyalias: so the color and pupil of a baby's eye seems to fill in the whole eyeball opening
auntyalias: the eyes are big considering the rest of the face
auntyalias: so it's a trick to make wide eyed faces if you want to convey innocence
auntyalias: having the eyes wide apart also
auntyalias: now having narrow, close set eyes
auntyalias: makes one feel... uncomfortable
auntyalias: small features in the middle of a big face
auntyalias: weirds us out
auntyalias: it's part of our hardwiring
auntyalias: Eyes are a measuring stick
auntyalias: for the face
auntyalias: from temple to temple it's 5 eye widths wide
auntyalias: there's one eye width between the eyes
auntyalias: it's one eye width from the bottom of the eyes to the base of the nose
auntyalias: you can do a fan of eye widths from the lower lip to the jaw
auntyalias: it's like a basic quick face rule
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: you with me or are you going Huh?
luna9786: I think I understand
faye_shelton: got U
jyladams: fan?
auntyalias: if you took eyeballs and had one corner touching the lower lip
jyladams: o i c
auntyalias: and the other corner touching the chin and jaw
auntyalias: you can fan eye widths from the lower lip to get the shape of the jaw
auntyalias: five across
auntyalias: one inbetween the real eyes
auntyalias: it's a trick
auntyalias: ok, now where do we put the line for the eyes on a face?
auntyalias: right in the middle and this is where folks goof themselves up
auntyalias: they put the eyeballs all wandering up in the forhead
auntyalias: or have no forehead for the face
auntyalias: run an east west line across the center of the face
auntyalias: that line is also where the top of the ears will be
auntyalias: when we get ears
auntyalias: half way up that center line
auntyalias: is the line for the hair...where the scalp should start
auntyalias: half way below is where the mouth should go
auntyalias: between the center line of the eyes and the mouth
auntyalias: that's the base of the nose
auntyalias: which is one eye width wide
auntyalias: another trick
auntyalias: with me so far?
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: now the center of the eye
auntyalias: is on the center line going east west
auntyalias: half way on both sides of the north south line, like this
auntyalias: you can see the face already
auntyalias: just putting in these lines
auntyalias: and these two center eye holes
faye_shelton: yes
auntyalias: when we add mass
auntyalias: we know where we're adding and for what
auntyalias: yes?
luna9786: yes
auntyalias: oh, half way between the eyes and the hair line is the brow ridge
jyladams: yes
auntyalias: This method of measure is in the NagaMan tutorial
auntyalias: now to measure out the five eyes across the face we do this
auntyalias: we measure 5 equal spaces going from temple to temple
auntyalias: that'll show you how big the eyes are going to be
auntyalias: and give one eye width of space between them
auntyalias: looks like a monkey face
auntyalias: let's make it more human but after a break
auntyalias: James just came from the store and I've been out of coffee filters
auntyalias: got to make some fresh brew and let's get back to this in like 10 minutes?
auntyalias: I'll give you the link to Nagaman
faye_shelton: k. i could use a cup
jyladams: link please
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/NagaMan/Sculpt-Face-Man-Grp.htm
auntyalias: Cream and Sugar Faye?
auntyalias: brb
faye_shelton: na, cream, no sugar. thanks
auntyalias: You got it
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: has everyone had a chance to check Nagaman?
jyladams: I did
faye_shelton: yes
luna9786: yes
auntyalias: ok, so instead of pulling the mass of clay up off of the face like Nagaman
auntyalias: I'm going to add little snakes of clay where I need mass and then smooth down
auntyalias: so I'll just get going with this now
auntyalias: I think I can start smoothing these bits down at this point
auntyalias: everywhere I'll need extra mass I got a snake or a ball of clay
auntyalias: I roll the clay shaper, the large one first to just get these merged to the face
auntyalias: any questions at this point?
faye_shelton: no questions
luna9786: no questions here
jyladams: nope
auntyalias: so those snakes of clay
auntyalias: put on the grid lines
auntyalias: when smoothed down
auntyalias: gives you a face
auntyalias: now that we have the general features smoothed down we can go in with the medium sized cone clay shaper and get more definition
auntyalias: but do you see how sculpting faces is easy with the grid?
auntyalias: it helps so much to know where to put clay masses
auntyalias: this is what I call the first pass
luna9786: yes
auntyalias: after the masses are placed and it's smoothed down that's one pass
auntyalias: we're going to do the second pass now
chelyha55 joined the room
chelyha55: Hi y'all
auntyalias: Ok, that's the second pass, Hey CherylH
chelyha55: it's snowing here
auntyalias: where's here, aren't you in Tahachapi?
auntyalias: it's snowing there?
chelyha55: yes, tehacahpi
auntyalias: Dang
auntyalias: hold up, the door
chelyha55: it's ok I like it
auntyalias: The storm blew through here just before dawn
auntyalias: I had to close windows and we live with them open
auntyalias: it was blowing so hard
auntyalias: cleared up today though
auntyalias: but in the predawn hours I was awake and running around the apartment closing the windows
chelyha55: it's starting to stick now
ljcswartz joined the room
chelyha55: it will be beautiful in the morning
auntyalias: Is everyone ok with the second pass on this face
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
auntyalias: sculpting faces
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/NagaMan/Sculpt-Face-Man-Grp.htm
ljcswartz: hi just lurking tonight... I am a bit tired and won't stay long.. just couldn't stay away though
auntyalias: we did the grid lines for where to put features
auntyalias: like in this link here
auntyalias: Here's the lady from last night
auntyalias: Did the kids get to go to school today, Jackie?
ljcswartz: they stayed home again... Lowell (husband) and went to teach skiing. This was the best day at the slopes of the whole season. The kids have off tomorrow too.
auntyalias: That'll make you tired for sure
auntyalias: I'll do the third pass on this face and get some finer detail
ljcswartz: It is a great way to enjoy winter
auntyalias: the whole point to this face sculpting demo is to go from the general to the specific
auntyalias: My eldest son is skiing too, he teaches skiing in PA
auntyalias: personal trainer and all that body building stuff he is
auntyalias: but I should sculpt
ljcswartz: where?? we are at roundtop
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Oh I'd have to go look it up
auntyalias: he just moved with his new wife
auntyalias: first and only wife I should say
ljcswartz: SkiRoundtop is north of York and South of Harrisburg PA
auntyalias: I'll check later and let you know
auntyalias: door
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: door again
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: now the face will open it's eyes
auntyalias: this is what I've been doing lately
auntyalias: make the face like it's sleeping
auntyalias: make the mounds of the eyeballs
auntyalias: and then draw a lash line like the eyes are closed
auntyalias: and then with your tool
auntyalias: open the eye from that lash line
auntyalias: it's trippy
chelyha55: I haven't tried sculpting a face in a while
chelyha55: been too busy making beads
auntyalias: so there's a face
jyladams: WOW!!
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