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 Spooky Blues: Prep for 10-5-02 Spooky Sheet Sculpting Demo and Elvis Blue Christmas part of the over all Elvis Effort

New list members and those who are new to clay these events are for
beginners too. I'm putting the links to tutorials that will give you a
leg up on this clay horse. Check them out, unwrap that clay and get it
warmed and conditioned and come to webcam demos and clay along.

Those who are coming to Spooky Sculpted Sheets Demo this coming
Saturday and those who are doing the Clay Along for Elvis Blue
Christmas. Putting your clay through it's paces is what we need to do.
Elvis Blue Chrismas folks check out this page here...

This is the color combination I'm aiming for in the Elvis Blue
Christmas. I love the Flapping Flag beads so I'm going to do more of
these. In caning there are snakes and there are sheets. Snakes are
dots and sheets are lines. Blends make color go from one to another
simulating depth and highlight. Those are the finite moves from which
an infinate amount of variation can be created. The paces we will be
putting our canes through will be:

Making a sheet.
Some of the things we can do with Sheets of alternating sheets colors
Then taking slices of these canes and pressing them to sheets that
will cover flat surfaces.

Making a snake.
Now there's a lot of things to do with snakes and what I'd like for us
to experiment with is braiding clay. Pearl Blue when braided does
lovely mica shifts. Braid Pearl Blue with itself, then roll up the
braid like a braided rug, then press it and slap it on a pendant or a
box. It's a lovely effect, little effort, surprisingly easy and a
great reward for claying along.

Putting the snakes and sheets together for the Standard Bullseye,
which is repeated for lace cane, pressed into service to be feathers
for wings. It's taking two colors through their paces like we're going
to do with the blue and fill in the other color.
Here it is done in black and gold, pictures of whirling clay in a food
processor for the uninitiated. See the first pictures of the Fist of
Doom. That'll bring the Demo Denizens to check it out and laugh.

We got to get a grip on our blends. With a jelly roll blend we can
make cane illusion of depth or raised areas with the  manipulation of
the colors of the clay. With doing blends with blue and silver, or
blue and gold or blue and pearl if you're so inclinded, will leave you
free to concentrate on some of these cane designs. Our blends will
make the segments for the following canes. Braided blended snakes,
long jelly roll blend braided, and then rolled up on itself and then
sliced. The cellular effect is spooky nice.


Ok, now for Spooky Stuff Sculpted Sheet Demo Denizens... this is your
prep too if you're going to clay along. But you can pick what ever
colors you want to use. The two colors I'm using for Spooky Stuff is
still up in the air, I'm leaning towards Crimson and Gold because
that's another color combination I really like and the blends are just
too yummy. Just have a couple of canes ready to be chopped. Don't be
afraid to do blends and do ammonite only to slice it up and mix it
with leaves and press it to a sheet. That's what we have to do to
begin sculpting sheets. We have to make a mirror image with chop that
was made with canes that have blends for sure. Do tons of blends, dark
centers, light centers. Do a mess of stacked sheets exercises like the
leaves or basket weave. Chop and start finding mirror images. Find the
one that's spookiest to you and that's our beginning point. So there's
prep to do.

The canes I have to prepare for both demos are the same techniques,
just different colors is all. Check the tutes, get your snakes and
sheets ready for this Saturday. I'm going to run through a handful of
canes and then start chopping and get a couple of mirror images and
sculpt images I see there by adding clay to the back of the sheet and
pressing the front.

Prepare Tongues of Fire to be chopped and pressed if you want to set a
clay figure on fire. I'm aiming for Fire Hair coming out from a face.
Fire hair made with pressed chopped TOF. Think embellished face and go
whacko, that's where we going with this.

Left over Leopard print cane sliced down it's length makes good sticks
of wood for the buring pyre.

What else... Some wood scraps might come in handy. I'm aiming to build
up something we can see from different angles. We need either foil
armatures or wood or something that we can build clay around and give
it reinforcement.

So if you got a grip on your clay already and can have your blends and
canes and sheets prepared before Saturday, then that's the best,
especially if you might be coming into the Demo late from work like
Kathy in E. TN.  I'll stay up late for you honey, don't worry. We can
also repeat a demo if you're too sleepy.

That's all I can think of at this time.